Where It All Began

Where It All Began

by Pooperman

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The future has been changed countless times, but one event stands central. The arrival of magic and a game-like quantization of everything. Eva was unaware of just how many times she had been killed by the invaders. If she knew, she'd tell you that apocalypses are just terrible. 0/5. Do not recommend. In fact, she had no idea there would be anything other than a good nap and ice cream on her day off. 

This story will have elements of cultivation in it, but primarily will be LitRPG.

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A LitRPG novel done well, with some minor flaws.

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: ROUS

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert at writing reviews. I will try to justify the rating to the best of my abilities, however.

Now onto the review itself;


'Where It All Began' is told from a third-person perspective. I have not had any issues with the way our dear author Pooperman has written the story so far. 

The only thing that has bothered me so far is the diary-style writing during the initial tutorial phase. Instead of our dear author showing us what happened, he just quickly summarized it.

I would have liked to see Eva really struggle, fight and work hard. My suggestion to the author would be to make the tutorial shorter but more difficult for Eva. That way, the author doesn't have to write in the diary-sort-of style. This way, Eva can get more character development, and the readers can enjoy more fight scenes.


I don't have many issues with the grammar used in Where It All Began. There are only one or two spelling errors per chapter, and they are minor ones like; stove top ----> stovetop. Mistakes that aren't jarring and won't affect the reading experience for most people.

There are occasional punctuation errors, but in general, punctuation is good enough that the average reader won't be bothered when reading.

Our dear author, Pooperman, Occasionally uses repetitive words in his sentences/paragraphs. The occasional repetitive wording did not, however, negatively affect my reading experience.

All in all, the grammar is good enough that I barely notice any mistakes when just reading casually, which is most important to me.


The story so far only has 24 chapters. It has stood out to me as being unique compared to other novels of the same genre. The first chapter managed to pique my interest in the way it introduced us to the system apocalypse.

The system is nice and clean. What stood out to me was the way stats translate into real-life prowess. It was clear and concise and managed to clarify just which stat (especially the mental stats) did what exactly. They also explained how they differed from each other, other than the usual minimalistic; "intelligence is mana capacity" and "wisdom is mana regen" shtick so many other LitRPG novels give us. 

Character score:

When I wrote this review, 'Where It All Began was' only 24 chapters long, and there hasn't been much character development (yet). What I do notice, however, is that Eva seems like a somewhat three-dimensional character.

She has character, believable motivations, and makes rational (in the sense that they would make sense from her perspective) decisions. As of chapter 24, the side characters haven't got much depth, but since the story is still in progress, I will be more lenient and give it four stars instead of 3.5.

I'd definitely recommend reading Where It All Began, and I hope that the author will continue writing this.

The supreme Koooomakimi sends his regards.

furball tiger

it's not bad, and is entertaining, so if you're looking for some action-oriented fluff, this might be just what you want. It's heavily based on Path of Exile; whether that's a plus or minus depends on your prefs, I guess.

Slight variation on the usual "system arrives apocalpyse", which I won't spoil, but by and large it's pretty much just that.

The writing is a little unpolished but better than a lot of stuff online these days. Not "wow" but I think with more practice it'll improve. 


Fun system apocalypse style story

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Nuke From Orbit

Fun system apocalypse style story, although we're not at the apocalypse part just yet. Each chapter starts with a journal entry from a future System user, which provide hints of a metaplot and fun bits of information. Quite fun and easy reading. If I could make one criticism it's that although there are several hints of greater conflict, the story has slowed down a little in the later chapters for the main character to focus only on levelling. 


Honestly Overall this isn't that bad of fiction. 

Although the plot may be a bit bog-standard for one of these system apocalypse novels, this novel knows what it is and it does it well. Nothing that I haven't seen done before, but that's probably because the story still hasn't gotten out of the first two arcs. And it sadly seems like that isn't going to really happen anytime to soon.  Based on the author's upload schedule expect a possible deluge of uploads but anythings still in the air. 

Skills stats and tutorials are all over the place this is a nice take on the system apocalypse genre. Not anything really to die for, but an amazing read if you want to just sit down and read some murderous system goodness with an added subplot as a bonus. 



Interesting System. Standard story. Horrible Style

Reviewed at: Chapter 33: This Is The Part Where He Kills You

Pretty standard LitRPG book. You've read 90% of the story if you have read another LitRPG before.

The system is interesting and the reason I read this so far, especially the loot & tier system seems good.



This is what killed it for me, the style is absolutely horrible. Third person with no connection to the character, like, at all. Remember reading a book at school and after 5 minutes you realized that you don't actually remember what you just read because it was written so boring and uninteresting?  Yeah this will happen a lot here. 



It's okay. Standard LitRPG story so far,  tutorial, getting to know the character (lol) and the setting, nothing new here.



Pretty good for royal road. There are a few misspelled words here and there but most of it gets edited rather soon which is nice. Pretty simple english though.



The main character is a girl. She was chubby once and is divorced. That's most of what we know about her. She also apparently has no conscience nor strong emotions. Side characters exist but are even more bland.


So overall, I wouldn't recommend to read this. The author really needs to work on his style foremost and character building secondly.