Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World

Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World

by Jaredman92

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Aren't you tired of the typical cultivation story, where an isekai'd person comes into the world and becomes a brutal or selfish person? I know I am. So instead of being fully changed by the world, I want this protagonist to stick to their beliefs and help to change the world (and people) for the better. There will still be main character development and tests of those beliefs, but I want them to maintain that aspect.

 Brief Synopsis:
American is thrown into a typical Xuanhuan cultivation world where the masses of the people are typically sacrificed for the abilities of the few. This is meant to be an alternate take on how protagonists approach these worlds. Main character comes into the world w/ scanning, healing, and monster taming abilities.

The release schedule will begin on Dec 1st. The schedule is 2 chapters/week (Tue & Fri) at 11pm. Please like, comment, and follow, as that helps me to gauge interest in the series. 

Final note: I notice that many cultivation novels treat abuse or sexual assault as a throwaway tool to set a stage. I think the way it is normally done is both lazy and a disrespectful to victims. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the way I've done it in this series, please let me know.

I want to do this the right way.

P.S. *Nudge, nudge* If you are looking for a sneak peek of up to 16 chapters ahead, check out my Patreon.    :D

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Quite a Steal ago
Chapter 2 - Winding Decisions ago
Chapter 3 - Sharp Conclusions ago
Chapter 4 - Moral Standing ago
Chapter 5 - Conditional Healing ago
Chapter 6 - A Silly Proposition ago
Chapter 7 - The Wholesome Approach ago
Chapter 8 - A Web of... Hope? ago
Chapter 9 - Stickin' With It ago
Chapter 10 - A Bit of a Stretch ago
Chapter 11 - Under the Web ago
Chapter 12 - Healing Constraints ago
Chapter 13 - The Lesson ago
Chapter 14 - A Common Sense ago
Chapter 15 - Listening Skills ago
Chapter 16 - A Better Approach ago
Chapter 17 - A Social Experiment ago
Chapter 18 - Hidden Goals ago
Chapter 19 - A Lot to Process ago
Chapter 20 - A Sweaty Situation ago
Chapter 21 - Weight of the Scales ago
Chapter 22 - Iridescent Worms ago
Chapter 23 - In Depth Planning ago
Chapter 24 - Spider Hunks ago
Chapter 25 - It's Not the Size that Matters ago
Chapter 26 - We Don't Believe You ago
Chapter 27 - A Path is Drawn ago
Chapter 28 - Book Knowledge ago
Chapter 29 - An Admission of Guilt ago
Chapter 30 - No Chemistry ago
Chapter 31 - Tunnel Vision ago
Chapter 32 - The Depths of Despair ago
Chapter 33 - Under Her Wings ago
Chapter 34 - Out of Sight... ago
Chapter 35 - Salivating Situations ago
Chapter 36 - Bad Impressions ago
Chapter 37 - Tripping Up ago
Chapter 38 - What Ties Us Together? ago
Chapter 39 - Tilling the Field ago
Chapter 40 - Unnatural Growth ago
Chapter 41 - Misplaced Trust ago
Chapter 42 - Dangerous Allies ago
Chapter 43 - Healthy Choices ago
Chapter 44 - Bad Reaction ago
Chapter 45 - A Positive Solution ago
Chapter 46 - Pressing Deep ago
Chapter 47 - Inappropriate Responses ago
Chapter 48 - Curious Characteristics ago
Chapter 49 - Casual Concealment ago
Chapter 50 - Innocent Hearts and Guilty Minds ago
Chapter 51 - Judgmental Stares ago
Chapter 52 - Inadequate Competition ago
Chapter 53 - Growing Plans ago
Chapter 54 - Shared Experiences ago
Chapter 55 - It Depends ago
Chapter 56 - Pain and Trauma ago
Chapter 57 - Checkpoint ago
Chapter 58 - Renewed Confidence ago
Chapter 59 - Entrapment ago
Chapter 60 - Sweet Temptations ago
Chapter 61 - Full of Regret ago
Chapter 62 - Self Evaluations ago
Chapter 63 - Sanitation Methods ago
Chapter 64 - All Eyes on Me ago
Chapter 65 - Dig a Little Deeper ago
Chapter 66 - Shrugging it Off ago
Chapter 67 - A New Appearance ago
Chapter 68 - Reliable Information ago
Chapter 69 - Cooperative Relationship ago
Chapter 70 - Tears in the Dark ago
