Overlord Spirit Martial Emperor

Overlord Spirit Martial Emperor

by raghavssundar123

For years, since he was 6 years old, Feng Yun was trained in various Martial Arts and the way of the assassin. He killed thousands, slaughtered many evil people and those that sought to destroy the peace of the world. He had become so accomplished and well known that he had earned the title, "Slaughter Ghost". Eventually, he got bored of killing people that were so weak. One day, he was walking home and was killed by government agents storming the room he lived in.
"This is it huh? Well, I had fun. I guess I'll die now."
He never would have expected for him to be reincarnated in a new continent, Wushu Zhicai( Martial Sanction) where experts and strong people areas numerous as the seas are large. Every child born with the ability to practice martial arts gains a spirit upon reaching 6 years old that is unique to them. On top of that, he is reincarnated as a baby with the same name as he had before, as the grandson of the head of the prestigious and powerful Cloud Scale Sect. Follow Feng Yun's journey to becoming an expert in the Wudao(Martial Way) and shaking the continent with his power. Follow him on his path to becoming the Overlord Spirit Martial Emperor.

WARNING-MATURE CONTENT( This novel will include some gore(not too extreme), foul language(really frequent) and quite the sexual content if I do say so myself. It will become a bit more plentiful as he grows older so readers, please be prepared and don't read this if it doesn't gell well with you. Please enjoy.
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94 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Slaughter Ghost ago
Emergence ago
Weird Feeling ago
State of Affairs and Secret Cultivation ago
5 Years Wait and Spirit knowledge ago
Spirit Awakening Ceremony ago
Heir to the Dragon ago
Assassins ago
Promise of Revenge ago
The Treasury ago
Black Horn Mountain ago
The Prison Warden ago
Returning to the Sect ago
Four Powers Tournament Part 1 ago
Four Powers Tournament Part 2 ago
Four Powers Tournament Part 3 ago
Four Powers Tournament Part 4 ago
Holy Continental Academy ago
Incoming Danger? ago
The Expedition ago
Snow Demon Ogre's Treasury ago
Blood Demon Sect Attacks? ago
Dragonification ago
Soul Sacrifice ago
Recovery ago
Sky Wind City ago
The Combat Recruit Plaza ago
Welcome to the Death Singer Mercenaries ago
Escort Mission ago
Qiang Lu and the Fragment ago
Memories of the Void ago
Xia Qing's Vision ago
5th Battalion of the Death Singer Mercenaries ago
Departing from Sky Wind City ago
The Bandits of Cui Fu ago
Desperate Situation ago
Stalling for Time ago
Sitting on the Empty Seat ago
A Show of Strength ago
Zhou Yanling's Challenge ago
Ensealing Cloudvine Symbol ago
Truth Artifact ago
Devouring Season ago
Green Fanged Eagle ago
Dominating the Skies ago
The Scarlet Phoenix's Vow ago
Properties of the Eagle Blood ago
Kaidu Mountain Range ago
Unavoidable Trap ago
Which One Of You Killed My Wife? ago
Shaming A Divine Beast! ago
That's My Uncle! ago
The Beast That Slays Divine Beasts ago
Become My Disciple! ago
A Promise Between Friends ago
Overcoming the Mountains ago
Twin Viper City's Heritage ago
Inside the City ago
The Horde ago
Legions of Beasts ago
The First and Second Waves ago
The City Lord Takes Action ago
The Formation Comes Into Play ago
You Wanted Me Out! I Came Out! ago
Seeker Twin Viper ago
A Wolf's End ago
Arriving at Azure Sky City ago
Are You Accusing Me? ago
Exterminate the Boy! ago
One Down, Five More To Go ago
Repelling Yang Kai's Assault ago
Breakthrough Between Despair ago
Total Execution ago
Holy Imprint ago
Qiang Lu's Reappearance ago
Declining the Invitation ago
Leaving the Mercenaries ago
Dai Tian's Proclamation ago
Formal Discipleship ago
Three Month Slaughter Challenge ago
Fighting the Violet Leopard ago
Slaughter Ghost Reawakened ago
The Cultivation Enhancement Pill ago
Tyrannical Cave Lion ago
Miraculous Escape ago
The Last Month of the Challenge ago
The Start of Training ago
Battle with the Golems ago
The Dying Planet ago
Thoughts Separated by Thousands of Miles ago
Beginning the Hunt for Lion Burgers ago
Announcement! NOT CHAPTER! ago
Stupid Lion vs. Little F**ker Part 1 ago
Stupid Lion vs. Little F**ker Part 2 ago

