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So, I came up with the idea to do these intermissions sometimes... It's basically a full chapter told through the perspective of one of the main characters. They are meant to show more about said characters, their feelings, inner conflicts, so on and so on. I have one intermission for every main character planned, more to come later. They aren't going to be back-to-back though. They will come at the proper time to make it feel interesting and impactful. ( Lowkey, i also get to show you another style of my work. Heh. )  Anyway, enjoy!


This night once more I lay awake, as this burning sensation threatens to consume me. By my side are the twins, the daughters of my mother’s dearest friend. Their naked, quivering bodies lay pressed against my own. Their breathing still ragged, eyes still unfocused, exhausted from all the passions that we just shared. I think that I’m starting to like them. They are ambitious and strong-willed. To even dare try to tempt me… They are either very brave or very stupid. Though I’m inclined to think that they are very brave, since I believe them to be smarter than myself.


Liar.” It called out to me. Something only I could hear, perhaps a figment of my own imagination— birthed from the depths of my ever-increasing insanity.


I try to ignore it. It’s not the time to bother with such things, not while those two girls are still awake. I wonder how things will change once we get married… Heh… Marriage… I never actually thought about it. My older brother already has a bunch of wives, and even my younger brother already has someone he wants to marry… I guess that they will be surprised once they learn of my marriage. Maybe even a bit jealous? I mean… The twins are kind of scrawny, sure. But it’s undeniable that they are extremely beautiful women. They may lack some curves, but their hips still have a nice shape and their faces are to die for. Besides, let’s be real here, they are twins— gorgeous twins. Who wouldn’t want to marry twins?


My hands reach for their heads, as I lightly stroke them. I try to be as delicate as I possibly can, intending for my touch to lull them into sleep. It shouldn’t be a problem for Iris, since she was already half passed out to begin with. But Alice is still rather energetic, perhaps because I didn’t actually go all the way with her. She said she wanted her first time to be special, so we just found other interesting ways for her to join us.


Liar.” It called again. I’m not deaf, you know? Even if you’re not actually here, I can still hear you loud and clear. I just chose not to pay attention, since nothing would change even if I did. Do you really have to keep on insisting? But then again, it happens so often lately that I should already be used to it. Huh? Used to what? What am I even talking about? Who would be calling me in the middle of nowhere?


The two girls finally fell asleep, so I take the opportunity to get out of our improvised bed. It’s just a mattress on the ground, really. Inside our standard-issue camping tent that I bought from a general store in Alcara’s market district. Bruna was the one who chose it. She went out with me in order to buy it, she called it our ‘special date’. Seriously… Even though she’s the older one, she still keeps acting like a spoiled little girl… Not that I will complain, though. Feels kinda weird when she calls me big brother, but she’s so cute that I just let her act the way she wants. Besides, when I was in confinement during my training under the elders of the clan, she was pretty much the only one who came to visit me. I owe her that much.


I put on my trousers and head outside the tent, making absolutely no noise at all. Even if the girls had trained their senses, they would still not have been able to detect my presence as I moved. That’s just how different our skills and experience are. I’m trying to make them exercise and train their bodies to be a little stronger and more aware of their surroundings. Even if they are witches, martial arts and sharper senses always come in handy. What if they are in a situation where they can’t use any spells? Since they are to be my wives, I feel that is my duty to see to it that they are able to defend themselves in any given situation. Well... Maybe I also want them to get a little more muscle so that I can be rougher when we have sex. What can I say? I have a severe domination fetish.


Once I left the tent, what I found out there is exactly what I expected, a wolf, or at least something that looks like one. It’s bigger, about the size of a cow. It’s fur is all mangled up, it’s body covered in wounds— dark tendrils sprouting from it’s insides. It also has no eyes, just two empty sockets that somehow still feel like they’re staring at you. Wait, why did I expect to find it there? I’ve never seen this thing before in my life… I’m feeling kind of weird. My head is throbbing violently.


Liar.” The weird creature said. It’s maw wasn’t actually moving, yet it was unmistakably ‘it’ that was speaking. Like it’s voice resonated without need for actual speech. Telepathy, perhaps? But why even question? It’s just a fucking illusion, something made up by my delirious mind. Or is it?


You’re annoying.” I chastise it. Just when I was finally able to calm down after having some good sex… This bastard had to show up and get me all riled up again. The stench of gore coming from his body reminds me greatly of the many battlefields in which I have fought in the past. Reminiscing about that just… Increases my ‘hunger’. “Why bother me right now? Are you not satisfied feeding of their mana?” I ask, though I know this fucker will likely not answer. But why do I know it? I don’t remember… And what do I mean by ‘feeding of their mana’? That sounds dangerous. Is it the twins’ mana? Those two are my women, you fucker. I won’t allow anyone to feed of them.


Liar.” Yeah, just as I thought… Same shit as always. Obnoxious little fucker. Wait… Always? Have I met it before? Urgh… My head just hurts so much… I can usually take pain well. Hells, I didn’t even blink when I got a bolt through my shoulder! So why is it that a ‘simple’ headache is causing me so much pain?


Yes, I’m a liar.” I move closer to the creature, close enough to touch it if I wanted to. “So what? What am I supposed to do if I do not lie?” I question it once more, already fully aware that it will not answer. Should I just tell them the truth, even though it will not do them any good? But what truth? What the fuck am I talking about? I don’t even feel like it’s myself doing the talking.


Liar” Seriously… This annoying bastard. I grit my teeth as the urge to tear it apart overtakes me. Though I know, from personal experience, that it will not work. It’s not real, so it cannot be destroyed. Unless I destroy myself, that is. But I’m not yet at the point of insanity where I would consider such a ridiculous thing. Ah… I see… I think it might be my bloodline’s curse… I think that I’m going crazy. The Vánagandr, also known as Garm and Fenrir, was originally a mad beast of disaster, after all. So it’s only normal that the ones who inherited it’s bloodline would also lose their mind.


