The Edge of Endless

The Edge of Endless

by FinalFloorBoss

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Due to some unforseen and significant life events, this story will be on hiatus for a time.

Reborn into a strange but familiar world, Alex makes it his mission to uncover the mysteries of governments, gods, and the arcane realm known only (and inaccurately) as the Unending Depths. Slowly but surely, he grows in ability and meets new and interesting people.

tEoE is an epic fantasy LitRPG with a focus on plot, writing, and hopefully original twists on the standard formula of 'MC picks cool class, levels up'. Give it a read if any of the following appeals to you:

> 3000-5000 words per chapter, chapters released at least once per week, usually several times. Expect good grammar.

> Story focus on illusions, secrets, and traps (along with the usual combat and character stuff).

> Progression fantasy, but one where progress is meant to feel earned, moderately paced, and reasonable. Some advantages, but not big, unfair ones.

> If a random reader can work out that putting a big rock in a bag of holding, lifting it, and then dropping the rock is free energy, then so could an adventurer who's owned a bag of holding for twenty years. Side characters have brains too.

> Blue boxes! Levels! [Classes]! [Skills]! Loot!

> No uncomfortable sexist undertones. Ambivalent about including relationships. Definitely no harems.

There are a number of arcs planned and this will be ongoing for some time. I am very appreciative of the kind reviews and comments left so far.

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A colon is a dirty thing

Reviewed at: 10. Batter Up

This is a personal bugbear: I hate bragging before the deed or is it people who take themselves very seriously, I forget.

The synopsis is braggy. It is actually not a synopsis, it is a party political broadcast. I particularly dislike 'strong grasp on English language' followed by bullet points that cannot decide whether they are sentences or bullet points. Why invite people to nitpick? Leave the meta shit and dazzle with your writing. To be fair, that is solid, but nothing more. The system seems interesting but I don't know whether to giggle or groan over the 'no plot armour'.  I need to learn to agree to disagree, I need to learn to agree ... - no I don't. 

There is quite a reasonable chance that this will turn into something interesting, it is not there yet. 

Lots of commas here, lots, , , - I hear the semicolons cry.

Dark Jester

I feel like given that this author specifically stated that the MC would not get hand outs and progression would be earned it was a bit odd that right from character creation he seemed to be getting rare/unique rewards for basically messing around and not taking it very seriously.

I do appreciate the author's attempts to flesh out the MC, but so far he feels like a relatively generic minmaxing munchkin. 

Overall it wasnt terrible, but i couldnt really get into it. The pacing is a little too plodding for me and i didn't feel much connection to the MC.



A review of the actual story if you're interested.

Reviewed at: 12. Preparations

So far this story is still in its infant stages, and as such issues or problems with pacing and or a lack of characters are to be somewhat understandable. It's still stretching it's wings so to speak. 

What we DO have is a generally above average Isekai/LitRPG. The MC could use some more depth, and i was a bit thrown by the rate he seems to walk off the shock of the pretty horrific first chapter or two, yet there are moments that redeem him and humanize him. To early to have much to say about the side characters but they feel memorable for the moment. 

Grammer, spelling and general sentance structure is perfectly acceptable. This author is able to write a readable novel. Thumbs up.

Somewhat suprisingly there has been a grand total of 0 combat in the first 12 chapters. I was personally pleased. The author is clearly more interested in setting up the foundations of his world and story than he is in being flashy or 'keeping things cool'. If you're a guy who prefers stories that actually take an interest in the world they happen in, I'd recommend you give this a try. Considering the short amount of content we have, I already have a better grasp of this world and it's society and even politics than a fair number of much lengthier and much shittier other Isekai's. 

Essentially i'd say this is worth following for now, though I have some actual hope that i'll end up favouriting sooner rather than later. 

TLDR the 4/5 is because I like what i've been given so far, but it just needs more before I can happily rate it as a truly good story. Nobody rates the blurb on a paperback novel before having read the prologue, so people on RR should show some bloody patience before reviewing a novel into the dirt. 


Not really great. Review at chapter 12.

Reviewed at: 12. Preparations

The story is pretty meh.  Nothing really special, neither good, nor bad.  Dude wakes up in new world, goes through trial and testing, hijinx ensue.  Doesn't seem very likable or hatable character. Just rather meh.  Your basic - I'm in a fantasy world so NOW i will work to achieve POWER because, ya know, you can't actually work to achieve power in this world, and having access to a status screen changes that.


Style isn't anything amazing.  It gets the job done and the story across.  

Grammar and spelling could be improved, but not as bad as some.  Often homonyms seem to be mixed - precession instead of procession.  It's understandable at least.  

Story.  Not sure there really is one.  Right now the main character is being pushed from one thing to another with no real choice.  And although you get some of his thoughts, it's just not very interesting to see the author try to create a clever person taking advantage of the situations when the character isn't acting.


Character: I've seen worse.  So far, the main character is your basic teenager but, oh wait, he's really smart.  And clever.  And figures things out because reasons.  And does research (which is actually a thing I liked seeing) except other folks evidently don't?  As of chapter 12, no actual development and the story puts him in situations where he doesn't actually make choices.  He's just caught up in situations, trying to make the best of them.  To start, he gets put into a trial to heal him while he's unconsious.  Then, he's put on trial.  Now he's being sent off to a dungeon delve.  No choice, just has to do it.  No other character is being explored in any meaningful way nor are there any relationships.