Chapter 71 - Pop. ago
Chapter 72 - Embers of Progress ago
Chapter 73 - Shadows of the Heart ago
Chapter 74 - Rip and Tear ago
Chapter 75 - Working Through It ago
Chapter 76 - Shared Pain ago
Chapter 77 - New Week's Resolution ago
Chapter 78 - Brace Yourself ago
Chapter 79 - Playing Catch (Up) ago
Chapter 80 - Cheap Words ago
Chapter 81 - Hits Keep Coming ago
Chapter 82 - So Close... ago
Chapter 83 - ...Yet So Far. ago
Chapter 84 - It's a Trap ago
Chapter 85 - Diverse Interests ago
Chapter 86 - Quiet Times ago
Chapter 87 - Better Decisions ago
Chapter 88 - Still Grounds ago
Chapter 89 - A Left Hook ago
Chapter 90 - Staying Updated ago
Chapter 91 - Background Movements ago
Chapter 92 - Air Ambulance Premium Services ago
Chapter 93 - Hidden Qualities ago
Chapter 94 - Activation Key ago
Chapter 95 - Smoldering ago
Chapter 96 - Missing Information ago
Chapter 97 - Raised Stakes ago
Chapter 98 - Intent to Intice ago
Chapter 99 - Please Leave. ago
Chapter 100 - The Small Choices ago
Chapter 101 - Two Steps Back ago
Chapter 102 - Details, Details ago
Chapter 103 - Acceptable Losses ago
Chapter 104 - The First Batch ago
Chapter 105 - Hidden Monsters ago
Chapter 106 - Nip and Rip ago
Chapter 107 - Smooth Skin ago
Chapter 108 - Blackout ago
Chapter 109 - Importance of Communication ago
Chapter 110 - Wriggling Thoughts ago
Chapter 111 - Best Move? To Not Play. ago
Chapter 112 - Tiny Tots ago
Chapter 113 - Task Force Go! ago
Chapter 114 - The Hero Group ago
Chapter 115 - Tight Bonds ago
Chapter 116 - A Staple Trope ago
Chapter 117 - Willpower ago
Chapter 118 - Disassembly Required ago
Chapter 119 - Pulling Myself Together ago
Chapter 120 - Why. ago
Chapter 121 - A Vulnerable Moment ago
Chapter 122 - It's Magic ago
Chapter 123 - Obstacle Course ago
Chapter 124 - Stalled Machinations ago
Chapter 125 - Want a Tip? ago
Chapter 126 - Gotta Go Fast ago
Chapter 127 - The Secret to my Strength ago
Chapter 128 - Quality Conversations ago
Author Note - Update to Post Amount and Scheduling ago
Chapter 129 - Enjoy the Silence ago
Chapter 130 - Mutual Understandings ago
Chapter 131 - Smooth Ride ago
Chapter 132 - The Lay of the Land ago
Chapter 133 - New Perspectives ago
Chapter 134 - A Sense of Scale ago
Chapter 135 - Temporary Lodging ago
Chapter 136 - A Tired Response ago
Chapter 137 - Probably Safe ago
Chapter 138 - Escalation ago
Chapter 139 - The Maw ago
Chapter 140 - Price of Peace ago
Chapter 141 - Increasing Value ago
Chapter 142 - Social Contracts ago
Chapter 143 - A Thousand Steps ago
Chapter 144 - Increased Efficiency ago
Chapter 145 - Wood Wiping ago
Chapter 146 - Familiar Situations ago
Chapter 147 - Awkward Resolution ago
Chapter 148 - Hidden Treasure ago
Chapter 149 - The Steps to Success ago
Chapter 150 - Area Secured ago
Chapter 151 - The Steps to Reflection ago
Chapter 152 - Simply Delicious ago
Chapter 153 - How The Tables Have Turned ago
Chapter 154 - Class Struggles in Another World ago
Chapter 155 - Splintering ago
Chapter 156 - Anything Counts ago
Chapter 157 - No Shame ago
Chapter 158 - Protein Shake ago

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I like the idea of a Xuanhuan, doubly so ones that break from the mold of the Chinese version "young master goes murder hobo".

This looks like one, a kind-hearted man with some cheats tries to break from the mold. I can take the cheats, it is a transmigration story so it's almost a given.

The resolution to be a better man is good, it isn't supposed to be that easy especially in this setting. There is no emotional impact from the decisions made - it feels shallow, unconvincing, unearned.

The last few chapters lost steam completely and were spent basically navel-gazing.

Overall a good Idea. feels like no planning was made about how to progress after the initial few chapters.


Man finds himself in a xianxia cultivation world and possesses a system. Man stumbles around market investigating until he unlocks a hidden quest. Man bumbles into hidden storyline which leads to rudimentary harem. Harem is plotline.

