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After a lovely lunch with Nasira, she followed me back to my room. Both…Berns…were cooking some kind of pasta. Shawn was practicing something resembling Tai chi. And Quinn was away.

It was just Nasira and me in my room. Despite how small it was, we sat together on my bed and Nasira's gentle hands traced all over me. Her body around made me shiver despite its warmth.

Her hands clutched so close to mine that I couldn't tell where my hands ended and hers began. Her breath around my cheek flowed into my breath and mingled with it. It was strange but wonderful.

To be loved like this, all cares about my body and this world flew away. I could be Michelle for this Nasira forever if she wished it.

But I felt a tickle in my stomach. I sighed and leaned away from Nasira's embrace.

She bent forward, her hair curling in dark colors. "What's wrong, Michelle?"

Looking at her face, twisted in concern, I lost my words for a moment till all I could ask was, "Do you remember how we met?"

I didn't know why I asked it, but Nasira's mind leapt ahead of me. "Is this because of what you mentioned in class? Did something affect your memory?"

I grimaced and told her, "I dunno. I hope not."

Deep blue settled into Nasira's hair and she stroked my hand. "It's okay. I just moved to Clayvern Valley with my mom because of her job with the government."

My eyes widened. That was where I grew up. I listened carefully.

"At age three, I was tested for magical ability and didn't show any. Mom worried about that until we moved to Clayvern Valley when I was six. I met you there right after your sixth birthday. And that was when my hair started to turn colors."

I first heard the voice right around my sixth birthday. This was too strange to be a coincidence. But I had to wonder if it even mattered in another universe.

Nasira leaned close and smiled lightly, bright colors returning to her hair, inquiring, "Does that help?"

I nodded gently and she kissed me on the cheek. I pieced together that her birth mom had died soon after she was born. But I smiled as she recounted the first day she met me. The joy in her words was undeniable as she skipped over to see me with my head in a book. She said all sorts of silly things to me till I looked up.

I could feel myself in those shoes, but I knew they were not mine. Still, I kept my smile so Nasira wouldn't feel bad.

The stories kept flowing after that. I absorbed her words intently. I giggled more than once. And time flowed by.

Eventually, Nasira noticed the time and frowned. Her hair lost a little luster. "I have to go to my later class. Would you like me to come over after?"

Despite the temptation to say 'yes', I told her I would be fine. She pouted a bit but eventually nodded.

When she was gone, despite the laughter of the Berns at something on TV in the main room, the dorm felt emptier. I looked around. The air register rattled, and I could hear Shawn moving about in the other bedroom.

Quinn returned later. She twirled when she came in. Her voices were really good. Only they were cartoony and "serious" instead of girlish and manly. Having her around helped and made it feel more normal.

After that, nothing changed. Quinn started on her homework, and I considered looking in on mine. Before that, I booted up my computer and did some research.

I learned pretty quickly how babies were made in this world. It sounded so strange to read in a clinical manner, but it seemed to involve an intense, concentrated embrace of nearly an hour. Both parties had to focus their energy on the other and "want" a baby. Both could become pregnant but usually only one did. It seemed related to magical influence but didn't require any particular ability to work.

When the materials came to matters of a 'pleasure coupling' nature, I blushed and clicked away. Still, a small shiver arched down my back like Nasira had just brushed her hands across it.

I checked out some general news after that. New methods of using magic in assisting medical procedures. Law upheld outlining privacy for telepathic reading. A wedding between two actresses.

It all seemed like typical news. I browsed a bit for music. Some of the tunes were familiar, which made listening to them with all-female singers an interesting experience. I noticed some odd pronouns here and there. They seemed to address a spectrum of "girlness" I'd seen around the campus as well.

I gave a little yawn and leaned back. Then, I gazed around the room. It still showed no signs of changing. Same with what I had under my shirt and between my legs.

I plopped back on the bed and scooted up. Quinn glanced around and asked, in a 'normal' girl voice, "Heading to bed already?"

"I dunno. It's just been a long day."

Quinn tried to convince me that a long bath would get rid of any problems. It would be proper care for this temporary body. I released the band around my long hair and scratched at it. I did not look forward to drying hair this full.

