The Event Master

by KyuuSyron

When my children asked me what I was writing, I told them "Hrm... it's a story about a boy who wakes up as someone else, and this someone else can do magic. Except no one likes his magic so it's about taking what you are given, and showing the world that you can be better and more useful than the broad strokes used to define you by societal standards. Do you get what I mean?" They shook their heads no, lost interest, and left to play with some toy trucks or something.

It is a reincarnation/transmigration story where the MC can only do magic that is socially condemned, but is protected somewhat by his powerful political station. For as long as he can keep it, anyway. With a little luck and some modern world thinking, perhaps he'll come up with something to change people's minds. Not forcefully though, that would be unethical.

I intend to post five chapters a week as a challenge to myself, each in the range of around 2,000 words or more.

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This has held my interest so far,chapter 26 as of this review. I will be honest I almost dropped it after the first few chapters as the errors where quite high but the author has improved greatly with regard to grammar errors. Looking forward to reading more and hopefully see more action.  4 stars due to the early grammar errors.