If you have spare time, there are worse stories, but this isn't sleeper hit yet.


Story is good, the synopsis is bullsh*t | EDITED

Reviewed at: 12. Preparations

First, this review is mostly rewritten, as it contained some unjustified ranting based on 1 small part of the synopsis.

The story is good so far. Not the best I have read here, but it is a solid start. 

Still if you make a statement like this:
"If a random reader can work out that putting a big rock in a bag of holding, lifting it, and then dropping the rock is free energy, then so could an adventurer who's owned a bag of holding for twenty years. Side characters have brains too."
I will have unreasonably high expectations for the story.

And yet just like in most stories here on RR, logic goes out the window for some time, so we can have a setting with a clueless MC, uninformed side-characters, all for the sake of an overall "air of mystery".
(which IS a hard to avoid problem of the genre this early, but after that synopsys, it bothers me too much) 

(deleted part as I realised it was highly unjustiefied)

Most elements that get overlooked becuse you know, the plot needs it be overlooked:
- the papers were the most important clues about him, but not one word of them during the interrogation?
-not looking into why he was so heavily injuried?
-not checking the stats of a complete newcomer, right before one of the most important events of the year, where they will have to take him with them? (while he is deeply indebted to them after getting saved)

I just hope stuff like this won't be repeated.

Mind that, these are small illogocal events that could be attributed to the coming events, and I would not even mention them if I would not have been specificly told that things like this will not happen here.

What I failed to expend on is that, other than the 1 ( for me) upsetting part of the blurb, this is way above average in both the quality of the writing, and originality compared to similar stories.
There are some too hard to dodge tropes related to the "startingtown", but they are inherent parts of a progression story, making a setting for the MC to grow.

Whether the author walks the walk, or just talks the talk will turn out in the coming chapters. It is an interesting story, worth following.

Still my hatred for hypocricy does not let me give it due 4,5 starts 

In short: Good, but not as great as it claimes to be (so far), -1 star for the hypocrisy in the synopsis. 

P.S: After reading the other reviews I feel that the high number of reviews and the reactions to them, are partly due to the often mentioned conflict between the story and the synopsis, but it sure made me pay way more attention to the story than I usually would 

hakatri gin

A standard execution so far, with promise for more

Reviewed at: 14. Boss Music

At chapter 14 the story does nothing really wrong and the setting and build up its pretty decent, but i wonder if this will keep up going forward

To put it simply, the system is kind of slow for people to make progress so it will require plenty of time skips, but so far the time progression its pretty linear, i mean, its chapter 14 and the MC is just about to get his first attack skill, this feels like a slow approach on a world that requires speed

There is also the fact that people rely on dungeon drops a little too much and i dont see any indication of the MC using the cheats of common knowledge to improve his resources via crafting and industry, so i fear the story may get stuck in regular delving on a setting where regular delving is so slow

I really hope the MC starts abusing his skills or knowledge in the near future, or we get sometime skips because this story is on the verge of losing momentum

Lets wait and see

hoduka dakokty

Well worth reading for a fun time with great characters and excellent pacing. This story really captures the wondrous curiosity of a new world. All the characters feel very real and all the motivations and actions make sense. It really balances having fun exciting moments without needing anyone to hold the idiot ball. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this tale goes next.


Often when I read stories with themes of transmigration stories into LITRPG fantasy worlds there comes a point where the MC leave the tutorial and must needs integrate with this new society that is around them, and I will find what I call a 'readers wall'. The plot takes sudden changes other than surviving and having fun getting used to the system, and the whole flow of the narrative changes, leading to me losing interest even though I was hooked well in the beginning. Here though, the Author did well at blending the flow of narritive and slowly introducing the plot while the MC was still going through his 'tutorial', and I greatly enjoyed it and find myself looking forward to more.


Not quite sure why so many people hate the story, even downvoting good reviews.

This far, there hasn't been as much development/ fleshing out/ world building but what is there is clear, doesn't come off as a block of uninteresting test or anything like that which is a good sign. 

Synopsis was a little extra based on how much I've read already but not the worst I've seen. Even the fault other reviewers had with the skill received were a little unfounded in my opinion.

Writing style and grammar definitely some of the best. Though, that is coming off of trying multiple badly written books that either have horrific grammar, horrendous basic plot, perverted wish fulfillment or morph the plot into some unrecognizable op p**** slayer.

Think it's great so far and hope the writer stays consistent. 




At the time of this review, this story is #5 on trending, so I guess the author is doing something right.

However, I can't help but feel that it needs something more.

For the duration of the 0th-floor trial - up to chapter 7 - the MC is isolated. He isn't interacting with anyone. To be fair the author does show a few cameos of what's happening outside the trial, but it isn't enough.

The reason it isn't enough is that the 0th-floor trial isn't engaging.

There is no sense of pressure or urgency. Alex takes his time trying to find exploits, even though he is warned that the healing pool will only last 3 days. When the 3 days pass and the healing pool is gone, it doesn't merit any reaction from him.

This story is good but it needs more tension (stakes) and character interaction (only 4 chapters of that so far).

Edit: There is now character interaction which has resulted in tension, but it is in the comments under the latest chapter (#15 - Missiles and mirages). MC seems to be holding an idiot ball. The Author promised earned progression, so I hope MC gets real consequences, for the idiocy, to make the idiot ball tolerable. The actual story is still missing tension and stakes.

I plan to continue reading for at least a few more chapters. If it improves, I'll revise the rating.