Liar.” Yes, yes… I’m a liar, I know. I’m lying to everyone around me, to everyone I know. I lied to Leila and to Annie when I first met them. I felt nothing towards them back then, and I still feel nothing towards them now. The only reason I helped them the only reason I help women in situations like the one they were in is because someone I once cared about told me that it is the right thing to do. It’s not like I hate them or anything… I honestly feel nothing for them. Wait… That’s not true at all. I really like them. It’s hard to find people that loyal. Annie, in special, is showing astonishing results. Not only is she getting stronger, but also her personality is becoming wicked— just the way I like it.


Liar” Indeed, I’m a liar. I told my sister that I loved her, but in reality I also feel nothing for her. I somewhat believe that I love her, or at least I think I should. She’s my sister, after all. It’s only logical that I should love her, right? So let’s say I do, or at least that I made myself believe that I do. The truth is, the curse of my bloodline has consumed me so deeply that I just see everyone as prey, regardless of who they are. I just want to tear them apart and bathe in their blood, soak in their entrails… Ah… Not good… The hunger… Again… That isn’t right... She’s my sister, I love her. If I love her, I shouldn’t kill her— even though I really do want to tear her apart… No! I love her! She’s precious to me! I would never want to kill her!


Liar.” I told her that I would find us a place to start over, a new place for us to call home. It’s the truth, I intend to keep my promise— no matter how long it takes. It’s just… I don’t think that I’m gonna be able to stay and be with her in this new home. I told her that I wanted to leave behind all the hatred and resentment, but I can’t. The hatred and the desire for vengeance are the only genuine feelings I think I have left inside me. It’s not for myself, really. I don’t actually give a shit that they took me from my family when I was still five years old, nor that they raised me inhumanely, like a tool of war. What I want is revenge for someone else. Someone they took away from me, someone I cared about deeply.


Liar.” Yes… I also lied to the twins. I told them that in exchange for borrowing their powers I would help them rebuild their family… I don’t really mind it, If that’s what they want. I will provide whatever help and funds they need to achieve their ambitions, but… I don’t think any of that will matter in the end. I intend to put down every single witch there is, that includes those that are close to me— even those that I love and call family. Ah… Things would be so much easier if I could actually fall in love with them and let go of my hatred… But even with their darkness feeding this accursed beast, it’s still not enough. Like medicine that is overused, the soothing effect of their mana grows weak. The hunger is back… Be it lust or violence, the hunger has to be sated.


Liar.” I think the biggest lies of them all are the ones that I tell myself. At this point… I don’t even think that I’m ‘me’ anymore. Steinar is not here… I think that I’m becoming the beast. I think that this annoying monstrosity, that stands in front of me— incessantly calling me a liar, is actually my very own self. I’m starting to forget… I’m being consumed by the cursed bloodline… Yet, I feel nothing. I’m not afraid that I’m ceasing to be myself, nor am I afraid of the convoluted thoughts that fill my head. Why do I want to kill the witches? I don’t really know. I think I want to take revenge? But revenge for what? I think… They took someone away from me? Someone I really cared about, though I can’t really tell who it is, since I don’t remember. Or perhaps I do? I can’t tell… That hateful goddess of lightning… Goddess? What the fuck does a goddess have to do with witches? Whenever I try to think about it, my head gets really weird. It starts hurting so much that I feel like I’m dying.


I don’t really care about anyone, and most of what I feel by now is just instinct. I heard that everyone else that had this cursed bloodline— no matter how strong they were— went mad and had to be put down to prevent a catastrophe from happening. I think it’s happening to me… I’m talking to some monstrosity that doesn’t exist and thinking of murdering the people that I should care about, all in the name of revenge. Revenge for someone I don’t even know if actually existed. If the clan finds out about it, they might send out someone to deal with me… That’s why I want to take them down first. Wait, wasn’t it for revenge? No, that’s not right… I just want to free myself from the damn elders.


Liar.” Ah… Bruna… I need you. I really do need you. I meant it when I told to you to stay by my side. I really, really need you. It was a bad idea to leave you behind. Something is wrong with me… Something is wrong with the world. I think… That the harbinger is already at work. We’re entering a new age of darkness, and that is making my bloodline go crazy.


Jörmungadr… Mine own lief jörmungadr… I shall take revenge for thee. Words unconsciously leave my mouth, words that I do not know— that I cannot tell the meaning behind. “No matter the passing of the ages, I shall take revenge for thee. That I swear.”


Liar.” The creature once more called me a liar, then it just vanished in the blink of an eye. Wait… What was I doing again? I think I was talking to someone… But who? Weird… I thought that those lapses of memory had stopped now that the mana of the twins was suppressing my bloodline. ThisKind of worries me. I’m afraid that if things keep going like that I might end up hurting the people that I care about. Once we’re back from the swamp I better send Leila and Annie away. Though I have trained them, they’re still the weakest of the bunch. I really like them, so I don’t want to end up losing them. Once I find a new home for us, I want them there, by our side. I feel like they are loyal and I can really trust them, people like that are hard to come by. Plus, the twins also seem to like them— or so I believe.


I heave a sigh while gazing towards the moonlit sky. I don’t usually sigh, that’s highly unnatural behavior for me. But then again, the whole situation right now is extremely unnatural as well. In any case It’s cold. Even though my body is strong enough that I could just ignore the weather, I would still prefer to stay warm, if at all possible. Without giving much though as to why I was outside, I head back inside the tent. Tomorrow afternoon we should be arriving at a village next to the Sunless Swamp. Things are about to get hectic… I just hope everything works out in the end.


End of Intermission: Liar.


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