Note:  I combine the core games, side games, manga, anime, TCG, and every other media to make the most realistic and complete image of the Pokemon world I can, which is my main goal, and might be overwhelming to some people.

Rhea has lived in a tiny village of Master-tier Trainers on the west side of Pallet Bay; she's turned seventeen this year, which means she can start her Bronze-tier Pokémon journey, and she's been selected to receive the Oak Starter Award.

However, this year's United Inigo Conference marks the first in an International Bronze League, and Kanto has been selected to pilot this multiregional initiative with a few new features.

If this is successful, then the international effort might become a staple for the following Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Master Leagues across all regions.

Every region's Master-tier Trainers selected three candidates to receive the Oak Starter Award, combining to equal 24 participants, thrust into the limelight.  The Masters said to keep an eye on these Bronze-tier Trainers this League; they'll need to rise to the expectations placed on them.

On the plus side, Rhea's mother has a different plan than picking the Professors' collected Starters.

Cover by Saori Shimatsu (as far as I could find; place holder until Robbuz finishes the Undying Empire Commission and creates the PokéSync Cover)

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A patreons opinion tldr; it's good.

Reviewed at: B1 — 6. The Contenders

I wrote a review on the unhyperlinked version, most is a copy and paste, as they are the same novel. However the fact he has both shows a lot of loyalty to fans. 


I am up to chapter 17 on patreon, so some things reflect that. 


SME has produced a very good interpretation of Pokémon, one I am keen to spend more time in. If anyone has played, watched or had any interest in Pokémon, this is worth checking out. If not, check it out anyway, SME is a great writer, and you may discover you like his other serials more. 


Individual scores as follows:

Style: 5/5. Yes, there is already a prebuilt world, but that makes it a lot easier for SME to build his creation. Set 10 years past Sun/Moon (potentially, haven't played them) he has incorporated lots of changes to the world. He has also fleshed out the way pokemon trainers, battles, travel, technology, power scales and more work. Truly a unique creation, even if grounded in another work. 


Story 3/5. This is lower at the moment as the serial has just started. As it is a Pokémon work, it has begun with the beginning journey, and as anyone who has played one of the games knows, you don't have any story until like the 2nd or 3rd gym anyway. I honestly expect this to go to a 4.5 at least once that becomes more clear. That being said, SME does tend to leave fairly open ended goals which can make it difficult to see the direction, I have it on his authority though that he has a good map!


Grammar 5/5. SME has patreons combing through all his works, by the time they've reached the public they are close to flawless. 


Character score 4.5/5. Some very good characters, haven't had a lot of time to get too deep, but the bases and twists are there. 


I really like this fiction. The style is very good, the grammar basically flawless. Has at times problems with "show, don't tell" but some of the technical aspects also make that difficult.

I especially like how the author has translated all the different strains of the pokemon franchise into one coherent framework while simultaneously adding his own very interesting twists and explanations for things.

Another feature that has stood out is the links. For someone like me that stopped playing in Gen 5 and, never watched the anime, and only recently started learning the English Pokemon names (German here), this is truly a godsend.

My only critiques would be the aforementioned info dumps and the introduction of too many new characters. I honestly had no idea who was who (of the kids) in the last chapter. Maybe you could add some descriptions when referring to them (the party girl said, the young musician said, etc.)

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So far, so good. I like how the dynamics of the battling has been shown, and the true difference between certain levels of trainers. Good grammar and flow, nothing to really bump or jar a reader out of the story. Only a few chapters in, but I look forward to more!