Aurora Scroll

Aurora Scroll

by Avery Light

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Hey, what would you do after you got isekai-ed?


Look! A cockroach villain has appeared. Let's kill him before he messes things up. Too cruel? That kind of character is always introduced to be killed by the protagonist anyway so I'm doing the world a favor here. Less CO2 emission. It's time to "Go Green" guys, even in another world.

See over there, that's a trash young master type right there. What do I do? Endure the initial insults and provocation then dispose of him when no one sees of course. Why make things difficult?

Hmm, a pretty girl in peril. Potential love interest there… but no, I have enough problems as it is. At the very least, I won't help her just 'cause she's a female. Same goes for males. What? I support gender equality.

Hey, I know the clichés, what did you think I was going to do? Simply let it run its course? Well duh, I'll twist it to my benefit.


-This is a power fantasy story. Weak to strong, strong to stronger.
-The MC is very genre savvy and a hardcore internet citizen.
-English is not my first language, apologies for the imperfections.

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Cover art made by this talented person.

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Avery Light

Avery Light

The Days after Christmas
Word Count (15)
2nd Anniversary
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Table of Contents
225 Chapters
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Glossary ago
Chapter 1 - Flight From the Nest ago
Chapter 2 - Counter and Counter ago
Chapter 3 - Head ago
Chapter 4 - Mokash Town ago
Chapter 5 - A Life of Adventure ago
Chapter 6 - Vanity ago
Chapter 7 - Ghosts of the Past ago
Chapter 8 - Egg Hunting Preparations ago
Chapter 9 - A Must Have ago
Chapter 10 - Camping Leisurely ago
Chapter 11 - Fury of the Owls ago
Chapter 12 - Bump With Chicken ago
Chapter 13 ago
Chapter 14 - Stirrings ago
Chapter 15 - Villainous ago
Chapter 16 - My Fair Lady ago
Chapter 17 - Level Up ago
Chapter 18 - Euryale Sight ago
Chapter 19 - Closure ago
Chapter 20 - Leaving Town ago
Interlude - The Silver Council ago
Chapter 21 - The Unfortunate Man ago
Chapter 22 - What Dark Magic Is This? ago
Chapter 23 - Excavation ago
Chapter 24 - Savior ago
Chapter 25 - Road Bump ago
Chapter 26 - No Entry ago
Chapter 27 ago
Chapter 28 ago
Chapter 29 - First Blood ago
Chapter 30 - System Breach ago
Chapter 31 - Warpath ago
Chapter 32 - Water, Water, Fire ago
Chapter 33 - The Battle Begins ago
Chapter 34 - Kill Streak ago
Chapter 35 - Law ago
Chapter 36 - Finisher ago
Chapter 37 - Dread It, Run From It, Destiny Still Arrives ago
Chapter 38 - The Warrioress of Light ago
Chapter 39 - Release the Slug ago
Chapter 40 - Snatching Victory From Defeat ago
Chapter 41 - The Lonely Girl ago
Chapter 42 - Oath of Revenge ago
Chapter 43 - The Living ago
Chapter 44 - The Dead (1) ago
Chapter 44 - The Dead (2) ago
Chapter 45 - Viers Isuel ago
Chapter 46 - A Touch of Shadow ago
Chapter 47 - Back to Nature ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 - Trust ago
Chapter 50 - Strength ago
Chapter 51 - Mister Horse ago
Chapter 52 - Overture ago
Chapter 53 - Asking Nicely ago
Chapter 54 - A Cheater's Cheat on top of Cheat ago
Chapter 55 - Slow Life ago
Chapter 56 - Overgrowth ago
Chapter 57 - Biome ago
Chapter 58 - Plant Life ago
Chapter 59 - Symbiosis ago
Chapter 60 - A Happy Return ago
Chapter 61 - The End of Winter ago
Chapter 62 - The Call of Spring ago
Chapter 63 - Clearing the Way Forward ago
Chapter 64 - Packing Up ago
Chapter 65 - Sin City ago
Chapter 66 - Third Time's the Charm ago
Chapter 67 - Legal but Unethical ago
Chapter 68 - Underdog ago
Chapter 69 - Entrance ago
Chapter 70 - Izabella Thyris ago
Chapter 71 - The Four Great Nations ago
Chapter 72 - Dangers Outside the Borders ago
Chapter 73 - Gear Up ago
Chapter 74 - Second Coolest Weapon ago
Chapter 75 - Smooth ago
Chapter 76 - Funneling ago
Chapter 77 - Water Heaven ago
Chapter 78 - A Slave's Worry ago
Chapter 79 - Gathering Intel ago
Chapter 80 - Blade in the Mist ago
Chapter 81 - Ejection Seat Protocol ago
Chapter 82 - An Eye For An Eye Is Insufficient ago
Chapter 83 - Assimilation ago
Chapter 84 - Graveyard Cleaning ago
Chapter 85 - Self-Improvement ago
Chapter 86 - Crimson Lotus ago
