Aurora Scroll

by Avery Light

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Hey, what would you do after you got isekai-ed?


Look! A cockroach villain has appeared. Let's kill him before he messes things up. Too cruel? That kind of character is always introduced to be killed by the protagonist anyway so I'm doing the world a favor here. Less CO2 emission. It's time to "Go Green" guys, even in another world.

See over there, that's a trash young master type right there. What do I do? Endure the initial insults and provocation then dispose of him when no one sees of course. Why make things difficult?

Hmm, a pretty girl in peril. Potential love interest there… but no, I have enough problems as it is. At the very least, I won't help her just 'cause she's a female. Same goes for males. What? I support gender equality.

Hey, I know the clichés, what did you think I was going to do? Simply let it run its course? Well duh, I'll twist it to my benefit.


-This is a power fantasy story. Weak to strong, strong to stronger.
-The MC is very genre savvy and a hardcore internet citizen.
-English is not my first language, apologies for the imperfections.
-The cover isn't mine. I found it here.

Proofreader: Onyrith

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Avery Light

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Andri Sveinsson

Amazing, just amazing. For the most part, it's a bit too early to tell but just for the fact that hes funny and brutal in what he did in the latest chapter 

killing the otherworlder

and his comment made me spill my drink when he did it. Funny but also serious. I just hope nobody will be able to replicate modern guns from having seen that guy using them and from all the shells left all over the place


Strong Classic Fantasy Start, then Sideways

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - My Fair Lady

Through chapter 4 (maybe even as far as 6), we have a really strong start in the classic fantasy bit. Great, but subtle world building. A great side show to demonstrate the protagonist's character. And foreshadowing of what's to come. 

And then it just goes sideways. Our mature protagonist starts acting like a teenager. We are info dumped with this backstory to the protagonist which doesn't mesh with anything prior. And the protagonist pivots to some sort of meme and trope obsessed 2021 net citizen. Admittedly, that's what the synopsis said, but given how the story started, i really thought it was going in a more serious direction. 




Aurora Scroll is a solid entry into the realm of power fantasy. For someone looking to muse on what it would be like to find yourself in another world where you knew more than anyone else, or where all your habits payed off in spades, this is a great way to indulge in those fantasy musings.

It's important to note that English is not Avery Light's first language so it's important to go in with a forgiving and open mind for vocabulary. With that said, here's some details!

Style: 4
Avery has some great burgeoning skill here. There's always something happening and there's a lot of character-centric, heavy psychological story telling in the way you'd expect from a serial. There's a bit too much dialog at time - I caught myself skimming through more than a few conversations - but overall I was entertained, and didn't want to stop reading.

There's a good mixture of showing vs telling as well, allowing the reader to fill in some imagery with enough detail to paint their own picture.

Grammar: 4
Grammar is fine, especially when you consider English is not Avery's first language. There are typos here and there, some word missuse, but it's a web novel and even professional authors with editors have typos in published books, so who cares? Nothing mind blowing, but above mediocre.

Story: 4
Aurora Scroll bounces around a bit in the narrative. It could benefit by picking up the pace, maybe trimming some of the character-only scenes and integrating them into the action beats. Nevertheless, it contains its own sort of flow, and lets you take your time getting to know the world and those within. I'll give Avery credit for the twist in Chapter 7 and if you've read or follow his other work you should definitely check this one.

Character: 4
This story focuses primarily on Cain. Avery gives him the reins from the start and doesn't relent, detailing Cain's antics and tribulations in the new world he finds himself in. He's brimming with personality and following his internal monolog opens up the perspective considerably. With that said, there's maybe a bit too much of it and some of the modern references can seem out of place or random.

Overall, this story is fun! If you're looking for a little bit of disengagement and a good way to indulge as yourself in a fantasy world then Aurora Scroll is worth your time.


Refreshing tale for longtime fiction readers

Reviewed at: Chapter 26 - No Entry

As the author mentioned, xianxia needs to go through censorship so loyalty and familial piety is required. This story contains none of that, just a genre saavy teen who doesn't aspire to be the hero. It helps that he's not edgy or an overpuffed peacock MC who believes in warm fuzzy feelings and holding hands

Pacing is a bit off and some parts are bit jarring regarding to main character's speech patterns, but overall pretty enjoyable.

This is meant for long time readers who are tired of the oversaturation of dense protagonist white knights that makes up 99.99% of all fiction. 


gotta push past the first few chapters

Reviewed at: Chapter 25 - Road Bump

reviewed as of chapter 25.

This is an enjoyable casual read, the author's style improves massively over the first chapters (I would almost recommend skiping to chapter 15 or so) and the story seems to settle into an aspiring smart villain's slice of life. The MC's main cheat is original and has a lot of potential.

I like it !

