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When Aldrich left the room, there was a temporary moment of silence.

Will watched carefully as the tension of the room began to rise. Of all people, he didn't think the previous king would be the person in prison.

Yes, Fenrir was the previous king of Shùn Federation.

'Did he come here with Curtis or..'

"Can you show us magic," King Sartus broke the ice, curious as to why Fenrir was making a hard expression when reading the documents in hand.

"What would you like to see?" Fenrir felt a glimmer of hope. He no longer needed to fake an act of reading.

"Surprise me."

"As you wish," Fenrir leaned against the splat of the chair and spun his fingers.

The glass panel between them shuddered, distorting, Fenrir's figure warped into an indescribable form. Quickly fading before reappearing, Fenrir sat there, looking straight at the bewildered king.

King Sartus stretched out his hands to touch the glass— which was no longer present. It had disappeared entirely.

Moving his hand at the spot where the glass once stood, there really was nothing.

Fenrir stretched out his hands with a smile, King Sartus knew in an instant, it was an invitation for a handshake.

"You have my praise," since Will didn't act, this at least confirmed one of his doubts. When Fenrir said he meant no harm, he meant it. Well, it wasn't like he hadn't escaped. With the extent of his abilities, together with his companions, it would only require them to lift a finger to wreak havoc upon the kingdom— just as Prince Herlock had likened to Will Everett.

After that, the documents were left aside and the two kings chatted casually. Their topic of choice— Kingdom policies.

Mentioning the state of Haital Kingdom, Fenrir had obviously revealed his escape from the prison, so which King Sartus' paid no mind.

Prince Herlock joined in the conversation, passing a cup of tea over to Fenrir.

The mood of the place turned quite lively with the three tossing questions to each other.

While Fenrir asked in detail regarding management systems utilized by other kingdoms, King Sartus asked about magic, and why his aptitude transcended the norm.

Prince Herlock was the third wheel..

'Something just doesn't feel right. If His Majesty is here, why is Curtis separated from them? His loss of memory didn't seem like an act, could it be that he's trying to escape something?'

Just then, the door to Fenrir's side of the interrogation room was pushed open, and a girl hurried in. Will had not seen her before. Her attractive red hair made quite an impact.

The next person who came— Will thought his presence was familiar. No, he knew who that person was, and the moment he pushed up his spectacles, Will felt his entire body froze.

Ren glanced briefly in Will's direction before turning back to Fenrir. He greeted King Saturs before anything, unlike XiaXin who said a mere 'hello', then helped Fenrir look through the terms and conditions written in the documents.

'He found me,' Will wanted to laugh.

Ren whispered into Fenrir's ear and gave a nod.

|Acquit from the destruction of noble property….| when XiaXin read that phrase, her eyes went blank. The origin of this disclosure was undoubtedly caused by her. She was the one who destroyed the mansions and noble district shophouses at the time.

King Sartus perked his ears, intrigued by the odd language they were using. It did not seem to be from Monarch Empire.

"Basically, your highness is willing to confer us a peerage?" Ren grasped the general idea of the contract.

"As you said. I believe you three would become an indispensable asset to the development of the nation if you would kindly forgive my impulsive decision before this."


"Don't you think it would benefit both parties? I believe the development in technology and security could be greatly enhanced with your help," King Sartus wanted to assimilate the three into Haital Kingdom so that they could contribute to the kingdom's development. The fact was backed by Prince Herlock who had run programs to elevate the aptitude of the knights in Rozel Kingdom due to Will's influence.

Most, King Saturs needed their assistance in the upcoming defensive battle— as Elanoire had requested.

"I have a request."

"Please explain further."

"Your highness, you see, our objective being here was initially to find someone."

"Find someone?"

"My grandson. I intend to bring him back home. It is unlikely that I would stay in the kingdom, however..", Fenrir glance at Ren and XiaXin, "I believe these two will continue to remain here in the Kingdom. I request an exemption for me alone."

Ren opened his eyes wide, "Fenrir, what do you mean.."

|When we first joined this operation, we were under the assumption that we would die, remember? You have decided to cut ties with everything. This best I can repay you is with this new life, a life of peace, Ren.| Fenrir spoke in a serious tone.

'They came to bring Curtis back?' Will was driven into further confusion when he heard that.


"We should be able to make an assumption now, the reason why nobody did anything to return?"

"Sir Fenrir, may you clarify your conclusion?" The king was confused.

".." Ren stayed silent while XiaXin ran her gaze between the two of them.

"Your highness, can you give us two days to decide? Have them see this world so that they will come to a decision," Fenrir didn't think that Wu RenLu and XiaXin should waste this opportunity.

This was really the Heaven's Dynasty the elves dreamt of. The risk they took to join the rescue mission that many people had disapproved of, at the cost of their lives. Staying here would be the ultimate reward for their deeds.

"I hope you will have a decision by then, as such, you three are no longer required to stay in the prison." King Sartus then ordered Aldrich to escort them to their assigned living quarters.

"Your highness, I am in your debt," Fenrir bowed.

"Likewise," King Sartus smiled. "I hope we can come to a just conclusion,"

Just before they exited the room Ren turned to Will, |ErLe need to talk.|

After they left Will undid his concealment spell and looked to the ceiling.

'He did notice after all..'

Ren, was Will's instructor, majoring in wind magic. Will dropped his shoulders, his concealment spell was nothing but paper in front of him.






"Are you sure that friend Tia can be trusted? If she had a delineate, she should be able to pass a message to Curtis for you."

"I'm sure. Pass a message to Curtis... that's possible?" Ellis voiced through the communication device Will gave her, a compound gryostone glowing in subtle white light.

"It is possible. You should go ask her about it next time. Also, I apologize for the fact that I was unable to accompany you today. For tomorrow, I might be a tad late, an invitation to the nobles banquet just came. And too abruptly! My brother didn't allow me to turn it down. So I'm really sorry.."

"Erm, it's fine," Ellis thought she could perhaps spend some time alone, a change in pace.

"I'll contact you again when I arrive at the shop, so until then, remember to bring the communication around with you alright? Have a great evening Ellis."

"You too Louise. "

There was a beep. Then the fusion crystal lost its light.

Ellis laid flat on her bed, in the ominously lonely lodging, without Curtis. The day was ending, the sun already missing from the horizon.

Ellis felt better, after bawling her emotions out to Ruth, her, anguish, frustration and pain. Recalling that moment, Ellis felt ashamed, most of what she said was out of impulse.

Whichever angle you looked at it, Ruth was a saint. From her conducts to her knowledge, she excelled at themselves. Not to mention, Ruth was two years younger than Ellis.

Ellis turned to look at the table, at the novel she borrowed from the library.

What Ruth said was right. The trip towards the hot spring after the meal was indeed refreshing. Now she didn't feel like she needed to drown herself inside the world of stories.

That said, from Ruth's words, Ellis realized that she was indeed different from others. She had something others did not. The ability to utilize magic better than most other individuals born with the spirit talent.

She was treading a different from Curtis and Ruth, but that path was exactly her strength and the direction she needed to move towards.

A thought crossed her mind, she quickly got up from bed and walked over to the cabinet. There, she dug out a small box that contained Curtis' belongings. It was where he kept all sorts of gryostones.

A note from dotturndot

You know. I might be going down the wrong path in writing. I've never read a proper book on 'how to write a novel' not join a writing seminar. All of what I'm writing and style of writing is based off my observations. Not to mention, the grammar, choice of words, and manner of description is really messed up-- being heavily influenced by translated novels. Especially light novels.

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