A Herald for Spirits

A Herald for Spirits

by Anthony Szide

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

While on Earth, the Church secretly battles over the planet's destiny with multiple other factions; Gabriel was just delivering pizzas when he ended up in a battle among creatures that defied logic.

Sure, he thought, who doesn't love pizza? But do angels, demons, and big ass wolves eat pizza as well?

Gabriel was paid for his delivery, but the payment he got wasn't exactly what he hoped for, because for all his efforts, the man was rewarded with a lizard... and a world expecting a little too much from him than he was comfortable with.

Gabe will find himself in a different world, a world from which all Earth's current problems stem and a world to which he has more ties than he was ever told.

Will Gabriel and his lizard survive in a world so hell-bent on getting them to follow its rules, or will they die defying them? Follow their adventures on Alter, where elves, dwarves, orcs, and many more races share their existence with those of Spirits. Whether they like it or not.

Release days: once a week. 

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Anthony Szide

Anthony Szide

King of Stuffed Pancakes

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Map of Alter ago
Chapter 1: Of Angels, Demons, and Beasts ago
Chapter 2: The Testing ago
Chapter 3: The Den ago
Chapter 4: The Cradle ago
Chapter 5: Verdant Fields ago
Chapter 6: This is becoming a trend ago
Chapter 7: Faces in the dark ago
Chapter 8: Like a beast ago
Chapter 9: Level up ago
Chapter 10: Newcomer or returnee? ago
Chapter 11: Tailing Shadow ago
Chapter 12: Crisis ago
Chapter 13: Herald indeed ago
Chapter 14: Leap of faith ago
Chapter 15: Hellscape ago
Chapter 16: Consequences ago
Chapter 17: The only one you'll ever need ago
Chapter 18: Martial Arts ago
Chapter 19: S&M ago
Chapter 20: Guardian ago
Chapter 21: Setting up for a blossoming future ago
Chapter 22: At edges of The Expanse ago
Chapter 23: Dragon hunting? ago
Chapter 24: Tsk... Giants ago
Chapter 25: Kancel ago
Chapter 26: Passing through Kanceldom ago
Chapter 27: Turtle Island ago
Chapter 28: Adventure in the Plains ago
Chapter 29: Mobbing ago
Chapter 30: New Faces ago
Chapter 31: Built to Fly ago
Chapter 32: Out of the blue ago
Chapter 33: A journey to Valhalla ago
Chapter 34: The Challenge ago
Chapter 35: New and improved ago
Chapter 36: Turtle Island Challenge - I Part ago
Chapter 37: Turtle Island Challenge - II Part ago
Chapter 38: Turtle Island Challenge - III Part ago
Chapter 39: The Training, Phase one ago
Chapter 40: The Training, Mind Games ago
Chapter 41: The Training, Epiphany ago
Chapter 42: The Training, Affinity ago
Chapter 43: The Training, Corruption ago
Chapter 44: The Training, It ends where it begins ago
Chapter 45: The Training, Phase Two ago
Chapter 46: The Training, Fear the Plague ago
Chapter 47: The Training, Where to even begin ago
Chapter 48: The Training, Vengeance ago
Chapter 49: The Training, The wrath element ago
Chapter 50: The Training, It's all about will ago
Chapter 51: The Training, Enter the Glory ago
Chapter 52: The Training, Revelation ago
Chapter 53: Free at last ago
Chapter 54: Chaos ago
Chapter 55: Face to Face - I Part ago
Chapter 56: Face to Face - II Part ago
Chapter 57: Face to Face - III Part ago
Chapter 58: Face to Face - IV Part ago
Chapter 59: Evolution 1 ago
Chapter 60: Evolution 2 ago
Chapter 61: Dungeon Shift ago
Chapter 62: The sleeping beauty ago
Chapter 63: Hidden Rewards ago
Chapter 64: Gaia Waterfront ago
Chapter 65: The end of the game ago
Chapter 66: Out of the loop ago
Chapter 67: Laying it all out ago
Chapter 68: Home sweet home ago
Chapter 69: The Red-Eyed man ago
Chapter 70: Rough day ago
Chapter 71: Confluence Skills ago
Chapter 72: Winds of tempest ago
Chapter 73: Battle Sense ago
Chapter 74: Yggdrasil - The Wallcity ago
Chapter 75: Yggdrasil - The Seer of Carnage ago
Chapter 76: Yggdrasil - The Veins' Destiny ago
Chapter 77: Not an everyday armor ago
Chapter 78: New beginnings ago
Chapter 79: Party up ago
Chapter 80: Bastards ago
Chapter 81: Split ago
Chapter 82: Overpowered ago
Chapter 83: Ransom ago
Chapter 84: The encounter ago
Chapter 85: Higher Magic and trinkets ago
Chapter 86: Out hunting ago
Chapter 87: A long overdue evolution ago
Chapter 88: Thorns ago
Chapter 89: Nasty ago
Chapter 90: Ant Dungeon ago
Chapter 91: The Herald for Spirits? ago
Chapter 92: The horde ago
Chapter 93: The umentionable ago
Chapter 94: Perks ago
Chapter 95: The invite ago
Chapter 96: Water Dungeon ago
Chapter 97: Fusion ago
Chapter 98: Intrusion ago
Chapter 99: The Gift ago
Chapter 100: Release ago
Chapter 101: Captives ago
Chapter 102: Safe mechanism ago
Chapter 103: The Crown ago
Chapter 104: Visions, to be sure ago
Chapter 105: The beginning of the end ago
Chapter 106: Screams ago
Chapter 107: Golden ago
Chapter 108: The Reversed Tree ago
Chapter 109: The true battle ago