Grammar -   Is passible, though there seems to be the occasional fault with the pronouns.

Style -   The novel seems reasonable and light hearted, though I question the use of a near journal like depiction of his daily use of powers. I applaud the slightly graphic depiction of violence; as it lends an air of maturity to the novel without being opressive.

Story -   There is only 20 chapters, there's really not enough of anything here to judge. But suffice to say, it does seem to be heading directly for isekai harem white knight protect the oppressed territory. The protagonist also has the usual absurd starting luck of most isekais. Chapter 6 continued isekai tradition in a fine manner by adjusting the sombre mood with a lighthearted moment.

Characters -   This is where I have a bone to pick. Yes, the author has avoided the first pitfall of isekai where the MC is romantically dense. Unfortunately, he runs headfirst into the second pitfall. The MC suffers from crippling stupidity, that verges on naviety. This ties into the MC's white knight mentality, which I find irksome. I realize this is regards the very premise of the novel, but I would have hoped that the MC's motivation did not seem quite so childish. Additionally, the harem is unbelievably articulate at times, considering they are outcasts and abuse victims. I do like flavor the drider brings to the novel, despite her cliche moments.


The author promised a kind MC faced with the harsh reality of a cultivation world, who then must adapt and overcome in order try and do good. The author promised character development and testing of the MC's beliefs. Instead we the opposite of character development. We have chapter after chapter of the MC absolutely not learning from any of his encounters, despite other characters explicitly pointing out what he's doing wrong and why. 

The story has pacing issues, as it seems like every single time he steps outside, shit hits the fan and a life and abdeath struggle ensues. But it isn't just the density of high intensity events that's the issue. It's the fact that: 1) he never learns from any of them despite how frequently they occur; and 2) he is outright causing these SHTF situations because of his failure to learn. So you have unrealistic behavior causing highly implausible chains of events, that he then acts unrealistically to, while causing more implausible events.

And through it all, the MC is protected by hardcore plot armor. This is supposed to be a world where everyone is out for themselves. A ruthless cultivation world where the strong rule and the weak get stepped on. The MC wouldn't know opsec if it walked up and took a golf club to his nuts (which is part of his "inability to learn from his mistakes" problem). Yet the first powerful person he meets benevolently steers him away from disaster. After that, the first 3 people he confides in are miraculously great people who are just down on their luck, and don't exploit him when the MC himself is so naive that he's basically pulling his pants down, bending over, and asking for an ass reaming by the first unscrupulous individual that comes along. 

Despite the repeated warnings by these miraculously well intentioned companions, the frequent disasters he finds himself in (courtesy of his own idiocy), and the bouts of false introspection the author tries to make him have, he absolutely fails to learn, adapt, or heed the warnings of his companions.  And yet, he does not ever suffer any significant, lasting reprocussions.

And for another thing, the MC's definition of kindness is a fairly suspect. I'd understand wanting to help the innocent or the downtrodden. But the MC decides, for example, give healing and medical training to a literal street gang who basically immediately admits that they'd have enslaved him for his healing abilities if it weren't for his affiliation with a friend of his. That's right. The MC is entirely undiscerning in who he helps, as if that's some kind of virtue. 

The author promised an MC that was a paragon of kindness destined to face extreme hardship due to the cruel nature of the world to which he's been transported. Instead, we get a fool with no impulse control, that repeatedly endangers himself and his allies, to give aid to literal villains. 

So. If you like a smart MC, then stay away. This MC is an impulsive fool that never learns. If you like an MC with a strong moral fiber and a reasoned sense of right and wrong, stay away. This MC just helps any pretty women in front of him, even if they're scumbags, while endangering actual allies who actually have his back. 


Went from a good story to power fantasy over a couple of chapters.

There were some signs in the beginning, with a powerful cultivator meeting right away and talented women in a bad spot who he just so happened to be able to help.

It was still okay at that point but then the author started throwing sexual situations at the MC and at ch.19 he gets a huge power spike at no cost, which basically completely ruined the story for me.

It seems like it'll end up as a mindless harem-power fantasy where obvious plot armor is the only reason the MC lives.

rick james

This whole book needs a revisit. Author seems to be confused most of the time and you can clearly see this through the writing. Its a story with potential but it's definitely going on hiatus. I'd give it 6month lifespan

The story premise is simple. Being kind in a cultivation world. And the character seems to know that he's in a dangerous world. Clearly you'd think such a character wouldn't be naive but it seems like in the author's mind kindness and naivety are one and the same thing. They're not. Author really needs to work on the main character.