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Conflict between OP-ness and his opponents his age

I think the story is good so far, however it suffers from a common problem in that the MC is both incredibly OP and normal at the same time. The MC in the story has top level skills of his old world, 3 of the highest spirits which means many more abilities and a lot more power than anyone else, has the best technique for meditation that exists, an amazing bloodline, bone wings that are god level, and found a hidden treasure pool that increased his cultivation. No one who isn't 10 times his age should be able to touch him according to all his perks and how much his genius has been talked about. When his ability is brought up around others he shocks everyone and is supposed to be unprecedented.

But in the actual story (ignoring the compliments and focusing on his role in the story) his cultivation level is only a level above others his age despite having the best technique, cultivation enhancing pool, and being a genius. All his perks should put him insanely above his level yet he can only beat those a few levels above him in the story. He is understandably surrounded by the best, but he should be able to fight all the people his age at once and win according to what was handed to him and the description of him.

The conflict between wanting him to be op so he can reach soveignty quickly later in the story and having him have challenges now against people his age doesn't line up. It's a problem common in these xianxia stories. 


Interesting but not enough OP in his OP-ness

I would like to start saying that is very interesting. The spirit thing is similar to Douluo Dalu while the dragonification is similar to CD (I like both),  i also like the berserker character, but you gave him too many elements while trying to let him develop with the girl. He has also eaten the leaf, discovering immediatly after about his powers( you should have let him know about the powers after the ammission test to the accademy or something like that). Another problem his is berserker ability, in 10 chapters he has already used it 2-3 times, it is too much! It should be his ace in the hole, now everyone know about the void element! What do you want to use as next berserker ability? Juggernaut Drive?(not a bad idea but let him became older and more powerful).Next is the personality: he is too friendly, the lust in his gaze the first time he met the girl is perfect, but after that he became not only childish, but a real child. For example in the tournament, as a reincarnated assassin against a child he should have won in 10 seconds, the child should have too many openings! Also…immediatly after the awakening he killed 2-3 people and his parents didn’t even considered the matter….WTF not even MGA or DD has the MC that start killing at 6 years old! If you want him to kill at last don’t let his parent know! it is too forced.

My opinion is that you should  check and change what you’ve written and then then continue…I’m looking forward, it has a lot of potential!!!!!!


You're rushing too much..

You absolutely don't take your time in developing every new power the mc get, normally in a xianxia  the MC get a new power only after he mastered the previous one which at least take it own arc in the story with it share of new characters. And i noticed that you absolutely want to make the girl follow him in either adventures or cultivation level.. and especially THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE THE SAME TYPE OF POWER for a reminder a xianxia is renowned for having diversity in powers and techniques and not everyone going around shooting the same "jutsu" and again you really should take the time to make the MC get to understand more of his powers, the way you make him use his powers is like a driving an F1 car in 60km/h instead of 220..


Started ok but became a forced story...

I have to say that i had a few expectations with this story, however it failed at a few critical points.


First of all the mc starts with an overpowered cultivation method, receives a lot of spirits and have combat experience, however people of his age could fight with him in the tournament... even worse he doesnt feel as strong as he should be, you start cultivating nearly as a baby and people of your generation can have a better cultivation level? plainly bullshit.


Next is the romance was forced, yeah i suppose a lot of people may like it however we are talking about a reincarnated boy who was an assassin and... he is this friendly with a little girl? kidding?, this is a serious lack of consistancy between the personality you are giving him and the truth. If you were going to do that you could have eliminated his memories but let his past life influence his decisions.


Lastly most events are too forced... if you have a genious in your family, there isnt any chance that you will leave him alone without a few experts from the family protecting him, if i was his grandfather i would protect him at any cost, i would let him gain experience but protect him so that he doesnt die. One thing is that the family doesnt recognize you as a genious as it happens in a lot of light novels, however there must be a line between being "influenced" and "forgetting important details".


