Relife System: The Unholy Mage

by Don_Dokhmesy

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The World's Number 1 Most Wanted Thief, the Black Cobra, an Egyptian youth specialized in ancient artifacts, was killed in an explosion he set up after being chased into a dead end in New York. Around his middle finger which he pointed at the face of every chaser from every world superpower, he carried the most prized item in the world, the Ring of Horus.
When he kicked off life with a Bang! He returned with a lot of barf and vomit as poison was being cleansed of his body and a series of messages kept popping up. Long story short, he reincarnated into the body of Leon, an antagonist from a game he used to play and supposedly one who should already be dead. However, the Hunt for his Life never ended and he became the most wanted after reincarnation overnight. And there is System and Magic and Harem and Overpowered Oversmart Overcharismatic Hero who believes in gender equality and human's right to stay silent when he stabs them… good stuff, turly!

(Author Note: The story tries to avoid the cliches and focuses on crime and politics. Not sure about titles with the same quality as this one but I take elements from the usual isekai and mash them with the Korean style characters and attention to details while avoiding the Chinese repetitive plots and the Japanese beta male leads. This is an Egyptian MC whom you have never seen any like before. He kisses babies and slaps bitches… or kisses bitches and slaps babies… depending on which day of the week it is. He's a mean guy and he knows kung fu. One time an author tried to write him in a novel, the novel almost absorbed the author and he went into a torturous isekai. What more can I say? Read it already!)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: I, the Bad Guy ago
2: The Grand Escape ago
3: XP Farming ago
4: Slipped Away (1) ago
5: Slipped Away (2) ago
6: Circumstances ago
7: Leo, the Rat ago
8: Laying Low ago
9: The Twilight Syndicate ago
10: A Good Old Read on the Roof Never Harmed Anyone… Yet ago
11: They Can Talk ago
12: The Arcane Theorist ago
13: The System and the Training ago
14: Rabbit Hunting Season ago
15: Worries ago
16: Leo the Rabbit (1) ago
17: Leo the Rabbit (2) ago
18: The Queen Rat and the Bunny Boy ago
19: Leon meets Devon (1) ago
20: Leon meets Devon (2) ago
21: A Deal ago
22: Zal the Fool ago
23: The Society of Hired Fighters and Explorer Gentlemen (1) ago
24: The Society of Hired Fighters and Explorer Gentlemen(2) ago
25: The Society of Hired Fighters and Explorer Gentlemen (3) ago
26: Leon's Scar ago
27: The Prince ago
28: Leon's Sinister Plan ago
29: The Objective ago
30: The Bull, the Monkey, and the Rabbit ago
31: The Heist (1) ago
32: The Heist (2) ago
33: The Heist (3) ago
34: The Cobra Rises ago
35: The Worst Possible Scenario ago
36: Delivery ago
37: Torn ago
38: Leo, the Mercenary (1) ago
39: Leo, the Mercenary (2) ago
40: Leo, the Mercenary (3) ago

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Seeker of the truth

I love your story man, please continu to write it.

The only thing that annoys me is the fact that he is not trusting ennough in his capabilities, there is also the fact that he don't remember anything about anyone but think that nobody outside his close family ( father , half brother/sister) and assume that everyone is there for his head and that there is nobody on his side, like the Eleonore faction that come to him saying that they know him and want to be an ally and not enemy, yet, he does'nt invistigate the least their reasons for that. The problem is that ,while yes, Eleonore made a mistake by searching for him like that but they did agreed to his demand, that would be an indice that while they could have an ulterior motive to their agenda , there is the minim chance that they are sincere , and in his situation, that he literraly says himself that he is alone and need a backer , would be worth investigating at least. I would put that on the ptsd and trust issues of two life filled with misery, much death and lie. Apart from that , great book xD

PS: sry for my english, its not my first language


I see a bunch of Negative Reviews on the Story and i must say that i disagree.The Story is Fast Paced and may seem to have Fractured Scenarios,but thats Precisely what i liked about it.The world in the story is Chaotic and Unpredictible with the MC being skilled due to his past still manages to eff up a lot,Not in stupid ways but in ways which can be overlooked because the MC knows minimal about the new world.The Change in enviroment is pretty Quick but is pretty much understandable because 

the mc is on the run basically.So rapid change in characters he meet and places he stay at is justified.

