Pillars Between Us

Pillars Between Us

by dotturndot

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

It started with the dent left by the Forest Sprite; A small crack in the ice that encased his memories.

Curtis knew that something was off, realizing that he wasn’t who he thought he was and— perhaps Ellis wasn’t the one meant for him.

--It's a fantasy novel set in a world where people inhabit on pillars-- (think of m*necaft sky block, you'll get what I mean) -- then give it a hint of action, mystery and (twisted) romance-- and it's influenced by Japanese fantasy light novels (cuz I read a lot of em'). But I'm sure it's a weird one cuz the style of writing isn't the Japanese to English translated kind of style but rather the orthodox English novel kind of writing (which includes a bunch of errors and broken English thanks to me!). In any case, if you're up for it, just beware the story starts out pretty slow.. I mean-- back then, I was still inexperienced ok! I'm gettin' better along the way, Hmmph!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
{Prologue} World of Pillars ago
{Prologue} Forest Sprite ago
{Prologue} Illusion of Memory ago
Haital Kingdom ago
Croquel Guild ago
Interruption ago
Duel ago
The Winner is~ ago
Tia Raymond ago
Couple ago
Combat Prodigy ago
That Princess Again ago
Thugs ago
Louise’s Trap~ ago
Obsolete Spells ago
Possible Affair ago
Magic Theory ago
When Life Gives you Lemons ago
False false Accusations ago
Personal Bodyguard ago
Another Date ago
Unknown ago
Combat Prodigy 2 ago
Coincidences ago
There’s a Connection ago
Who Did What? ago
Kingdom Conference ago
Jesters ago
Sophisticated ago
{Antecedence} The Real Curtis and Young Ruth. ago
{Antecedence} Lotus ago
Threat ago
Bloodlust ago
His Highness ago
Relax...not ago
News ago
Worries ago
Realization ago
Confession ago
Calm Before the Storm ago
The End of Together ago
{Epilogue}Disbelief ago
How unexpected ago
Will Join ago
Un-pointy Ears ago
It’s you ago
Magic Artillery Battalion ago
Doctor? ago
Found ago
The Girl in the Illusion ago
Leviathan Swarm ago
Elves and Pixies ago
Called ago
Old King and Ruling King ago
Partner ago
Temporary Daily Life ago
Not the Jesters ago
Probing: Cookies ago
Outsmarted. ago
Palace Library ago
The Prince and XiaXin ago
Palace Garden ago
The Princess and Ren ago
Guesses ago
Limit ago

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An interesting fantasy mystery in need of edits

Reviewed at: Jesters

With a relatively original world-building done right, this novel mix successfully action and slower passed mystery. The multiples plots/mysteries/arcs running in parallel are very well done: there are a lot of direct or indirect insights to other plots to be gleaned and the varying pace between each plot mitigates the hue.. drawbacks? of slower-paced but more complex mysteries.

The story-driven action meshes surprisingly well with the character-driven mystery. Each secondary character feels or shows they have a background causing their actions, and their actions naturally reveal their background.

Altogether the way the action naturally reveals piece by piece the background of each character is by far my favorite part of this novel. And I really like mains characters with an interesting background.

It, however, needs editing, especially in the firsts chapters (the grammar quality progressively improved after the first 10 chapters). At the very least use grammar checking tools (there are a lot of free and easy-to-use ones). The prologue could also use more detailed descriptions. 

You should also rewrite the synopsis: an intriguing and open synopsis is great for a mystery and really fit the story, but you went overboard and the current synopsis is very confusing. And add a mystery tag.