Chapter 87 - Early Birds ago
Chapter 88 - On the Prowl ago
Chapter 89 - Among Thieves ago
Chapter 90 - The Whole Shebang ago
Chapter 91 - Boogeyman ago
Chapter 92 - Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Rewrite) ago
Chapter 93 - Escalation ago
Chapter 94 - Plan Failure ago
Chapter 95 - Prelude ago
Chapter 96 - Know Your Enemy ago
Chapter 97 - Shaking Foundation ago
Chapter 98 - Rising Action ago
Chapter 99 - Little Friend ago
Chapter 100 - Boiling Point ago
Chapter 101 - War and Heist ago
Chapter 102 - Reversal ago
Chapter 103 - Boss Fight ago
Chapter 104 - Payback ago
Chapter 105 - Vortex ago
Chapter 106 - Outcome ago
Chapter 107 - Compulsions ago
Chapter 108 - Next Stage ago
Interlude - Aurora Scroll ago
Chapter 109 - Insignificant Fate ago
Chapter 110 - Knight Errant ago
Chapter 111 - Regidana ago
Chapter 112 - In the Hall of the Santa King ago
Chapter 113 - New Home ago
Chapter 114 - Homeworks ago
Chapter 115 - Offer ago
Chapter 116 - Unrefusable ago
Chapter 117 ago
Chapter 118 - SOUL PAWAAAH!!! ago
Chapter 119 - Profound Codex ago
Chapter 120 - Parting Gifts ago
Chapter 121 - Earthborn Amalgam ago
Chapter 122 - Title ago
Chapter 123 - Adventurer's Life ago
Chapter 124 - Letter and Wealth ago
Chapter 125 - The Calm ago
Chapter 126 - The Wind ago
Chapter 127 - The Storm ago
Chapter 128 - The Players ago
Chapter 129 - The Book ago
Chapter 130 - Tyrant Viers: The Adventurer of the Mysterious Book ago
Chapter 131 - The Honor of Viers Isuel ago
Chapter 132 - Path of Paradise ago
Chapter 133 - Rise of the Hobo ago
Chapter 134 - Pigs for Slaughter ago
Chapter 135 ago
Chapter 136 - Oh My Crab ago
Chapter 137 - King of the Monsters ago
Chapter 138 - Doctorate in Monsterology ago
Chapter 139 - Changing Tempo ago
Chapter 140 - Patch ago
Chapter 141 - Pit ago
Chapter 142 - HK Protocol ago
Chapter 143 - Macbeth ago
Chapter 144 - Formal Challenge ago
Chapter 145 - Night Bloom ago
Chapter 146 - Finishing Touch ago
Chapter 147 ago
Chapter 148 - Charted: Viers' Fortune ago
Chapter 149 - Pirates ago
Chapter 150 - Land, ho! ago
Chapter 151 - Under the Black Flag ago
Chapter 152 - Crazy Pete ago
Chapter 153 - A Pirate's Life ago
Chapter 154 - Precious Days ago
Chapter 155 - Favor of the Sky ago
Chapter 156 - Devadom ago
Chapter 157 - Favor of the Sea ago
Chapter 158 - The City of Pearl ago
Chapter 159 ago
Chapter 160 - Dead Men Tell No Tales ago
Chapter 161 - Deep Dweller ago
Chapter 162 ago
Chapter 163 - A Matter of Survival ago
Chapter 164 - Death Unbanned ago
Chapter 165 - Playing the Right Game ago
Chapter 166 - Lightning Struck ago
Chapter 167 - Morning Show ago
Chapter 168 - Jaime Sigley ago
Chapter 169 - Dark Invitation ago
Chapter 170 - The Enemy of My Enemy ago
Chapter 171 - Fighting Together ago
Chapter 172 - But Still My Enemy ago
Chapter 173 - Asagao ago
Chapter 174 - Ajisai ago
Chapter 175 - Pitiless ago
Chapter 176 - Gloomsiders ago
Chapter 177 - Coalescing Light and Darkness ago
Chapter 178 - True Self ago
Chapter 179 - The Last Briefing ago
Chapter 180 - I Sacrifice ago
Chapter 181 ago
Chapter 182 - Rushing ago
Chapter 183 - VS Airmaster ago
Chapter 184 - Detected ago
Chapter 185 ago
Chapter 186 - Four VS One ago
Chapter 187 - Unification ago
Chapter 188 - A Leader's Job ago
Chapter 189 - Glorious Politics ago
Chapter 190 - Steady Tyranny ago
Chapter 191 - War, Progress, Faith ago
Chapter 192 - Hidden Fangs ago
Chapter 193 - Musical of Ambitions ago
Chapter 194 - I Am So Great ago
Chapter 195 - Deception ago
Chapter 196 - Destiny Denial ago
Chapter 197 ago
Chapter 198 - A Taste of Xianxia ago
Chapter 199 ago
Chapter 200 (1) ago
Chapter 200 (2) ago
Chapter 200 (3) ago
Chapter 200 (4) ago
Chapter 201 - A New Age ago
Chapter 202 - Dodging the Bullet of Fate ago
Chapter 203 - The Return to Regidana ago
Chapter 204 - Prevention Is Better Than Nemesis ago
Chapter 205 - Maneuvering ago
Chapter 206 - Forcing a Level 5 ago
Chapter 207 - Hostile Takeover ago
Chapter 208 - Level 3 and Shipped Out ago
Chapter 209 - Hearsay and Comparison ago
Chapter 210 - Duel and Thirst ago
Chapter 211 - Hypnosis and Fishwar ago
Chapter 212 - Refusing and Saving ago
Chapter 213 - Weakness and Strength ago
Chapter 214 - Called Out and Award ago
Chapter 215 - Great Harvest (1) ago
Chapter 215 - Great Harvest (2) ago
Chapter 216 - Opportunities from Problems ago
Chapter 217 - Change of Seasons ago

