The World-ruling Dungeon

The World-ruling Dungeon

by DarkGodEM

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

"Let me check real quick if I got what you said... Not only I'll be stuck forever in a cave because I'll become immortal, I won't have any contact with humans and if someone hits me hard enough I die for good? Are you mental?"
"Nah, that's pretty much it, good luck. See you again when you die."
"You fucking assh-.."

Yelp. Now I'm stuck in this dungeon forever, what the heck is there to do here?

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2nd Anniversary
Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
81 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch 1 – I almost banged a married goddess ago
Ch 2 – The fucking Goblin did what? ago
Ch 3 – First Battle… Short Battle ago
Ch 4 – A weird hug and good snacks ago
Ch 5 – When I die , I respawn? ago
Ch 6 – We went camping? Inside of course. ago
Ch 7 – Horny girls = more power? (16+) ago
Ch 8 – First Expansion and a jealous assistant ago
Ch 9 – Thanks for the meal ago
Ch 10 – A vixen is a vixen (Part 1 – 16+) ago
Ch 11 – A vixen is a vixen (Part 2 – 16+) ago
Ch 12 – The Mercenaries ago
Ch 13 – Preparations and EP Gathering (Part 1 – 18+) ago
Ch 14 – Preparations and EP Gathering (Part 2 – 18+) ago
Ch 15 – Preparations over a bowl of soup ago
Ch 16 – The fox’s intentions (18+) ago
Ch 17 – Can your sister see us doing the thing? ago
Ch 18 – The degenerate loli and the stepdad. ago
Ch 19 – My little pogchamp ago
Ch 20 – The forest shakes ago
Ch 21 – The village near the forest ago
Ch 22 – They arrived ago
Ch 23 – Glory’s hole ago
Ch 24 – I’m in VR baby! ago
Ch 25 – The commander of Hordes ago
Ch 26 – The former princess of Kaimon ago
Ch 27 – Legendary Skill? ago
Ch 28 – This ain’t no fucking cave! ago
Ch 29 – Our merciful God ago
Ch 30 – Too many inputs ago
Ch 31 – The Seven Greater Gods ago
Ch 32 – Power Leveling? ago
Ch 33 – He dead bro ago
Ch 34 – Skull Cracking ago
Ch 35 – The dilemma ago
Ch 36 – Swallowed alive ago
Ch 37 – Mihara's trial ago
Ch 38 – New named dungeon monster: Mihara ago
Ch 39 – Insect Hell ago
Ch 40 – Torturer ago
Ch 41 – I'd rather die ago
Ch 42 – Promotion, camp and sneaky goblins ago
Ch 43 – A secret pathway ago
Ch 44 – Tell me more ago
Ch 45 – Modus Goblinoid ago
Ch 46 - In the end... the same ago
Ch 47 – Clueless ago
Ch 48 – Wraith ago
Ch 49 – The Army moves ago
Ch 50 – About naivety ago
Ch 51 – Target Acquired ago
Ch 52 – Too much happening ago
Ch 53 – One's Redemption ago
Ch 54 – Rage and Regret ago
Ch 55 – Mihara's demise ago
Ch 56 – The end ago
Ch 57 – A new start ago
Ch 58 – Straight out of Nowhere ago
Ch 59 – I'm a God now? ago
Announcement! ago
Ch 60 – System Overhaul ago
Ch 61 – Resolutions ago
Ch 62 - Mihara's yandere side ago
Ch 63 - As subtle as a sledgehammer ago
Ch 64 - Completely Unskilled ago
Ch 65 - I'm under questioning... ago
Ch 66 - Chained Elephant ago
Ch 67 - An expensive choice ago
Ch 68 – Why do you care? ago
Ch 69 – Goblin Diplomat ago
Ch 70 - The Usurper King ago
One F*cking Year! [Commissions] ago
Ch 71 - Naming and Bonding ago
Ch 72 - Strategy Meeting ago
Ch 73 - The 7's Assembly ago
Ch 74 - Attempted Murder ago
Ch 75 - Facing it out ago
Ch 76 - Local God ago
End of Hiatus and Patreon Recompensation Announcement ago
Ch 77 - A new threat ago
Ch 78 - Congratulations, Sir Stupid ago

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The time spent on MC flirting with his harem and excessive showcases of antagonists evil and cruelty leaves room for little else. The plot flows as slow as molasses and I just don't give a damn about what feels like entire sub-arcs of self-insert sexual fantasies.

UPDATE: After a while the focus does shift back to dungeon management (almost immediately after the chapter I wrote the original review actually, what timing!) and fighting intruders and you know, actual plot. There is still some flirting and such going on, but for now at least the plot is back to being the primary focus. 

The grammar is fine and some decent character development does somehow get done amidst all that..

Zenopath (AEV)

Pretty standard MC harembuilder but he's a core.

Reviewed at: Ch 6 – We went camping? Inside of course.

I think if you skip the prolog that is actually a piece of chapter 2 used like a trailer? The story makes a lot more sense. Then you kinda need to fill in a lot of gaps because the author is light on description, instead relying entirely on what MC is thinking and saying without much explanation. After that if you like the snarky assholish MC personality type with the "instant harem" subtrope you might find enjoyment here. I'm giving this 4 stars because its not as bad as I expected, but not great either.


Honestly an overall pretty good story however there's ALOT of spelling errors and occasionally it's hard to keep track of who's saying what and what's going on. I think I could give this 5 stars if more detail was put in as the concept and storyline are very good. Additionally if the author took more time to go over and check for spelling errors it'd be even better


The typical Isekai as a dungeon core, with a MC that gain a body only he get points not by killing but with sex. Entertaining enough and changing a little the typical Dungeon Core story.

With a system managed by a loli godess that get jealous, it's interestesting while being Good Enough, need more chapter before judging if the story is bad or not but if you want a couple of laughs and entertain yourself, this is a good story.


Honestly, this is just bad. The prose reads like a bad light novel, the premise is virtually non-existent and the sexual aspects are cringe-worthy. The mc doesn't have any goals at all. The plot, if you could call it that, just sort of happens to him. He doesn't like being a core but doesn't even express some kind of desire to change this. I wanted to like this going in but it just doesn't work.

Jeff O'Brien

A fun romp with a evil antagonist and a fun mc who became a sex dungeon...depending on what happens with this dungeon specialization this fic can go from "pretty good i look forward to new chapters" to "holy carp this fishtion is totally insane!!!!" Lets fund this crazy dude on patreon with monopoly money!!!


Harem with some stuff I just couldn't get over

Reviewed at: Ch 24 – I’m in VR baby!

It's a harem dungeon core story. Random events plot, dull premise, bad MC.. although what really bothered my SJW self was the MC's problematic comments. For example, in one chapter he mentions "my inner Jew cheered" because he got the chance to make a lot of currency.

Not to mention using the f-word (no, not that one, the gay one) and the author justified it by saying that he's an a-hole and he will say such things. However I disagree and even if you're writing about a dark/antihero MC, I would avoid outright antisemitism and homophobia.