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Jack, upon returning home from a short day of stress free work, had his front door explode on him, causing him to die on the spot.
Waking up, he finds himself in a white space where he spends uncountable years driven to the edge of madness before reaching enlightenment.
However, his consciousness is fought over by some indefinitely strong beings, resulting in him being thrown into the void to be torn to shreds by his own velocity.
However, an even stronger being finds him and rebuilds him before placing him in a new world, as a System?

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The idea for the story is pretty good, though the execution could be better. How the system works is not thought out very well.

You might think that the MC will be creating a system from scratch, but, apparently not. The system has its own system? What the heck? The existence of the CP shop is kinda contradicting. A lot of things that Jack does are not explained. Well, alright, I can forget about that and just imagine that he somehow manages the system, it doesn't really affect the plot.

The grammar is subpar, but it's readable and perfectly understandable, doesn't make my eyes bleed.

As I said, I just love the idea. Haven't seen many fictions with the MC as a genuine system. Alas, because of the aforementioned reasons I can't give it more than 4 stars. Great fiction!


Weird sentence structure

Reviewed at: One way trip

Can't comment much on the story seeing as I stopped at the second chapter, no idea why other reviewer gave a 5 star for most stuff when the style and grammar are clearly lacking, while the only few grammatical mistake the worse point is how weird the sentence can get, exemple


"the people are made to try out all the parts of process, and were judged in each aspect by the superiors after the month"


Dunno how else to explain it but it doesn't flow well imo 

(Also ch2 stop using the, ah it's "she" that did that, no one talk like that)







A slightly misleading title/genre but a good story

Reviewed at: Cayden

This is a story about a game programmer that is killed out of the blue and trapped in a void. Thankfully he is eventually rescued by an extremely powerful being who pieces his mind back together and gives him a new role for his troubles. At first, it appears he is simply an administrator like entity that can give systems to multiple people on a new planet. Of course this is not free. He takes a percentage of the exp that his users earn in order to create new systems for people and buy potential rewards/skills. Other reviewers have claimed that this is slightly weird/arbitrary as why would the system need a system? However, in a way I can understand this decision. After all, the protagonist did not gain/create this power himself. It was granted to him by a supreme being. Jack is simply benefiting from what someone else gave him. With no constraints, Jack could simply give anything to anyone with no constraints. Imagine giving half the world country destroying weapons by completing a simple task like hopping. No effort and suddenly the world's structure is completely overturned. There needs to be some constraints in order to show the growth of Jack. The author simply decided that the constraint in this story would be resource management. 

That being said, the story does not end here. Rather than telling a story about the protagonist being the one almighty entity that greatly meddles with the course of the world, it is more apt to say that this is the story about Jack being one of many beings that have a major/active stake in the world. That's right fellow readers, spoiler alert, but rather than a system story, it is more accurate to say this is a god story. In the last few chapters, Jack is introduced to several of his fellow gods as being "The God of Systems" and takes measures to build his church in order to gather followers. In a way, it feels like the story slightly shifts directions. After all, when I first entered this story I was expecting it to be about Jack supporting various individuals from the background (after all in system stories the protagonists don't announce to the world they actually have a system) while now it will be the exact opposite as Jack purposefully will be gaining fame for himself. It is a bit jarring but I can adjust.

If anything this story reminds me of the novel "I am the God of Games". After all, many of the features of the systems he gives are more like they come out of a video game as there are levels, stat points, and name displays colored with their morality. I liked "I am the God of Games" as it showed the rise of a beginner god until he started to become a more major force using gaming mechanisms applied to real life. I feel like I can expect a similar story which could potentially be equally entertaining (assuming it does not become a carbon copy).

