Dungeon Darwinism

by Deathless

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Formerly Deepest Dungeon

Ms. Benett needed groceries. Mark liked to help his community. She was an old friend of his family from church. Not that he went much anymore, since college, and moving away. Its just not the same since coming back. But he still helps where he can. A long night working. A short drive home from her house. A dark road. That's all it took for Mark to find himself believing in gods again. Just not any of the ones he had heard of.

A final fight. A confrontation. A magical ritual capable of leveling a small city. A misplaced table and lack of spatial awareness. That's all it takes for Alverost to find himself stumbling backwards, triggering a spell that would see the grandson of a god reduced to ash. And himself reduced to ash by a god in turn.

Of course, the divinities don’t take too kindly to this. They’ve long since agreed to refrain from participating in mortal affairs personally— since the last war, where a dozen gods had died.

So amicably, they come to an agreement. Alverost is given a new body— though not a human one. That would piss off the god of death.

Alverost is taking Mark along with him for the ride.

A Dungeon Core novel where the dungeoncore find themselves at the deepest level of an already dead dungeon, and will have to work their way up while interacting with the societies that inhabit the dungeons corpse. Mark and Alverost are going to explore, exploit, expand, and exterminate.

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Fun time with morally grey characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 25: Contact

This is a fun dungeon story, I'd been looking for a dual core story since that last one went M.I.A. ...

This isn't a story were the two MC's of different alignments fight & bicker over idealogies untill the reader get's annoyed enough to drop it. Just a neutral evil character MC and a neutral good MC questioning what the other does at times. This also brings out the hope that one MC won't switch over to the other side, and the whole story won't end up as an excuse to preach about why the other side is stupid and irrational. Those are annoying, no matter which side the author prefers.

Anyway, 10/10 would recommend. Some of the different perspective chapters can be boring, but to each their own.

Style is has no real overwhelmimg problems.

Story is great!

Noted no grammer errors... Actually, I think I saw one, but I didn't note it down. Doesn't break reader immersion, anyway.

Interesting characters, seen the dynamic done many times before, but never this well! 😎

Most times the 'good' MC seems rather naive and the 'bad' MC seems like a madman, no matter the intention of the author... Here, both sides seem like real people.


Why did I give this story a 5 star rating?

Its simple I just binged to all the chapters that were up.

I was entertained that's my metric of success and worth. 

 So if you like dungeon stories that vary a little bit from the norm gife it a shot.


If you like stories where you know the author has build a whole world but introduce it over time, you will like this! I do, atleast!

Changes perspective between diffrent and the writing subtly changs with that, helps give the characters depth. But will the author be able to make the ... deepest characters? Dun dun DUN, read for yourself, lol.

Like the writing and characters but the worldbuilding the most!

David Talon

Creatures of Light and Darkness

Reviewed at: C10: Valleria

Reviewed to Chapter 10)

Before I begin, a disclaimer: I've never read a 'Dungeoncore' style story or anything like it, so I'm seeing this with fresh eyes, so to speak. However, so far I'm really enjoying exploring this dungeon. I'm Old School, and in some ways this reminds me of Roger Zelazny's writing, where his worlds became surreal at times while remaining grounded in reality.

The story opens with a literary device also used by filmmakers, where it begins by showing a wide angle view of the world before steadily narrowing the view until it reaches the spot where the story takes place. From then on, the tale focuses on two people with wildly different viewpoints who are…literally…forced to work together. I like how this was set up, and the strong potential in each one for character growth.

Likewise the minor characters. I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue growing, as well as how new additions fit in to the group. I’m also intrigued by the ‘Dungeoncore’ idea, and how the author takes their time in letting it grow as well, expanding our knowledge as the characters discover more about their new abode.

To me, fantasy works best when it’s grounded in natural laws (which don’t need to conform to Earth-based physics, but do need to be consistent). So far, the story is doing a good job keeping its internal logic straight, at least as far as I can tell. Some might complain there isn’t enough ‘action’; however, I’m finding the tension between the two characters as they work differently towards common goals is driving the story quite well, as are the minor characters as they develop.

Quibbles? I can’t really think of any; the grammar is good, with very few mistakes that I’ve found, and while initially I wasn’t sure about the whole ‘Dungeon as a self-contained (more or less) ecosystem’, the world building makes logical sense (I’m not sure how the upper levels support their populations, but that will be discovered in time, I’m sure).

All in all, so far it’s a well crafted story.


Never read a dungeon core story before. Or at least, not one that I can remember off the top of my head. Been a while, but whatever. But anyway, onto the good stuff.


Style - the strongest aspects of the style are the descriptions and the fluidity of delivery. It's a sweet spot mix of words that deliver vivid imagery while also getting the point across. The car crash and the explosion scenes were quite gross to imagine (this is a good thing).

There's really good imagery all around.


Grammar - Pretty pitch perfect. Cant say I found anything worth talking about.

Story - A pretty morbid grimdark that revolves around two people that pretty much died in gruesome ways getting their souls fused together as a prank to piss off the god of death. It sounds funny when I put it like this, and in hindsight, it kinda is hilarious in a fucked up way. But, the delivery of it all is still quite an adventure so far.

An interesting prose that is quite grabbing.  

Character - Alverost and Mark clearly don't get along. It's a back and forth power struggle that makes for an interesting character dynamic. Alverost is the more pragmatic and hard assed one while Mark is a man with his priorities usually in the wrong place. It's a tug of war of dominance that makes for humorous banter at times and gives polar characterizations simultaneously that keep things fresh. 

In a nutshell, this story is pretty entertaining. I recommend it ^^

George Haufman

I am very new to reading this genre, but i can say the aithor has made a very enjoyable story here. 

The pacing is really good in the first act so far so I can't wait for the author to write more. 

Easily one of my favourite novels im reading currently!