I made my way to the mirror, which brought back memories of when I woke up in front of the door. I looked back at my girlish face. I tried relaxing. I tried tensing. I tried all kinds of things till Shawn walked past with her light-stick and eyed me.

My peculiar behavior did give me an idea though. I could learn much about Michelle by looking through all the stuff around. So far as decorations, her area behind the bed had a few animal posters. It was early in the session, so it made sense she didn't have more stuff up yet. While my computer just had some music files and generic links, pulling open drawers revealed that Michelle liked to keep things organized.

She had some minor medications for sleeping but nothing prescription. I was glad there. I didn't want to accidentally kill her because I didn't know what to take when. I smiled at the little bath set she had and her robe decorated with bunnies.

Her selection of clothes didn't look like anything I'd be embarrassed to wear and some of her shirts seemed nice. I did find a diary tucked under a section of papers in one of her drawers. I sized it up but didn't peek.

I took the little bath set and slipped into the bathroom. Once the door was sealed, I felt a nervous shiver go through me. I took a couple breaths and tried not to feel antsy. I pulled my shirt over the top of my head and set it against the wall.

I looked down and saw my bra. It was my favorite color of red. Not knowing what else to do, I adjusted the straps. Next, I unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. My socks soon followed.

Down to my underwear, I fidgeted on what to do next. I reached around back to see what I could do to get the bra off. It took me a moment to realize it opened in the front.

After a few easy touches, it was off and, from there, the rest was easy.

Naked (and a little cold), I looked down at myself. I stepped in place. I grimaced.

I kinda expected some sort of arousal (typically followed by annoyance from the voice…if it was still around). But I stood there and didn't feel anything just looking at myself. I did feel a little stir of gas in my stomach.

Using the toilet didn't do anything for me either.

I pondered it. Maybe I just couldn't separate myself from this form. The more I examined myself, the more traces of my usual body I saw. The breasts didn't do much and my nipples felt a little different (not too sensitive) and were larger but that was it.

I'd been getting used to my groin all day. Now, it felt strange but prodding it didn't trigger anything for me. I half-worried I'd broken it.

The dimensions of it scared me like I'd been wound or cut, but familiarity soon set in.

Since I was getting shaky from the cold, I proceeded with my shower.

Michelle's bath set had more than I knew how to use, but I played around with what there was. I let the water run long and flow over me. That felt nice.

In the warm flow, I imagined Nasira slipping in behind me in the shower because I hadn't locked the bathroom door. Echoes of Nasira's hands made me quake. I felt something like resonance from her presence. Her waves flowed through me in my thoughts.

I could see the perfect moments to follow. I could imagine the next day as I blushed at her smiling visage. I could feel myself getting through the last psychology class of the week with Nasira by my side.

Then the mall, walking among a world of endless girls and not a one of them mattered, because Nasira was my anchor and my sea.

Standing there in the roar of the water, I could sense Nasira right there, around, and within me. I breathed and she breathed with me.

I opened my eyes…

And it was day.

Class. The psychology classroom.

I looked across the room and I saw myself.

My body was on the other side of the room, gazing off as I glanced at him.

*I think he likes you.*

A voice in my head. It didn't sound the same as usual. It sounded different.

If I was there…then that meant…I was Nasira. Nasira

Wait, of course I was Nasira! Arg! What was wrong with my head?! I couldn't lose it this early in the session. I had to keep it together. I could save going nuts for when I had a break time or when I could write it up for class.

*You really need to chill out.*

Be quiet! I have to write. I can't just look at the page like that guy over there. Lucky bugger. Time always time. Time is wasting on writing. I have to get into it.

Wait…what was the writing? Oh no! Already spacing out…dad warned me about this. Focus focus! Check my notes.

I skimmed through them as quickly as possible. Thank goodness I made headers every so often, then put them in bold. I scanned back…

Where Kellemann Brought Up The Anima. Where We Discussed the Psychology of Gender Roles. Where Everyone Is Female.

Huh? That was strange. I had no idea what that header was directed towards. It didn't have anything underneath it or any follow-up notes and I always put follow-up notes. Before the voice could toss in its two-cents of distraction, I found the question and let my heart slow, at least for the moment. I'd eaten up so much time just figuring out the question.

With an efficient strike, I erased the superfluous header "Where Everyone Is Female" and tore into my writing.


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