What was a hero? 

Someone with superpowers? Or was it someone that devoted themselves to helping others?

Aaron didn't know; but he did know that one day he, and a few others had woken up with powers and his girlfriend, a hero enthusiast with a little too much money and free time on her hands was more than willing to make them into heroes. 

Discord to talk with me and others (hopefully~) : https://discord.gg/XnNwkKxX7x

Other book: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/22256/finley--the-lost-prince

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Top List #2500
4th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Halllucination ago
Chapter 2: Obsession ago
Chapter 3: Epiphany ago
Chapter 4: Self-Imposed Test ago
Chapter 5: Skydiving ago
Chapter 6: Reckless ago
Chapter 7: Addicted ago
Chapter 8: Clean up ago
Chapter 9: Concern ago
Chapter 10: Hope ago
Chapter 11: Building ago
Chapter 12: Test ago
Chapter 13: Busy ago
Chapter 14: Help ago
Chapter 15: Testing ago
Chapter 16: Hiding ago
Chapter 17: Ten times ago
Chapter 18: Kind ago
Chapter 19: Time ago
Chapter 20: Secret ago
Chapter 21: Betrayal ago
Chapter 22: Show off ago
Chapter 23: Scumbags ago
Chapter 24: Choice ago
Chapter 25: Comfortable ago
Chapter 26: Why? ago
Chapter 27: Somebody ago
Chapter 28: Around the Table ago
Chapter 29: Please? ago
Chapter 30: Trouble ago
Chapter 31: Clever ago
Chapter 32: Excited ago
Chapter 33: Warning ago
Chapter 34: Second hand ago
Chapter 35: Research ago
Chapter 36: Adult ago
Chapter 37: Anger ago
Chapter 38: Uneasy ago
Chapter 39: Agreement ago
Chapter 40: Anxious ago
Chapter 41: Home ago
Chapter 42: Hobby ago
Chapter 43: Fun ago
Chapter 44: Duties ago
Chapter 45: Code names ago
Chapter 46: Presentation ago
Chapter 47: Strange ago
Chapter 48: Change ago
Chapter 49: Dicipline ago
Break ago
Chapter 50: A little lonley ago
Chapter 51: Nervous ago
Chapter 52: What happened? ago
Chapter 53: Counselling ago
Chapter 54: Breathe ago
Update schedule! ago
Chapter 55: Self control ago
Chapter 56: Photo shoot ago
Chapter 57: New School ago
Chapter 58: Friends ago
Chapter 59: On edge ago
Chapter 60: Lesson ago
Chapter 61: Aware ago
Chapter 62: Follow me ago
Chapter 63: Life-Defining Event ago
Chapter 64: Be safe ago
Chapter 65: Plan ago
Chapter 66: Now ago
Chapter 67: Isn't Right ago
Chapter 68: Envious ago
Chapter 69: Talk ago
Chapter 70: Regret ago
Chapter 71: Awards ago
Chapter 72: Security ago
Chapter 73: Wild ago
Chapter 74: Anger ago
Chapter 75: Back to reality ago
Chapter 76: Walk ago
Chapter 77: Work ago
Chapter 78: Try ago
Chapter 79: Road trip ago
Chapter 80: Awkward ago
Chapter 81: Scolding ago
Chapter 82: Don't know you ago
Chapter 83: Loud ago
Chapter 84: Unique love language ago
Chapter 85: Tragedies ago
Chapter 86: Idol ago
Chapter 87: First Practice ago
Chapter 88: A little Jealous ago

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This is a very good Origin Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: Home

This is an origin story without many of the flaws I generally see in origin stories. 

 - None of the characters start out useless in order to show their growth

 - None of the characters are scum bags in order to show their growth

 - None of the characters instantly hate each other in order to show the team's growth

Instead the characters (mostly kids, the rest very young adults) react about the ways I would expect normal people to react.  Some of the kids instanly jump at the chance to have a friendship and others are more reserved.  Some are suspicious but not paranoid.

It will take more work and better writing than relying on the crutches above to show their growth and I really look forward to seeing that.

I like the multiple viewpoints.  The viewpoints are clearly labled so I'm not left wondering why character 1 is thinking something when it is actually character 2.  The different viewpoints also have different voices.  It can be a bit too subtle at times but I'll take that over stereotypical crutches.

The one thing that could use some work is that sometimes the different viewpoints seem to overlap and it can take me a couple of paragraphs to figure out *when* the chapter starts.  This isn't enough to knock half a star off of my "enjoyment measure" and I'm pretty sure this will improve with time and practice (especially once the author reads this). 


Don't burn me at the stake, I'm bad at reviews

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: Home

Untill now I think the story is a really good and promising one. Its readable and easy to understand, but I do think that the pacing is just a tad bit slow (thats my opinion, otherwise the story is going at a good pace).

The story is interesting and engaging and I havent found that many mistakes in the grammar (maybe 1 little mistake in around 5, 6 chapters or more)

I think the author should focus a tad bit more on world building, but maybe that will come in the next few chapters when they actually get to living somewhere and not just running around.

Otherwise the book is one of my favourites and hopefully there will be MOAR chaptersss.

Don't burn me at the stake, this is my first review and all the mistakes I made in it are 100% intentional. :)


On one hand, i do like this book. Characters are likeable, and the experience is enjoyable. Its made with good intentions and there seems to be no harem in sight. Its also not inherently boring.

On the other hand its... Jumpy. And lacking in some key areas.

Iv only read up to chapter 5 so i cant comment on anything past this point, but for the first few chapters:

There are more run-on sentences than are comfortable. They are readable, but it takes you out of what you are reading.

The mc has repeatedly said that they are a popular, but relatively small figure in the sports space, but then everyone seems to recognize him (2 out of 3 character introduced by chapter 5 know who he is or straight up recognize him. This seems very much at odds with what should be expected of real life)

Other characters also seem strange. They are very chatty and have the "we are now important side characters suddenly" vibe surrounding them.

Its all just very... Off-putting.

If youve got down to the bottom of this micro review, give this book a try to chapter 5 like i did atleast. There are no massively erroneous errors and the premise is interesting.

Give it a shot.