The MC has no qualms with getting his hands dirty and clearing witnesses and so when required with no lingering attachments after all.So all in all its a Good ,Fun ,Fast paced read with pretty fast releases(as of now),and i still feel like the other reviewers have been a bit harsh.Its not your typical MC 'stubs his toe' and has philosophical epiphanies and Flashback kind of story with extremely fleshed out personalities but Still a very good Read.

Kudos to the author.


Good novel, not the normal LitRPG but not that new either.

It's exciting to read for most of the time and didn't get boring so far.

The characters are well made and it's easy to notice that some thought were put behind them.

The main character is pretty strong, but doesn't feel too OP.

Easy to read, no problems with the grammar from my side and only rarely a typo.


I've read this story on Webnovel years ago, but the author went on hiatus becoz of his other ongoing story. And now the whole story is remade with Litrpg tag, can't say, I hate this story, but really miss the old one. For me, the old one was perfect and waited everyday for updates. But in this version of novel, the author chose to take the long route and expanded the exact plot which I didn't like on the old version, the being rat plot. For me, it doesn't sunk well with the story. First the noble plot, but suddenly the plot is almost cut off and author inserts a new one. It just feels purely filler to me. I don't feel excited and feel like waiting with the whole slums plots. It's just unnecessary. As I didnt even feel the need to properly read the chapters except for the first few. I just skipped the most sentence and jumped to the end. Otherwise, in my opinion, this story wouldn't just have 500+ followers.


good story, but the story telling not so much

Reviewed at: 21: A Deal

So here my opinion, first I was hesitant on reading this novel but I found that it was written by the same author of dragonborn saga. I read 200+ chapter and it was a long time ago, but I remember it was great(the story and writing style), so it was disappointing because I expected more.


It's a satisfying enough read if you are after some litrpg, op protagonist, isekai, mass murderer themed work. 

The grammar is not 'great'. There are a few grammatical errors but most frustrating is the use of present tense which just doesn't 'feel right'.

The plot is honestly overly confusing. There is a basic premise that is made very convoluted by the MC status and The fact it was originally a dating sim background plot so everything is just a bit.. stretched ?


A great Read with good progression

Reviewed at: 35: The Worst Possible Scenario

another good story from the one and only Don 

this story in my opinion has nice magic system as it shares some similarity with his other novel so u can expect that its gonna be more polished than his last one as u can tell how much his writing skills has improved compared to before


Great book. A mix of genres that blends well. The characters are the highlight. Each one can be seen vividly in my mind. The action scenes are well put together. Can't wait until the main character gains levels. The author has written briefly about monsters and how the main character can gain levels. Part of me wants him to leave the city and go dungeon diving.


So it's a reincarnator story, with merged personas. Who are not as OP as the ones who reincarnate as Heroes, faster than the ones who reincarnate as a tree, wetter than the ones who reincarnate as a dragon, smellier than the ones who reincarnate as an elf., taller than the ones who reincarnate as a dwarf, hairier than the ones who reincarnate as a snake/ reptile but less hairy than most of the other types.......

The "migrant" is an elite thief with combat skills, something goes wrong and due to a magic artefact he merges with a young noble human of little talent in another world. Other world has a system.

'the young noble is in trouble - has been poisoned to death by a rival prince actually. So the thief is the main persona but has a lot of background knowledge and some attitudes from the noble.

The story takes off from there. It's a really fun read with a lot of action, levelling (some RPG elements, magic elements. The world is interesting and there is good characterisation by the genre standards.


Incredibly poor writing, don't be deceived

Reviewed at: 2: The Grand Escape

I only made it two chapters before the poor writing became unbearable. I don't understand how this story is so highly rated or hit trending.

The prose is incredibly clumsy, the dialogue stilted, and the POV fractured. I hate being so harsh but I was flabbergasted upon starting it. I often use trending to find new stories to follow, and sure sometimes they aren't to my taste or standards but this was such an outlier in quality despite good reviews I thought I should present a countervailing opinion.

I highly suggest another rewrite (shockingly this apparently IS the rewrite), with the author perhaps working on his fundamentals. The plot seemed trite but I honestly couldn't keep reading long enough to see if it was going anywhere.