Everyone's Lv Zero

by Underload

Time swallows everything.

When monsters disappeared from the world Jamaya, the average level of people dropped until it reached zero. The knowledge of levels was eventually forgotten, but the stats remained, shackling the people and their strengths. The classes disappeared and Professional jobs became harder to acquire. Artifacts became trash and materials lost their value. Empires fell and hard times befell the people, but they continued striving forward

Eventually, hope was found in the form of skills that could be acquired by strengthening the physical, and the mental attributes to a certain threshold. Jobs became acquirable again, but not all was well. The shackles were still there, hard capping the strength one could achieve.

Naturally, jobs associated with physical attributes mainly, blacksmithing, tailoring, hunting, and soldering grew in popularity, while those associated with the mental attributes lost value.

Born in this kind of discriminating environment, Mannat, who had exceptional mental attributes compared to even adults, found living tough. boys his age called him a little freak, while the adults whispered behind his back. his parents loved him unconditionally, but he knew they feared for his wellbeing.

However, oblivious to everyone, the illusion of peace everyone took lightly had already been shattered by a force in the shadows. Now it was only a matter of time before the need for those like the green-eyed boy, the heir of mana, would arise again. 

But would the boy help them?

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A novel with a good Potential back drop. Writing is good, but sometimes it feels too much slice of life. Author needs to pick up the pace a little and deliver solid plots to top trending. With adventure and fantasy tags, the current pace isn't nearly enough. And expecting world building more in future chapters.


The story has progressed at a steady clip so far. The characters are very well fleshed out and have proper motivation for all their actions and deeds.

The children behave childishly and the adults behave the way they should. This may not sound important but the number of stories spoiled by children behaving like adults and vice versa are really common. So a thumbs up for that.

The character is not power hungry or OP. Again a plus point.

The grammar and sentence structure does not have any major problems. Could use a comb over.

All in all a very nice addition to RR.

To Underload - Please continue to write and I will continue to read.

Thanks for writing.😁

PS - Nice to see an author from India (or maybe Indian origin) writing quality work.




The writing itself is fine, but the story promises magic. I'm on chapter 12, or 190+ pages according to RR and so far the main character can do nothing, has no magic, is still under 10 years old, and I'm bored. 150 pages should be cut out of this so far. It feels like nearly an entire book that is just the prologue. Nothing of import has happened, two time skips have happened, and still the MC is useless and hasn't unlocked his skills. Giant disappointment.


Very good characters, and i especially like Mannat. He's quite the likeable MC.

Grammar is pretty bad in some places, but mostly understandable, which will problably get fixed later, i hope so at least.

The story is a bit lacking, as no world-building has been established at the time of my review, which isn't a big problem as the story is just starting, but i'd appreciate to know more about the village and how it works / the towns surrounding it.

The Witch seems like an intresting character, hopefully she will be well written in the following chapters.

The thing with the mom made me cry a bit, very well written!

Underload, you have my thanks for posting such a good story on RR! Keep going man, your book so far is very intresting, and it totally deserves its place in trending!

I'll continue reading whatever you post, so keep going! I'd hate such a good story ending with only the first book, so know that you have my support!

Thanks for writing!

(BTW sorry for misspelling some words, english is not my first language)

( these are just some words to fill up the 200 word minimum )


Jack DeGuerre

So far I thoroughly enjoy the concept, the character Mannat is interesting.  The side toons are so so, but I'll definitely keep reading.  The author could use some editing, but frankly I doubt any author on RR has a designated editor.  As a reader if my choice is faster chapters or better editing, bring on them chapters!


I read a lot of webnovels and lightnovels, we all know how cliche or stupid a lot can be. Give this story a try because in my opinion its solid gold.

I prefer story that take things a little slow because there is actual development(usually) and this blurb here is to get the 50 word review requirements, but I'm usually reading wuxia, solo leveling types, or the copy and paste romances.

Lokan Marsland

Interesting system involved, I personally haven't seen one implemented this way yet. The author has made me care about the characters which is important in the slower beginning. It makes my day just that little bit better when I see a new chapter. I'm excited for where the story will go.


So far the novel has been amazing, the grammar impeccable with only one error found in 120+  pages available, and the characters believable with real emotions and drives.

The character isn't op in however he possesses a unique trait that makes him stand out from all the other side characters. The novel is a slow burn as there has been no action thus far but this isn't a bad thing as I have enjoyed the current chapters.

I recommend this novel and hope the author continues to work on this novel with the same competence as he has done for thus chapters.


Biggest plus point is that you can really feel the world.

MC feels autenthic, the world feels alive and real.

The interactions of the different character are VERY believable.

I would have liked the author to dive into the system mechanics more, so far it is a very good novel with very very very few system mentioning.


5 stars for the first 6 chap, gonna update if it gets worse



The story is a litRPG low fantasy (as of now) and focuses on a village boy called Mannat and his adventures. 

Style: The prose is above average considering RR and the writing is from third person which is a welcome change. The plus point is that there is no loss of emotions even while in third person which is usually not the case in RR. Character expressions and inner turmoil are drawn out pretty well. Can improve with time and experience. Paragraphs are on the short side and the chapter length is not consistent throughout. The pace is slow, and sometimes too slow, but doesn't get boring.

Story: Very good. Village life is captured in all its beauty and its simplicity. The simplicity part becoming evident from chapter 11. The initial setting is good, with the synopsis actually being the prologue. Could be developed in later chapters for better world building imo. The world building has just started and we already know that some form of townships exist, but it hasn't been mentioned. Also, traders/merchants were mentioned and skipped. Might be because of the MC being a child and isn't capable of knowing, but it would give a completeness to the village life.

Grammar: Can improve, however the errors aren't glaring or annoying. You may even miss the errors if you are skimming. 

Characters: Well fleshed out, has development. Parents behave like parents and children behave like children. Even the supposedly adult MC is just a smart child. Kudos to the author. The slow pace contributes to the development, but just of the MC and friends. Other characters could be mentioned more and the pace must improve.