There's some strange decisions in the storytelling with the p o v changes, but yeah it's a good read.


Spoilered text to reach 200 words...

T H I S I S J U S T T O F I L L T H E T W O H U N D R E D W O R D S M I N I M A L L E N G H T, D O N T M I N D I T T O O M U C H. L O R E M I P S U M Y A D A Y A D A Y O U K N O W T H E D R I L L.

C H E E R S M A T E. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.


Quentin R

Everybody wants to be the vilain!

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - The Unfortunate Man

Aurora Scroll is my first Isekai and I have the feeling I’ve been lucky here! This is a story about a dead guy ending up in a video game and using his knowledge to become the main villain. This is basically me in my 150th Skyrim walkthrough.

I liked the style because everything is always on movement. The descriptions are vivid yet let room to the reader’s imagination and this is something I really appreciate. The narrative is still a little bit too heavy and there are a lot of dialogues. I’m not a big fan but this is a personal opinion as they are well done. It could be smoother with some flesh out. For now, I’d say it works fine even if the story would gain to be more fast-paced. Short chapters helped a lot carrying the rhythm.

The story is fun as well as the mysterious MC, Cain (who talks to “himself” a little too much to not to worry about it, but at least it’s entertaining!). However, I don’t know how to feel about him yet but I like the fact that he’s free and do whatever he wants without a “big quest” driving him upwards. His own will does.

I had issues following who’s who since I think the other characters aren’t introduced with enough “energy”. In other words, they did not catch me. I needed time, once they got a little more depth.

The prologue helped a lot getting a grasp of the incoming plot. Writing an interesting and efficient prologue is hard and it could be a turn-off for a lot of people. Avery Light nailed it.

Like me, English is not Avery Light’s first language so I won’t judge this part too harshly. To be honest, I understood everything and I had no issue whatsoever. Sure, there are some typos from time to time (not a big deal).

A good story for people looking for a less-serious Isekai adventure.


Have currently read to the half point of chapter 6.The writing in this chapter just does not flow, the dialogue feels inorganic. It reads more like a series of statements than a continuous story.

The work suffers from repetition in places where the author either has trouble translating thoughts to words or cant find the right synonym(buildings are built). A pet peeve of mine is the abundance of "his","he","him".In one small paragraph of 4 semtences Ive counted 8 of these pronouns, and there is also a trndency to use then when enumerating when they can be safely omitted(his ability as a Pathseeker, his experience fighting, his age...)

My advice to the author would be to write every chaoter twice.One time to out the story to paper.A second time to make a story for the readers.This decoupling would allow focusing the effort on 2 different goals without interfering with each other.And to start I would actually recommend to return to the first chapters and ask yourself what you wanted to tell there.

The first writing would require thinking about what you want to tell in this episode of the story, how it fits in with future events, what are the motivations of all parties involved, are theyr actions of the people consistent with the character previously described(thats not to say people cant chang),where in the environment is the action taking place and how are the actors traversing it, and all other aspects of characters living in a world.

The second writing would be purely asking yourself:How do i show this to people?This is where you would focus on phrasing, grammar, and just put yourself in the shoes of a reader trying to imagine the events as theyre happening.


I hope to return to an improved story and rate it higher.


This is an interesting approach to the genre. Reasonably well written with a few grammatical errors (mostly the past tense slipping) and an MC who just can't abide the trope isekai heroes or villans so he does everything he can to avoid their fate.

Funny and definitely worth a read


This is a story I was on a look out for. It is excellent, I have fun reading it and it is also well written. Story progression is just right, backstory is stretched and not infodumped and characters are alive. Magic is well thought and nicely presented, mc is a realist and not naive(which is a plus for me) and he has no qualms about his motivations and actions. I didn't give it 5 stars because I need more chapters to see consistency will add it close to chapter 50. Good work, keep it up. 


Style: The author has a strong sense of style and the story is written in third person. The author does not deviate from this and thus it is pleasing to read and flows together very easily. The story is easy to digest and that means you could end up reading forever without even realizing, very delightful read! 

Story: This is an action, adventure, isekai-type story. I, personally, am a fan of isekai stories and I thought that this story was very well done. My only critque is that if you don't read the synopsis you might be surprised that it's an isekai as it's not obvious until a few chapters in. Overall, it's a delightful story about the MC that left his life as a corporate drone and is embarking on fun adventures in this new world. I like that he's not tied down by any quests that were predetermined for him and he's free to just venture around however he pleases. 

Grammar: No complaints here! I think the story is beautifully written with clear, descriptive language and at no point did I get lost. 

Characters: The MC is a headstrong adventurer type. Right from the get go, we get a clear picture as to what he values and finds important, he's not some wishywashy character. I am also excited to learn more about the girls, they are very intriguing. 

Overall, a fantastic story that is welldone! Worth the read! :)