If I had any complaints, it is that the author does not lean in enough into what is appealing about the system genre. Others might think differently, but I find there are two main points that make the genre as a whole appealing. First is that system novels show character growth through a series of stimulating challenges. Characters in system novels get great rewards thanks to the system they get. However, in exchange for this great gift, they are frequently challenged. Normally this is done through the system itself but even in stories where the system does not actively give quests (which are not the majority in this genre), the circumstances around the main character actively push the protagonist to their limits. Whether given by the system itself or simply by outside circumstances, protagonists are forced to push their skills to their limits and think creatively in order to solve whatever challenge they face. Jack has issued several quests to the people however very few have truly challenged the system users/believers. Rather, many of the "quests" were relatively easy thanks to the skills that Jack granted or them being very simplistic (ex. saving a trapped wolf cub or doing a couple basic excersises like running). However, I think Jack also needs to add more challenging quests as well . Quests that will take longer to complete, can make the system users pale in frustration/fear, and/or are not as straightforward forcing the system users to come up with creative/unique solutions. The one quest to find the best craftsman is a good start but think there needs to be more quests of this or greater levels. It is still early days so maybe the author already has some planned out, but I hope the system users truly get challenged going forward.

The second thing makes the system genre so appealing is that the genre as a whole has such a huge variety. Protagonists can gain systems that can drive them to become the strongest in the world, train into almighty chefs, turn them into new races, develop territories, act flamboently, shop online, capitalize on lucky draws, or a myriad of other routes of development. Each system has a different goal, challenges for the protagonist, rewards, and methods of growth. It is that variety that compels people to try out different stories in the same genre. However, even though Jack is the God of Systems and has given a system to multiple people, the system used has been pretty much identical. Sure the skills the characters have chosen are different which prevent the characters from being carbon copies. However, there is still that sense of repetitiveness in the types of challenges, overall goals, and growth method. Characters are simply overcoming the current survival challenge they face whether it is killing a threat or overcoming the environment. There is nothing that really says that one character's system is really that different from another character's system. The author recently introduced a King of a poor kingdom so probably he plans to introduce a territory development system down the line. However, I hope he adds more variety even beyond this. If a profession is looked down upon, make a system that helps develop that profession to unheard heights, tailoring the quests and rewards to that profession. If certain social ills like the rich/powerful getting away with crimes or the society being uber violent, create a system designed to address that social problem like a justice system, a policeman system, a detective system, or even a superhero system. If a potential system user(s) has certain character trait that the protagonist wants to shift to help better the person/people, create a system which forces them to act a certain way to get rewarded like say a confidence system, socializing system, or good deed system. Systems give the protagonist the motivation and ability to follow certain paths to the extreme. Jack has the potential to change society on multiple levels in multiple different ways. All the different ways he can do that under the broad umbrella of systems and what he specifically chooses to address is what will be interesting to see. Like I said, I get that the story is still beginning and story wise Jack does not have a huge amount of resources. Still, I do hope there can be variety to the systems to add engaging character development, interesting scenes, and compeling worldbuilding. 

Despite the various suggestions/complaints I have mentioned, I do think this is a story worth reading. It has a lot of potential and directions the story can go. It might not be what I expected going into the story and I do hope the author builds up some elements that make system novels so interesting, but I was actively engaged while reading and the story is just starting. The author has probably already addressed many of my concerns in his future plans. As such, I can honestly say this is overall a good story deserving its place in the trending fiction list. I look forward to the upcoming chapters. 



When I first saw the title thought we were going to follow the system but that's not the case here. I didn't even see mc creating his system. It went like this; There wasn't a system before now you have a complete system. When did MC decide to create the system if he did? We don't know. How and why did he choose the people he did, we don't know.

The story is not unreadable, so far I have only seen two inconstancies. (Though I am not good at spotting them.) It could be fun too if the chapters were a bit longer though. 



I really like the idea of this story, it has a lot of potential that it just Is not useing and it's a little dissapointing so far.

It starts with a dude named Jack dying and being snatched up by big mysterious god dude.


Things like this are done so often now and it's a bit annoying to see it here, but maybe the Author has a plot reason behind it so i'll give it a pass.
After Jack is snatched up, he is turned into a god-like being to make a new system for the world. I like this. it's a new idea, reminds me of "Dungeon-Core" novels.

But then Jack is given some kind of a system to do it, and I dont understand why. Isn't Jack the one supposed to make the system? why on earth would he have one.

It got better though, with Jack finding two mortals on the brink of death right before he saves them by giving them the "Survivors System" which helps them gain exp, which Jack uses to use His system to give the players levels and skills.

