Morph Genome

by Karnage

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Martial Arts
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

A scientist couple go to extremes to protect their child in the face of an apocalyptic event. Will their tears, sweat and blood pay off? Or is it all for nothing?

Falling Star Of Evolution - Rewritten

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  • Overall Score

 i just hope you dont chane the mutation/evolution of his, that was a big part of why most came to like the last vesion and of course the pets, the pets are a must to remain ( hopefully)

Zathrian Rilas
  • Overall Score

It's a rewrite and it is better to me so far.

Reviewed at: Poll survey

This story is a complete overhaul so far from its original story mind you it is at the moment of this review only starting but from the care I've seen and read from the author to flesh out the mc growth and behavior it is my hope that it becomes a better version of the original. I will edit once it gets more fleshed out.

Lewis W
  • Overall Score

 In three years the original story remained in my mind. In three years I still had a craving for more. In three years I still remember your charming characters and style. Today this story starts again and I look forward to it.

  • Overall Score

Finaly you are back

Reviewed at: Book 1 Chapter 10

Realy liked the original Falling Star Evolution and can say that i like this one too. If the standard of this rewriting is the same as the original i am realy happy. The gramar in some spots is unusual and there are some missing words but i can say that this are only smal mistakes. 

Keep up the good work

  • Overall Score

Excited for the rewrite

Reviewed at: Poll survey

Really enjoyed this story as falling star evolution, but I'm even more excited for the rewrite, I'm dropping a five star because I heard some people were divebombing this story, all I have to say is if your leaving low reviews on a story before its first 10 - 20 chapters your not giving it much of a chance and should just leave it. Unless of course your a troll, in which case who gives a shit, right?

  • Overall Score

The original was one of the best stories on this site, really excited for what's to come.

  • Overall Score

Okay maybe not 5 but its too early.

Reviewed at: Poll survey

odd thing about Karanage's story is it takes awhile to build, i remmeber from falling evolution that while it had me intrested early on from how diffrent it seemed it took quite awhile for the build up to pay off so i think its too early to give a real review as its still building but apprently theres been a surge of 2 stars probs from the same person with multiaccounts so take my fivc.


A Pear With legs
  • Overall Score

 Nothing really much to say about this yet, but it's good so far and I want to help author-san out.

  • Overall Score

You saw the future!

Reviewed at: Book 1 Chapter 2

Hhehe, thanks for the rewrite, hopefully you dont drop the story or go missing again. I will update my review later after a good amount of chapters has been written, but so far looking good.

Also you saw the future, at the rate that the whole world is going to hell currently, in the future i wouldnt be surprised if earth is completely destroyed

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A refreshing story with which I would suggest to read.

Reviewed at: Book 1 Chapter 10

I would have liked to wait for a couple more chapters before a review, but to the request of the author, here it is.


Style 4.5/5

I don't have much to say here.

The style is clean, allowing for fairly clean shift in scenes as we see in chapter 10; hence a score of 4.5.

I could give a 5, but some of the scene shifts are a little akward and can be improved.

Story 5/5

So far, the story has been a good, refreshing, and unique read.

The story, in my opinion, progresses nicely with very few things to critique, so far.

I would have liked to see what the matriarchal mother did in more detail when the kid was in a coma state, but that's just me.

If you came from FSoE and expect a carbon copy or very similar story, then don't. This story can be said to be inspired, but can not be said to be the same.

Grammer 3.5/5

The grammer, for the most part, is good, but when there is a mistake, you notice it, sometimes having to restructure it for yourself. 

I would suggest to get a PR for that. [Hit me up if you want a PR]

Therfore good, but has noticable mistakes;therefore a 3.5.

Character 5/5

So, for character,  I was a little stumped on what to say as we know little so far, but the characters progression so far has been excellent. 

In order to critique individual characters so far would require more chapters or a full chapter dedicated to fully establishing a character's role, which I would advise against, as having static characters can work, but will limit you in the future.

Overall Score

For the overall score, I gave a solid 4 as the story is good and has much potential, but is far to early to give much more in my opinion.