Next we focus on the pacing. 40+ chapters in and not much is known about the world. Lack of world building makes this story lackluster. What makes this worse is the fact that the pacing of the story is so slow. We're going through every mini  side story the author can possibly think of. The fight scenes are worse. Author work on your fight scenes. Also the slim arc is way too long. 

Another problem i have is the way the system works in this story. It's just horrible. There's mana and there's qi. Is this a western story or is this still a cultivation story? Rework the system please author. 

It's a mediocre story that's bound to get worse as time progresses.  Give it a read but I wouldn't suggest it. Story needs a revisit.  

Lucifer Satan

The mc is a human and not a demon in human form or just plain asshole like most cutivation novel mc's.

I don't mind the slow pace as the character development is the thing that makes and breaks stories.

I can't wait to see how the mc progresses and learns to be strong mentally but not be uncaring and lose his morals.


This story can seem like many things when you start it. I know I went into the story with assumptions and hopes about what the story would be like. The story has not delivered upon my expectations. Instead it has become something different from any sort of isekai, or cultivation story I've read. This world is dangerous to the point where so far pretty much the only nice people the MC met was in the very beginning. The story is very slow but as the story progresses at least there is a decent amount of history behind the MC's actions.

As fas as I can tell so far the story is about an MC who wants to help people. He gets incredible healing powers with a system that kind of disappears. The powers remain but not the system. The world he is in however is not interested in kind people. And anyone helping anyone is taboo of the highest order. As such the MC is going to find himself in huge shitstorms for the smallest act of kindness. By trying to hide his healing powers to stay safe he heals using alchemy. Which creates huge trouble as well so the MC does not have an easy road. Some of the reviews on this story rants about the MC being op in the start, far from it. He has amazing healing abilities and pretty good offensive abilities through taming but against cultivators it's far from enough to make a difference. This is a dark place and the MC will have a hell of a hard time. 

I have my gripes with this story for sure but the goods far outweigh the bads. And my. Feelings stem from judging the story based on previous stories I've read. And I've realised that this story is so different from anything I've really read that it's hard to accurately compare to other stories.

That said I have followed this story since it's beginning and I am still following it. I'm looking forward to see where the author can take it!

Give it a read. If you don't like it, then don't keep going but if you do, maybe make a quick little review saying why and then keep reading ☺️


YA- middle grade isekai cultivation novel.

Reviewed at: Chapter 79 - Playing Catch (Up)

Cultivation story with a little more moral introspection than most.  Story follows a 'woke' 20something from America who shows up in cultivation land.  On one level, adventure story of the guy trying to get by, on another an attempt to deconstruct how a society wth that kind of culture contrasts to ours. 

Introspection of MC flirts over into angst a couple of times.Tends towards a level of naivete that gives a YA feel, definitely white hats and black hats, no real room for grey.  As cultural commentary, it tends towards a very simplistic cultural relativity at the same time as it espouses some classic western absolutism, which felt kind of weird.  I'm not sure all the subtext was intentional.

As an adventure story MC is overpowered from the beginnng so you don't get that growth aspect a lot of cultvation novels focus on.  You still get to see him refine those powers, and the world building is great.  Character growth is mostly based on attitudinal changes.

Most of the characters are well developed, or developing as of 4/9/21, but it feels a little odd this far into the story pretty much only 1 male main character, the protagonist, has been introduced.  Yet they are fleshed out well enough you kind of have to stop to think about it before you notice.


C/W: child abuse, prostitution, sexual abuse. disturbing imagery

1. The author makes these problems part of the world without going too deep, instead exploring how our hero tries to navigate the trauma his friends have.

2. The author claims this is a "harem" story. Although the interpersonal relationships show this will most likely be a respectful polyam story rather than the drivel.

3. The protagonist is spongebob, unkillable heal spam but can't deal damage in return.

4. If you read the tags you'll know 3 doesn't matter because this is not an action story. The conflicts are based around ethical solutions to difficult situations.

5. Now heres the cinch to whether you'll enjoy this or not. Many readers get frustrated when the protag makes the same "mistakes" and gets "punushed" for it over and over. The difference here is, at least in my opinion, he's completely justified. The protagonist is an altruist who can't stand not helping people to his detriment. As a fellow altruist who believes all life is precious I can respect his decision even after mc recognises it's a mistake he'll have to make. People who prefer mcs who grow numb...

Why are you reading this?


Nice take on the cultivation story, decent story over all. I like that the author avoids the common acceptance of the cruelty and brutality that happens is most of these stories, but leans too hard the opposite direction. characters are decently fleshed out and what little of the world we have been shown is well built. Down side is that it's slow paced and the MC is very naive.