A little complicated but it works i guess?

But then he makes different kinds of systems for different people.

I personally don't like the "different system give different powers ooga booga" thing, some people do so if you do cool.

the grammer errors and typos are slightly annoying, but it's not too bad. would reccomend the Author to double check chaps before sending them off, or finding an editor.

i have a few other concerns but i dont wanna complain the entire time.

I think this novel is worth a read and i will be reading more as time goes on.
i might make another review later on to go over new content.



Started off interesting, but went downhill pretty fast. Dropped at chapter 30.

You built an interesting world and we could have followed the first two or three characters for a while as they interacted with the MC/System. Instead, you removed the function of Characters in a system interaction and gone straight to the System making its own self insert "pope". If you redo this in the future, I'd recommend sticking with a few characters and have slow growth of the MC/System's power rather than going for some state religion crap.

Endless Paving

A System Core Story

Reviewed at: Alice

For a lack of a better term, I am referring to the "genre" pf stories where the main protagonist perspective is a litRPG "System" itself as "System Core" so as to be remoniscent of "dungeon core".

This story started out with the regular isekai exposition for getting to the setting, and at this point has been getting into the integrating people into the system part of this "genre".


I have seen one story with this kind of premise before, and it disagreed with me for reasons that had nothing to do with the inotial premise, so I am a bit excited to read a story woth the same new premise idea (within the realm of GameLit type stories at least) that O don't think I will have the same problem with. This is still a new premise concept so I like seeing ot getting explored.

As for "System Core" itself, it has a few interesting advantages, which is what my review actually is about seeing as there are only introductory chapters as of yet. It basically ends up being a sort of deity management kind of story with power/ability management sinilar to how basebuilding would work in a town management type story. It's lacks the "defend againdt invaders" that dungeon core stories have amd instead focuses on the characters that the System inducts/integrates into its fold and how they survive and grow. The source of conflict is this centred on characters the main protagonist focuses on instead of the main protagonist themself ("normally") unless there's something that can directly harm the System which would have to be a fantasy deity or equivalent reality warping powers in most kinds of settings.

This all meams that thos fiction is one of (probably) very few stories exploring a new(ish) kind of Progression System story. One with direct acess to the behind the scenes "System" and how altering and developing it may influence the world of the setting and the characters within the plot. And I dearly want to see where it goes.


If you liked The System is accepting applications

Reviewed at: Day of rest begins

I am not the best sorce of information for which stories are the best. This story is still early on in the process. and has a long was to go before I can say it has a story but so far so good. The character we do have are being introduced at a reasonable pace. The story is a bit like The System is accepting applications in premise but it goings well in its own direction fairly well so far. I do suggest given the story if you are looking of a few hours of a light hearted read after all the heavy emotional stuff thats been in the trending for the past few months.


Though some grammars are wrong here and there.

But the content of the novel is good. keep it up 😊am waiting for the next chapter.


If people say this is trash, then to me this is totally good because its actually really amazing wonderful and good😊anyways keep up the goodwork and i hope in the future there will be more characters that will receieve the system.. but it will also be good if a villain like character also has the system


A unique novel with lots of potential

Reviewed at: Squad captain

This is a unique story because the mc is both a god and a system. These are both not written about enough in my opinion. There is also some mythological lore which I always find interesting. Since mc is god and system there is a huge amount of places the author could take this and I look forward to it


shadow magus isn't the best author out there but he does a solid job writing this story and there were no problems that stood out to me. But wasn't particularly breathtaking or anything as well


i love the story concept and so far shadow has done a pretty good job fleshing out the story I haven't noticed any problems so far. 


rated it a 5 because although shadow does make some mistakes he goes back and fixes them which for me is worth a 5 


charecter development is pretty good in this novel although not great. It's still somewhat early in the novel though so it could go either way. Shadow himself has said that charecter development is his weak point so I don't expect it to be the best but it's still good so far. 

ps. Hi shadow and anyone else who started this series on Webnovel, it's me the weirdo with a squirrel profile pic from when I was 13.