Minecrafts Reality

by TheReaperKing

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Follow Aeternum, a unlucky soul through a world some will consider a blessing and some a curse. Robbed of his rightful afterlife how will he make the best of his second life?

On his adventure he will struggle, fighting the worlds monstrous denizens. Surviving using creativity and what little know how he has; while trying to enjoy life a little.

Maybe if he works hard he will escape his fate as a toy of a bored God.


Thank you for checking out my light novel. I am a hobbiest writer still learning, I would appreciate any correction people can make and constructive critism. Hope you enjoy the story

Personally made the cover art, photo editing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Art of living V2 ago
Chapter 2: Am I the barbarian ago
Chapter 3: It's only up from here ago
Chapter 4: No shortcuts to mining ago
Chapter 5: Screw bronze I’m in the iron age ago
Chapter 6: Farming is where it's at ago
Chapter 7: One step up ago
Chapter 8: Scouting, bathing and preparing for hellfire ago
Chapter 9: Hell is hellish for sure ago
Chapter 10: Learning and fighting ago
Chapter 11: Smarter Monsters! ago
Chapter 12: I despise swamps ago
Chapter 13: The crystal cavern hides diamonds ago
Chapter 14: Enchanting, essence, and a good old inventory ago
Chapter 15: Good Gear – finally ago
Chapter 16: The journey – part 1 ago
Chapter 17: The journey – part 2 ago
Chapter 18: The journey – part 3 ago
Chapter 19: The journey – part 4 ago
Chapter 20: The Arrival ago
Chapter 21: Building and growing ago
Chapter 22: Flight, falling and building ago
Chapter 23: Flying islands are always cool ago
Chapter 24: Ender pearl drought ago
Chapter 25: At least it’s harder to kill me now. ago
Chapter 26: Very productive day ago
Chapter 27: Real Food ago
Chapter 28: Hunt for animals ago
Chapter 29: Enjoying life ago
Chapter 30: The Forest ago
Chapter 31: Random teleportation is truly random ago
Chapter 32: Progress in town ago
Chapter 33: Exploring and town defense ago
Chapter 34: Enchanting ago
Chapter 35: Witchery ago
Chapter 36: The mayor holds the keys to the city ago
Chapter 37: The resource investigator ago
Chapter 38: A peaceful day ago
Chapter 39: Boss fight ago
Chapter 40: The Meeting ago
Chapter 41: Teasing the guest ago
Chapter 42: Terror ago
Chapter 43: The Trade ago
Chapter 44: Speed build ago
Chapter 45: Speed build – Part 2 ago
Chapter 46: Speed build – Part 3 ago
Chapter 47: Rewards and a mothers caution ago

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This story has a interesting plot and grammar is definitely sub par. It readable enough but will require to be rewritten and a good proof reading, it's better then many translated light novels (I mean definitely better then machine translation). I agree with both of the other reviews OL and MMM.

And MMM is not a troll, just read the synopsis anyone would understand what he meant by basic English mechanics not being sufficient, and this view would be reinforced in a few chapters. If you are upset by this kind of thing then let the author know.

In my boredom I had read far worse things, and it's a lot better than any of those.



This story has a very promising start, as I generally don't like the Minecraft logic of 1 m cubic that the currently only flaw I see, but I am highly biased about that so it doesn't matter. It's going in a very good direction. World building, I'm not sure this is the correct word but after reading the 17 Ch I decided that this story is perfectly good for a 4 star rating. It starts kind of lame thou but it gets exponentially better. 

Please don't take that shitty one star review seriously that's a troll he reviewed it a 2 Ch. And about grammar I can't say much I didn't notice anything worth mentioning.

I hope author didn't get discouraged by that review.

This story is definitely worth trying.



Fulfilling Minecraft fan fiction

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Terror

The story is an excellent one with some minor fallbacks but overall it fulfills my need for a fan fiction and actually makes me want to get back into Minecraft mods.

The story can be too fast or too slow at times but I notice a quality improvement as they write more chapters I awate for the future.


The basic English mechanics of the story is not up to par. While it is not completely unreadable and is significantly better than that of "My Immortal" or "Invisible Dragon", it is nevertheless not good enough for people to bother reading. As such, the writing has no value to the reader, and we are forced to give a 1 star rating.

The summary of the story is representative of the story as a whole. The amount of mechanical mistakes in the summary is the first warning that the story is not up to par. Reading the first few paragraphs of the story reinforces this warning.

Overall, we suggest that the author of the story heavily proofreads his writing. This process should be rigorous, involving googling the spelling of words, and reading up on grammar and punctuation conventions. We believe that the author lacks sufficient knowledge of such conventions, and will not be able to sufficiently edit his story without learning.