The Lucky Dungeon Diver

by UsernamePending

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The dungeon. Traps and monsters. Those who can successfully clear a few floors can make enough riches to live their whole lives lavishly. But, just as many attempt to climb higher, losing their lives in the process. No one has reached the top. Veteran explorers say that success in the dungeon is basically up to luck. But no one has been truly lucky-yet. This is the story of James Lu, a regular person –no, a worse than average person– that still became a dungeon explorer – through nothing but luck.

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Word Count (VII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Card ago
Chapter 2 - The Dungeon ago
Chapter 3 - Stats ago
Chapter 4 - Goblins ago
Chapter 5 - Happy Accident ago
Chapter 6 - Mango Potion ago
Chapter 7 - Orb of Strength ago
Chapter 8 - Goblins are Weak? ago
Chapter 9 - Mini-Boss Battle! ago
Chapter 10 - 1st Floor Cleared! ago
Chapter 11 - Adios Announcer Woman ago
Chapter 12 - Dungeon Shop ago
Chapter 13 - Advice from Mike ago
Chapter 14 - Dungeon Diving Take 2 ago
Chapter 15 - Teaching the Mini-Boss a Lesson ago
Chapter 16 - The New Explorer ago
Chapter 17 - Idiotic Friends ago
Chapter 18 - Speedrunning Strats ago
Chapter 19 - Projectile Vial ago
Chapter 20 - Meeting New Explorers ago
Chapter 21 - Stat Anomaly Part 1 ago
Chapter 22 - Stat Anomaly Part 2 ago
Chapter 23 - The Results of One Week ago
Chapter 24 - Hermes' Kicks ago
Chapter 25 - Mo's Mixtape ago
Chapter 26 - Brain is Asleep ago
Chapter 27 - Oregon Camping Trip (1) ago
Chapter 28 - Oregon Camping Trip (2) ago
Chapter 29 - Oregon Camping Trip (3) ago
Chapter 30 - Troubled Hikers ago
Chapter 31 - Demon Bear ago
Chapter 32 - Backhanded Bear Punch ago
Chapter 33 - Dreams of Demons and Gods ago
Chapter 34 - Ayla ago
Chapter 35 - Updated Status ago
Chapter 36 - I'm on TV?! ago
Chapter 37 - Choosing a Reward ago
Chapter 38 - Holy Beanie ago
Chapter 39 - Hungry Hungry Bear ago
Chapter 40 - Time for an Interview ago
Chapter 41 - A Successful Interview ago
Chapter 42 - Leonardo the Bear ago
Chapter 43 - Handicapped by Day, Bloodthirsty by Night (1) ago
Chapter 44- Handicapped by Day, Bloodthirsty by Night ago
Chapter 45 - Dwarfed by Titans ago
Chapter 46 - 2nd Floor Prep ago
Chapter 47 - The 2nd Floor (1) ago
Chapter 48 - The 2nd Floor (2) ago
Chapter 49 - The 2nd Floor (3) ago
Chapter 50 - 2nd Floor Clear ago
Chapter 51 - Where's My Relic?! ago
Chapter 52 - It Will Be Fun ago
Chapter 53 - Incoming Danger ago

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Concept is cool but the story is bad.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8 - Goblins are Weak?

Geez this is bad. It's sad because the concept is actually quite nice. It's like "Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society" mixed with "I am only level 1". Where the MC goes through a dungeon and get stuff from it to sell for cash. But the MC has max luck stat. 

This all sounds good but then you add a dumb as brick MC with poorly writen Luck based plot armor and the story turns to trash. I didn't get far so I don't know if it gets better but I refuse to read about a MC who can't even understand the concept of "this goblin is 10 times stronger than you" but still goes to attack it... WTF?

But don't worry because his luck stat is so hight that the goblin trips over himself and stabs itself in the head killing it. That sounds a lot more fun than what was writen. Which is a bad thing.


I'm basing this review off of writing style alone, although I don't expect the characters or plot to be much better. The writing is simply bad. The clearest example of which is the dialouge. The author places the names of the speaker in parentheses after each line they speak. The whole first chapter is poorly done and I'd recommend the author read some professional works to imitate before trying again.


Enjoyable if overly familiar story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - Meeting New Explorers

Overall enjoy the story.  Writing isnt greatest but find the story interesting and fun.  Do feel like i have read this story before though, but have read so many that may just be some simular enough things happening that feels very familiar.  

Like the way that the luck is brough into play, but feel like with the stats still being way lower than a 5 years olds still for health speed and endurace, he should be having a way harder time than he is.  I mean average is supposed to be 25 strength for an adult, and 10-15 for a 10 year old, but he is at 2 for everything but strength and is basically walking through goblins.  Still written interesting enough for me to enjoy the story even if it doesnt appear to be following its own rules.

John Dovey

I'm really enjoying this story. So far it's pretty standard dungeon clearing, but there are hints of other interesting complications to come. Some of the wrinkles in this world are pretty unique too, such as people visiting the dungeons in their dreams rather than being "isekai'd" or using VR tech. The idea of earning money for the real world in the dungeon is also pretty cool.


The technical issues with the writing, and there are plenty, do interfere with the suspension of disbelief, but any regular reader of stories on this site should be an expert already in ignoring those issues and focusing on enjoying the story for what it is. I certainly am, and the story is worth the effort.


I'm loving this story.  It dangles the tropes in my face and I am always wrong in what is going to happen.  My hypothesis only last about 3 chapters before it gets dumped on it's head.  I'm looking forward to what is going to happen next.

The writing isn't the strongest and the base concept is old hat.  The twists and turns aren't mind blowing, but it is keeping me hooked.  Give it a try.

Reader of Books

Ok, first of all, this is my first review, so it may not be a work of art.

This book starts off with our MC, James Lu, coming across a transparent, blue, credit card sized, rectangle. He picks it up in curiosity, then promptly forgets about it. I'll leave the rest of that part unknown, but basically, it's a litrpg that he and some other people on earth are selected to play in their sleep. I love it so far, and as of now, the author releases pretty often.

P.S. I'm not really a grammar guy, so I can't really see any issues with grammar even if there is any. So I don't know what to think about the grammar. I like the book, and that's what matters.