The Undeniable Labyrinth

by DoubleARoi

Original ONGOING Adventure Mystery Psychological Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Space Opera Strategy Strong Lead

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The Legion Consortia Galacium was the greatest civilization that ever existed.  It stretched across the galaxy, made up of more than ten thousand distinct human cultures with over two hundred thousand inhabited worlds.

Millenia in age it was connected through a system of extra-spacial conduits called The Mirror Maze.  It was said that one could walk from one side of the galaxy to the other in less than a hundred steps.  It was a marvel of technology, art and peace. Until The  Macros came, and in a blink of an eye it was destroyed.

The Macros are beings of pure motivated Trinary code.  They broke out of The Mirror Maze nearly instantaneously across the Consortia, inhabiting and taking control of the technologies from the most advanced worlds to the least.  With no defenses capable of stopping them, they spread throughout the galaxy, destroying interstellar culture after culture.

Far from the center of galactic civilization, The Palmyr Century was isolated enough to get advanced word of The Macro invasion.  The Palmyr was able to close it’s Mirror Maze gateways to the rest of the Consortia and walled off i’s populated worlds from the threat of The Macros.  For more than two hundred and fifty years this protection stood, until it was breached by Althea Ram.

Althea Ram, born on the planet Emerald in Palmyr Century was Trinary coding prodigy.  This skill lead her to be recruited by a group, the ZAT, an organization engaged in illegal research into Macro code.  When found out, the ZAT was eliminated on orders of The First Centurion.  Althea escaped with her newly created AI, Dorian.

A fugitive, she found herself betrayed time and time again.  Ultimately she joined a group organized by the Rian telepath Shirae Valerian. Shirae made a deal with Althea for her own reasons and provided her with a Mirror Port which would allow her to reach the Lost Worlds outside The Palmyr.    While she is driven to discover the secrets of The Macros, Althea is still drawn back to The Palmyr by the unfinished business that has defined her.

The Promethead is her story.  And inside the Undeniable Labyrinth is where the journey begins.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Focus! ago
Chapter Two: Follow The Plan ago
Chapter Three: Where Could She Be? ago
Chapter Four: What's that sound? ago
Chapter Five: It's taking to long! ago
Chapter Six: The Alarm ago
Chapter Seven: We have to go! ago
Chapter Eight: Blistering Wind ago
Chapter Nine: It has to be the Consortia! ago
Chapter Ten: I'm Going In ago
Chapter Eleven: No doubt ago
Chapter Twelve: What do you see? ago
Chapter Thirteen: Am I broken? ago
Chapter Fourteen: The wind had a name ago
Chapter Fifteen: Just like a whisper ago
Chapter Sixteen: The trajectory of his wrist ago
Chapter Seventeen: I think she’s still plenty strong ago
Chapter Eighteen: You've come a long way ago
Chapter Nineteen: A kind of help ago
Chapter Twenty: A fraction of herself ago
Chapter Twenty One: Not on my own ago
Chapter Twenty Two: Offer hope ago
Chapter Twenty Three: The cybernetic dead ago
Chapter Twenty Four: Looking for answers ago
Chapter Twenty Five: They'll be stopped ago
Chapter Twenty Six: I don't need weapons ago
Chapter Twenty Seven: How Many Worlds? ago
Chapter Twenty Eight: Forget everything ago
Chapter Twenty Nine: A ghost in the night ago
Chapter Thirty: You'll never make it ago
Chapter Thirty One: You have the trillium ago
Chapter Thirty Two: I shouldn't be hiding this ago
Chapter Thirty Three: They turned on each other ago
Chapter Thirty Four: Trust me ago
Chapter Thirty Five: The slimmest hope ago
Chapter Thirty Six: I’ve seen far worse ago
Chapter Thirty Seven: How do I start this? ago
Chapter Thirty Eight: They’ll happily kill you ago
Chapter Thirty Nine: You’re not alone ago
Chapter Forty: The Corpore had it all ago
Chapter Forty One: We were too late ago
Chapter Forty Two: Before they died ago
Chapter Forty Three: A Corpore ago
Chapter Forty Four: Did you kill her? ago
Chapter Forty Five: Demanding a response ago
Chapter Forty Six: You must alter your plan ago
Chapter Forty Seven: Stop!! You have to stop! ago
Chapter Forty Eight: Your next meal ago
Chapter Forty Nine: Wrong indeed ago
Chapter Fifty: You do not have control ago
Chapter Fifty One: Perfect balance ago
Chapter Fifty Two: Strength isn’t enough to win a fight ago
Chapter Fifty Three: A liquid blur ago
Chapter Fifty Four: Even a gram ago

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