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The Red Priest

the novel is fine, good action and servicable world and power system. The MC is annoying and the story does rely on references and tropes for many things, the side characters are mediocre and the story stucture needs work but overall a novel i have read and probably will read again sometime in the future when there are more chapters.


The story is good. I mean not that good, but not bad. Full of cliches and tropes but used as plots for the story.

If anything the problem is how many winks to other franchises the author makes. This is less a story and more an author trying to flex how much he reads (which just makes the story worse).

Another thing is that the author has a penchant for destroying the endings from each arc with some kind of "and this is the bad end that would have happened, but in reality this is what is going on". The author literally makes the ending of each arc into what you would see on an april fool chapter. Quite disappointing.


Its a good story.My only problem with the story is that the author goes overboard with the references at times.I don't mind them but i dont want one when the main character is about to die.They remove the tension when not used properly.Also many times the MC mentions other novels or movies without them bringing any benefit to the story.The author adds them just because.You could remove them from the chapter and the over all quality will increase and the reader hasn't missed anything important.


One of my favorite stories with a villainous protagonist. He prioritizes gaining power above all else, and takes whatever actions he believes have the best chance at allowing him to reach the highest, even if that means he does morally reprehensible things. But he is not evil for the sake of it, and generally does good things if it doesn't otherwise matter to him. This type of story is not especially rare, but usually not done as well as this one.

The MC makes a lot of references to other media and often lets the cliches guide him about what and what not to do, but this is because he actually believes they are relevant. The description is accurate in that regard, but it's mostly humorous and not overdone. Even if you really hate that type of thing it shouldn't bother you too much in this story


MC talks and acts like a Juvenile

Reviewed at: Chapter 206 - Forcing a Level 5

My review is biased since I'm not typically a fan of evil MCs.

I think the story is pretty good, I did read 200 chapters of it while I was sick with COVID. It held my attention, because I wanted to see how fucked up it would get. And it did. Don't really like stories about killing children, so I'm gonna call it quits here.


