The Summoned Heroes' School - The Exp Stealer

by Writing M4chine Gun

               Thanks to the help of a cursed power, Ethan, a young hero, managed to defeat the demon king and his army singlehandedly. However, all that power came with a price, and the price was him stealing the memories of those he touched. Unfortunately, not even after finally returning home, that power left him.

                A few decades after the start of the new millennium, people all over the world begun to disappear from Earth only to reappear after days, weeks, and sometimes even years after. At first, those people stayed silent as to where they had been, but after a while, weird information began to spread, these people had gone to other worlds… as heroes.

                No one took that information seriously. However, when one of those who disappeared returned, bringing a horde of monsters with them, some people began to think that perhaps not everything was nonsense. After a while, the information began to receive more credit when a small country in South America got decimated by the horde of monsters. The same thing happened in Europe and Asia. After a while, it was learned that that happened because the heroes failed to save the other worlds and no even Earth had to pay the price for it.

                Many countries decided to do what they could to identify and train those people to avoid future disasters. So, in order to train the future heroes of other worlds, many countries created their own summoned heroes’ school. This isn't the story of the first hero, but the one who had the power to steal experience from others... the exp stealer.

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Writing M4chine Gun

Writing M4chine Gun

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01: The cursed Hero ago
Chapter 02: The return ago
Chapter 03: The changes ago
Chapter 04: New World ago
Chapter 05: Hidden power ago
Chapter 06: Training ago
Chapter 07: Progress ago
Chapter 08: support system ago
Chapter 09: incidents. ago
Chapter 10: Rank F ago
Chapter 11: Guide ago
Chapter 12: VR simulator ago
Chapter 13: Decision ago
Chapter 14: Value ago
Chapter 15: Interruption ago
Chapter 16: Hormones ago
Chapter 17: Defense training. ago
Chapter 18: Weird ago
Chapter 19: Nightmare. ago
Chapter 20: Unpleasant surprise ago
Chapter 21: Pestering ago
Chapter 22: Goblins ago
Chapter 23: Monster Strategy ago
Chapter 24: Savage ago
Chapter 25: ‘Grand’ Alchemist ago
Chapter 26: The origin of heroes ago
Chapter 27: Hard time ago
Chapter 28: Problems? ago
Chapter 29: Thrashing. ago
Chapter 30: Tremor ago
Chapter 31: To another world ago
Chapter 32: Questions. ago
Chapter 33: Battlefield. ago
Chapter 34: Language Barrier. ago
Chapter 35: Another option ago
Chapter 36: War Zone ago
Chapter 37: Surrounded. ago
Chapter 38: Questions ago
Chapter 39: Power UP ago
Chapter 40: Synthesize  ago
Chapter 41: The Imperial Capital. ago
Chapter 42: Situation ago
Chapter 43: End goal ago
Chapter 44: Flashy ago
Chapter 45: Damage ago
Chapter 46: Success? ago
Chapter 47: Giving a hand. ago
Chapter 48: Morale ago
Chapter 49: Versus. Necromancer (1) ago
Chapter 50: Versus. Necromancer (2) ago
Chapter 51: Versus. Necromancer (3) ago
Chapter 52: Versus. Necromancer (4) ago
Chapter 53: Versus. Necromancer (5) ago
Chapter 54: Gift ago
Chapter 55: Letter ago
Chapter 56: Worries ago
Chapter 57: Taking it easy ago

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Eren Ersoy

I mean it's meh imo. So far like classic ''I'm op but I won't use it and I refuse to get stronger even if it's way easier for me to do so than other people thanks to my unique (not really) cheat.'' 

At chapter 7 now and it's pretty boring


Potential but I guess young author

Reviewed at: Chapter 38: Questions

There are good ideas, but a distinctive lack of depth. 

-Dude is suspicious about the government, but takes no steps in protecting himself. 

-Takes no steps in solving his "problem" (doesn't even wear frigging gloves). If touching other people is a problem, one would think in a world filled with impossible powers SOMEONE might have a solution. Or mittens.

-Doesn't use his abilities for childish reasons. I get not wanting a government to know about it, but that is not why. It's because he is sad that the people that forcefully kidnapped him and threw him in a bloody war were afraid of him. He clearly had no problem siphoning his "allies" to get home quicker, so this really doesn't click.

I would suggest to give deeper thought to motivations and deeper branching consequences. 

Take for example the situation he is in at chapter 30+.