Couldnt continue reading after he was so easily convinced to join the academy. I hope that i have given a constructive critic and if it offended even if its a little then i wanna say sorry before anything.


i already expected something like this when i read the title of the novel.  i read half of the novel, and doubt it if i will continue reading it. why?


originality: 0/5

really cant find anything original in this story. it is like i am reading mix of other xianxias all mixed up in this novel. standard reincarnation (already read expert in previous life->reincarnated in xianxia world, just cant remember the title), getting super technique from king of hell (desolate era anyone?), standard xianxia ratings (tempered body, xiantian etc), dragon power, spirit beasts/weapons etc. in first half i cant find anything original in this story.


long blocks of text with bad spacing make it hard to read sometimes. also shouting the name of the techniques? wtf? do you wait for your opponents to finish shouting the name of technique every time? e.g 

“Raiding Thunder Palm condensed version, Raiding Thunder Clap,” Yun shouted

you could have used: “yun then used raiding thunder clap technique” without all that shouting…


story is pretty cliche xianxia at least at the beginning. just missing the element of bullying in the clan and beating the clan rival. also forgot but forgot forcing that transcendent super genius with super cultivation technique and then only beeing slightly stronger then same age opponents... really bad...


characters arent developed so far, but that is usual in this genre.. they only get fleshed out after 1000 chapters xD


i havent seen noticable grammar mistakes so grammar gets a pass.


overall not recommended


It was an awesome work, at first then turned downhill because of forced elements plus plot holes.

It was a good read, until the forced nation plus plotholes attack, everything went downhill after that. 

Why do xianxia authors here in RR always destroy their good work.

 its boring, you started well but after that… From what i read hes a 10 yo giant with some talent, even with his supreme cultivation method he was the same level as a normal kid from the blood sect and even after some spiritual pool thing? Wasn’t he suppose to be powerful? His family relations needed a lot of work, from what you wrote when he was born he was loved and all, but then i didn’t feel anything like that in next chapters.

Then author is not listening to people's advice.

That's why fuck this I'm done with this crap.


with all the perks he has,he should be a lot stronger...it makes no sense....and your dialogs are awkard and iritating... and when there is a martial move,after the move is made you don't say that he says,you should say that he thought,if not its like everybody have a chunnin spirit....


I wanted to like it but .... i do not!

       I liked the synopsis, i hoped that i would get a different take on the usual wuxia novel. Unfortunately , what i got is a sub-par, run of the mill, cliche filled, plot armor driven normal wuxia story.  

      The biggest problem whit this story is the difference between what the author tells us about the MC and what the author shows us about the MC. He tells us he is a adult super assassin reborn into the body of the successor (and acknowledge genius)  of two of the most powerful clans in the new world, but he shows us a normal adult reborn in the body of a random, normal human in the new world. 

       The first problems started around the 15-17 chapters, but i ignored it and continued reading it.

       The story took a strong blow around the 20ish chapter, were the story really ignored any logic and common sense just to force a plot point, but i continued reading it hoping it was a one time thing and it will get better.... It did not, it got worst. It continued with forced plot points, illogical situation and decision. 

        I finally  lost all hope in the author for this story, when he used an entire chapter just to tell us that : the MC and company check into there hotel (i am not joking, it was only that in one chapter).

        I could write about the characters or the other parts of the story , but honestly WHAT IS THE POINT at this time?

       I congratulate the author for his hard work he/she put into writing, but this is not a good written story. The idea is interesting, the setting is nice, but either he/she makes a HUGE improvement in telling this story, or better yet, take all the criticism and re-write the story from the start.


Decent Idea, bad writing

The story idea is decent, nothing new but could be interesting.

But the writing is kinda horrible.

I can understand if a new author is not very good in deskriptiv writing but this is not only the problem with inexperience. The author seems just lazy to me, there  is a ridiculous amount of  typing errors  from missing letters to spaces in the middle of a word, or even misspelling the main character names.

The writing style is very bad as well, even a little amount of rereading could correct that, when a sentence of 10 words has two times arrive in it being a inexperienced writer is no excuse.


Great read only two major plot holding the story back

the writing is very good but the plotholes get stronger as the plot goes on


1. i'd recommend reading translated novels like Dragon-Marked Wargod or Soverign of the three realms to get an idea of what an op cultivator is supposed to be capable of, with all of the MC's benefits hes simply way to ordinary and its just silly how weak he. With just the wings of a god alone he should be able to kill someone a "realm" above him, alsohe should not be at the same cultivation level as the heroine, when he cultivated as a baby, along with other stuff it just makes him seem way to underwhelming for what he has


2. i think some other reviewers mentioned this but the fact he doesn't have a protector with him make 0 sense especially when you consider he inherited the dragon clan's will. hes basically a prince who was kicked out of his family(except he wasn't) so it doesn't follow logically.