At first it was ok but now its just mediocre

Reviewed at: Chapter 46 - A Touch of Shadow

It pains me to give this story a low score but there is far too much wrong with the writing. The story itself is kind of a self aware parody that mocks the typical reincarnated/isekai tropes. Its funny at times and the scenarios make decent fun of what one might usually expect.

The downside, however, is the writing methods used. There is far too much showing and not telling contained in the writing. For example, if a character was of a certain state of mind mid narration the narrator would explain exactly what they were feeling and why instead of showing the reader. This is a very common amateur mistake in webnovels but its very fixable. If this was the only issue I would give this a 3.5/5

The main problem comes up in the chapters 44-46 when the author decides to completely nuke their own story. The entire time an air of mystery is purposefully created about the MC's abilities and where he came from. His three companions are also somewhat mysterious and the reader begins to wonder why they react the way they do and what their histories are based on how they react and the things they let slip in dialogue. Yet during these chapters the author decides to infodump every single characters backstory in the middle of the story for no apparent reason other than its between story arcs. This is...unbelievable. All the mystery that was built up, gone. Why bother constantly mentioning the hidden pasts of the MC, why make him not wanting to tell what he is to his companions and people around him if it was just going to be info dumped on the reader....

These chapters need to be removed, the narration needs to be cleaned up and I would probably tone down the random references to real world things a bit as it gets somewhat excessive. Unless ofc the 'insanity' bit of the MC is played up a bit more earlier on. If he is actually kinda insane due to his experiences then randomly rambling about things in his past life would make sense. Though atm it feels more like its for comedy and not insanity.


Strong Classic Fantasy Start, then Sideways

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - My Fair Lady

Through chapter 4 (maybe even as far as 6), we have a really strong start in the classic fantasy bit. Great, but subtle world building. A great side show to demonstrate the protagonist's character. And foreshadowing of what's to come. 

And then it just goes sideways. Our mature protagonist starts acting like a teenager. We are info dumped with this backstory to the protagonist which doesn't mesh with anything prior. And the protagonist pivots to some sort of meme and trope obsessed 2021 net citizen. Admittedly, that's what the synopsis said, but given how the story started, i really thought it was going in a more serious direction. 




Amazing, just amazing. For the most part, it's a bit too early to tell but just for the fact that hes funny and brutal in what he did in the latest chapter 

killing the otherworlder

and his comment made me spill my drink when he did it. Funny but also serious. I just hope nobody will be able to replicate modern guns from having seen that guy using them and from all the shells left all over the place


Refreshing tale for longtime fiction readers

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 - Snatching Victory From Defeat

As the author mentioned, xianxia needs to go through censorship so loyalty and familial piety is required. This story contains none of that, just a genre saavy teen who doesn't aspire to be the hero. It helps that he's not edgy or an overpuffed peacock MC who believes in warm fuzzy feelings and holding hands

Pacing is a bit off and some parts are bit jarring regarding to main character's speech patterns, but overall pretty enjoyable.

This is meant for long time readers who are tired of the oversaturation of dense protagonist white knights that makes up 99.99% of all fiction. 


One of the best crack fics that I ever read.

Reviewed at: Chapter 180 - I Sacrifice

Aurora scroll is unashamedly a power fantasy in all of the best ways. Like the MC itself the story is genuine in what it is and what it is not. Do not expect a grand work of literature or storytelling however this story will take you on a magical ride of sheer excitement and it doesn't let you go. 

Stylistically this story started of in the middle of the action. I later learned that there is a prequel book that nicely introduces the initial backstory. Overall the pacing is fast with some occasional slice of life. However the action is where this story shines. When the pacing picks up prepare you butt because it goes and it doesn't stop. Finally I love how meta this story is. I just can't get enough of all those references. It's on par with vanquier the dragon in that aspect. 

Grammer could be better, there are the occasional typos and tense issues but those are fiarly quickly fixed by the author. It's starts off rough but it gets a lot better later on. It never impairs the understanding of the story.

Story and characters are really intertwined in this story. Viers is the story and the story is about Viers. It's a hyper meta rendition of what a hardcore Royalroad reader would do is iskeaied into a cliche story. The whole premise is about Viers identifying tropes, killing off threats and enjoying his best life. 

All in all give this story a try. It's genuine, enjoyable, and a hell of a ride.