Combat Archaeologist: Rowan

by Lighthouse

Rowan is a street-rat who just wants to live a normal life. All he yearns for is a roof over his head, a second set of clothes, and maybe the occasional apple pie. Unfortunately, life has other plans for him. Forced to flee the city with only the rags on his back and the knife between his ribs, Rowan sets off into a world that wants him dead.

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Since the story just passed the 10k words mark, I thought it would be a good time to get an early review in.

Even though we're very early in the story, there has been enough time for a few things to happen to the main character. We've had a chance to get to know him a little and get beyond the initial story setup.

So far, I've enjoyed where the story is headed. The MC was down on his luck, nearly died, then found a nice group of people to hang out with and learn from for a bit before he gets to the big city. We even got a bit of a training montage. All this before we get to the meat of the story, where I expect a bit of a coming of age/academy style story to pick up a bit.

The characterization is pretty good. Especially in dialogue, character motivations and personality come through clearly. Dialogue is often a weak part of the story in other fics on RR, but I'm glad to say that here the dialogue mostly feels natural; not forced or out of character.

The grammar is impeccable. Grammar is one of those things that when done well, you don't notice it, and when done poorly, it screams at you from the page. No screaming here. 

The style of the fic so far has been a bit on the literary side of prose, but that doesn't mean it's stiff or dated, it reads a lot like a traditional fantasy and less like a translated light novel, as so many stories have become lately. Literary fantasy is a plus in my book, I can dig it.

Overall, I'd say it's definitely worth a shot, and as the story picks up it can only get better.


I really like how the story starts!

You see Rowan losing his old life and getting a new chance. All of this a put in a quite realistic way without any gods playing around. All the characters so far show a clear and distinct character. Looking foward to read more!

PS: His old story is also worth a read ;)


10 chapters in and I'm pulling my hair out because I have to wait fir more. Rowan is a real, living character that makes you want him to succeed, and the gradual introduction to the world bring it all to life without drowning you in info dumps. The author is a true storyteller and wordsmith and I cant wait to see where he takes us with Rowan.


This is a review of the synopsis. I have not read a word of the whole thing.

AMAZING. Short, witty, informative - looking at this one it is not clear why synopses on RR are an awful mess: apologies, self praise, bombastic plans, waffle, generalities, language abuse and overall a tedious boredom that bodes ill for the actual writing are the usual intro. Surely writers should spend a bit of time and effort on the window to their world.

I have no time and will read it later, may change my score/mind and will definitely change the review but this had to be said.


Please don't make this Harry Potter

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 - Sorting Tablet

I'm enjoying this so far but the direction is worrying. If you were going to recreate Harry Potter you should have included that in the description. School stories suck. Mages also tends to be tedious. I'd much rather read about thrusts, parries and dodges then "I cast fireball and all enemies die". I've enjoyed swordfighting and adventure so far but if it loses those things to become HP it will have lost what I liked about it.