He has no rational or emotional reasons (not that emotional ones are reasons, lets call them excuses) not to go bonanza with his power. No one knows him, no one cares. Take off the spying thingie on your wrist, leave it unbalanced on the cart (so that even if someone can read lies you can state you lost it in battle, not sure where) and buff your ass off.

Instead, he still has reservations. Not to slaughter the enemies, but to siphon them. 

If you want to give the protagonist a dilemma, it needs to be fleshed out and credible. He clearky doesn't suffer from ptsd, so his reticence comes off as flimsy at best. Though shortsighted is a better fit. 


It's repetative and nothing new. Plus it's annoying how much he face palms and how blank the world feels; I mean little to no explanation for things. I'd say it's a score of 3. 1 star deducted for grammar and another star for not being consistent with elements in the story mostly being character behavior there's also little world building... Nice story to read as long as it's read to pass some time.


Interesting, exciting and boring at the same time

Reviewed at: Chapter 52: Versus. Necromancer (4)

To begin with, the style is pretty good, I enjoyed reading it and while it isn't the best I've read, it's certainly above most RoyalRoad novels.

Grammar isn't too bad, but when it's bad, it's very bad.

The story is both unique and boring. It's a power fantasy with the main character holding back. A bit annoying to be honest, but it's original enough to be a fun read. Frankly, as long as it's Litrpg you won't find me complaining.

Now for the character score, I guess it could be worse. The way the main character reacts is boring. He seems to be lacking emotions, and while that is fine when he wants to appear cool, it is incredibly annoying when seeing him interact with others (his sister, new companions, friends, family (yes even negative emotions)).

As for other characters, I can't really make a comment about them because we haven't seen much of them, but so far they are unique and each has his/her own motivations, even if the story only ever focuses on the main character (which isn't exactly great).

Overall? It could be better, it could be worse. I didn't dislike the binge read, and I don't think you would either. I believe the story and the quality will get better as the author keeps writing, so give it a go, it's not too bad.


It`s a pretty entertaining story if you like this type of story. You know exactly what type of story you're getting into with the blurb which is good. Couple of english mistakes here and there and the character dialogues don't flow that naturally. Still in the beginning stages of the story but we'll see how this progresses.


The Summoned Heroes' School has a slight twist on the isekai genre - namely coming back to your home planet to find that others have gone through similar experiences and emerged victorious. Many of these heroes come back to their home planet having acquired strength and power. Ethan comes back with his strength reset, but his power still in tact.

Style: The pacing of the story is generally good. The author manages to avoid info dumps while describing the setting adequately.

Grammar: The biggest issue in the story is that occasionally incorrect words are used in sentences. It can be a bit distracting at times. Not every chapter has a mistake like this, but some you'll see it more than once.

Story: The story is at its best when Ethan is training himself and progressing through the litRPG system. It has so far been unable to address why Ethan, who is ranked as the lowest level of superhero, is able to bully thick-skinned government officials who are in charge of handling highly classified missions relating to supers. There's an issue with this paradox of students needing to come to school, but the school being designed to accommodate rule breakers. It doesn't make a lot of sense, especially considering that those heroes too old for school have to join the military. Anyway the rules seem primarily designed to make Ethan look like a rebel who's too cool for school. Maybe this will start to change when he starts to explore more of it.

Character: Unfortunately, the main character is a bit of an edgelord. His unwillingness to get close to people kind of leads his character development feeling superficial. The other characters tend to be stereotypical and uninteresting.


The only major negative so far is the incorrect use of 'in' and 'on' that happens with many non native English writers. The oddest thing about it though is there comes random points where it is actually used correctly—meaning the Authors "mistake" corrects an issue.


On the Flip side, the seemingly short chapter (currently coming out at a high speed) are Very well crafted. I felt as if each chap was ended in a way to want more but not as a cliff hanger. More like they expressed a complete thought. (That seems to end just after Chapter 20)

The MC in my opinion is a good depiction of a partially but not overtly jaded war-torn teenager that finished his "Quest" as a hero and is returned home with his RPG system from another world, but has his body reset.



I think this is underrated so I am giving it 5 stars in hope more people can discover it. Real score is 4.

my only criticism is that as a reader I don't understand how deeply and strongly does the MC dread his power. Why does it affect him so badly? I am not sure why he isn't using it.  I guess this could be an easy fix maybe 2 chapters throwback on how this power affected MC tragically or the MC using it then show a tragic glimpse of the past.

thanks for writing the story.