Sellas's first memories are of a bar. Empty tables, dusty cupboards, a few days alone, and a knight that cuts off her head.

Sufficed to say, there are some issues.

Still, life's not all bad. The knight soon leaves, and every night, the bar restocks its shelves— there's bread, and alcohol, and...

Well, no, that's about it. She'd leave if she could, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

Trapped in a single, open-floorplan room and tethered to a few dozen meters out the door — Sellas waits, lives, and levels.

She is...

The [Barkeeper]

A stand-alone sister story to Tethered

Cover's door is a free-use image by Cullybarbosa on Pixabay

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a bit too early to know the real worth, but it's a promising nugget of precious mineral ^^


The premises : a group of knight kills the barkeep soon after meeting her... while identifying to the reader that the barkeeper is "strange" (no better words to avoid spoiler)..

(and apparently she should deserve to be killed-at-first-sight... even I, as reader, understand that in any situation not involving the fact that the MC is the MC, the knights should act like that).

further exposition shows that the barkeeper is being kept-by-the-bar... and is not as "strange" as the knights seems to think.

The early troubles of a barkeeper, kept in a bar... in a non-bar-friendly-area ... are fun.

Further, the prologue's meeting with the knights shows that it'll not be your usual slive-of-life of a barkeeper in a fantasy land... 

the MC is attaching.. 


some of the expected futures challenges:

- solving mysteries for the reader (I won't give a list... but who leashed her to the bar, why is she leashed to the bar, what is really that bar,  what's expected of her and what's happening are already unsolved questions)

- improving the bar

- getting customers

- improving the bar's menu (is there even one?)

- surviving the next meeting with the knights... or finding ways to away the knights forever...

furball tiger

It's too early to know where this is going/what the author will do with it, but it's interesting and the writing shows promise. 
I was going to say not a lot had happened yet, but that's not true; I was fooled a little by the slice of life presentation. Quite a bit has happened, actually, and a number of mysteries are already apparent. 
I'm mildly curious to see where it goes, but my hopes are high! :)


Off to a good start

Reviewed at: Customers

The story is just getting started but it shows promise. 

The MC is a young woman who runs a mysterious bar in a monster infested Woods.  Won't say much more at this point as it would ruin the first few chapters.

No issues with grammar or spelling so far either.


An immersive story told with a different POV.

Reviewed at: Customers

Good writing, so good that you can picture the scene. Then the MC - she's more than meets the eye - fascinating even with what little backstory she starts with.

And the action keeps coming. You can see the action, somehow. Magic is there.

And read the prologue, you really need to.