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Scrambled Eggs you won't like

Reviewed at: Chapter 8: Like a beast

Basically, you have absolutely no idea what's going on. There's a lot of info, but nothing which explains anything clearly. The MC seems to be working in a pizza shop with his mother and a worker soon to quit. The shop is busy and there are people who doesn't come on busy days. He gets a delivery and goes to some grand manor which has a Grove. Then he gets transported to some place, meets more characters (the hotness of the girls, their tit size etc would he described in great detail) sees magic working, waked up in an inn and goes hunting. He seems to be native american too. So where is he? Whats the place about? What's the church being spoken of in the synopsis? What is the herald? What is it that the people in the place do? Why do they have spirits? Lots of unanswered questions needing lots of editing to get straight.

The synopsis seems to mention that the plot is very large, but it hasn't been explored in detail at all.

The positive would be the scope and in general the system. Future development too, if it happens.


Rough, but for some reason I'm still reading.

Reviewed at: Chapter 59: Evolution 1

The world-building that we get is interesting, but there's a serious lack of exposition - enough that makes it hard to follow the plot.

There are many sentences which are grammatically correct, but that don't make sense because of bizarre word choices or idioms that don't make sense in English.

There are lots of characters who get added to the story with very very little introduction, making it hard to keep track of them. In addition to the world having little exposition, the characters have little as well.

The whole "Turtle Island" plot arc interrupted the main story for about half of what I've read so far (chapter 59)- I kept hoping we'd find out what's going on when Gabriel finally meets a certain character, but ... 59 chapters in and I don't know what the stakes are for the novel and half understand who a lot of the plot-relevant characters are and how they fit into the world.

The main flaw is the lack of exposition, by far. Slowing down individual plot points would make the plot points that occur feel more meaningful; at the same time, the main plot needs to move on its digressions.

I want to have a better opinion of it - I'm still reading, after all - and I get that the author is a non-native speaker. Being non-native doesn't mean not to explain yourself, though.


I'm up-to-date with the story so far. It just started but the premise is really good.

First time I find myself to read about something related to native american culture and religion that makes it for the title. 

I'll give advanced review when the story keeps on, for now, i can say you give it a try and it will be worth your time.


Review as of chapter 30.

I started reading this novel considering it just another litRPG; what i found was actually quite fresh and ejoyable


The characters are actually well written and have the right amount of depht to them.

The plot is complex and is being reveald at the right pace.

The writing style is easy to understand and flows quite well, and i couldn't fnd errors.

To any reading this review come and gobble this story up! Well i totally did up till now.


p.s. cominciare una storia in pizzeria รจ il massimo! ;)


Although it has a lot of anticipation por.n Herald for Spirits is a story worth reading. It has excellent grammar, story and world-building, it also has its own style is full of humour and has me waiting for the next chapter everyday. So read it! Damn it needs 50 words to post the review.