Sexy Space Babes

by Bluefishcake

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Jason had thought about punching a Shil’vati.

Who hadn’t?

Not only had the aliens conquered Earth with almost trivial ease, the seven-foot purple amazons also had the audacity to start running the planet better than Humanity ever had.

He'd never do it though. He was a reasonable guy, just trying to get by under his new feminine overlords.

Wasn't he?

(Edit: The book has now been placed up KU. Which means that according to Amazon I cannot have even a free copy online. I will continue to update the series with chapters for book two, but anything from before chapter twenty has now been wiped - apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this.)
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Plot with porn, heavy on the plot

Reviewed at: Chapter Nine

With a title like "Sexy Space Babes", one braces for chapter upon chapter of poorly written sex scenes. But don't let that dissuade you from reading this fic. Of course, if you are here for the that, rest assured that they are well written. 

But if you're not, don't worry - they only occupy ~20% of the story. The rest is good, high quality, old fashioned worldbuilding. It's not clear where our intrepid protagonist will end up, but it looks like it's going to be an exciting adventure.


In a way the name undersells the story. It has a unique take on a gender-flip. Humans get conquered into galactic society only to find that human males are the "cute space babes" of the galaxy. It is ,so far, more of a sci-fi "what if" than an erotica/ harem storyline.  It's just starting out, but it is a worthy read that has real potential. 


I found this story over at r/HFY by searching top/month. Each chapter gets about 1.5k to 2k upvotes, which should be a greater recomendation than I can ever give it. If so many other people love this story, so will you! (Hopefully)

I've honestly not found a single problem in any of the review sections. ...And I'm fairly certain it's not because I've been distracted by other things.

I'm sure you've seen the tag, this story has sex scenes. Scenes graphic enough to be labeled porn. I'm not about to sit here and rate the porn scenes, I'm not a degenerate or anything, nor would that be proper. But don't be put off by me calling this porn, this isn't the product of some sex-crazed teenager, like most novels with a focus on sex on this site. This is a story first and porn second.

Characters are super believable and relatable.

The style is great, all things considered. If you dislike the porn, you can skip the chapters and still have a great read. (Maybe bluefishcake should put a (nsfw) label on said chapters, but that's their decision.) If you like the porn, all the power to ya.

Grammar is perfect, if there was a single mistake to be had, I don't remember it.

Story. Story is the most important part of these types of novels, if it isn't great, the story crashes. It crashes and it burns. I can definetly say that the story is the best part, let me tell you some of what you'll get.

You'll get sexy space babes! Oh wait sorry, let me rephrase that. You ARE the sexy space babe! That's right folks, the genders aren't swapped, but the gender-roles are! The other races are normal, and we're the ones who have large numbers of the 'desired' gender, all who crave sex and are visually appealing. Human males are the sexy blue alien babes, which is ironic considering most of the characters are actual sexy blue alien space babes.

You'll get military shenanigans! I've never entered or been real into military culture, but people who have are saying that this is great! Over at HFY, you'll always get one person or another commenting that this story reminded them of their times, good or bad. (lol) Whether you are in the know or not, it's great fun to read about.

You'll get high tech enviroments! Great scifi stuff all around, it isn't the main focus, but it helps keep things fresh.

This story has great plot and great *plot*, it's fun for the whole... you. It's fun for the whole you. Good stuff.


The first and most important thing to note about this is that the title is rather misleading. The Sexy Space Babes are both human and men, and that's a massive theme - the blatant and recurring objectification of human men.

That said, there is porn in here. It doesn't happen every chapter, but it's also rather explicit and very much not fade-to-black. The porn doesn't seem to have much bearing on the plot though, so you can just skip over it.

Aside from the main character, though, the vast majority of the characters only really seem to care about magic human dick and getting some of it, which can get a little boring. We're told that the characters have other features to them, like being a bit of a bumpkin or being rather belligerent, but we haven't really been shown much of that yet. That said, there are only 9 chapters so far, so maybe that's yet to come.

So far, the author has done well at making this an actual story rather than thinly veiled fetishism, and the story itself is (so far) quite fun, with the drastically flipped gender dynamics being a pretty unique feature. Definitely worth a read, but keep in mind that it isn't PG-13.


Cynici Humora

A Man of Culture Using Both of his Heads.

Reviewed at: Chapter Nine

I know why I'm here, You know why you're here, We all know why we are here. And it's for Sexy Space Babes and tiddies.

Let's not kid ourselves and say "I'm only here because of the interesti g plot" 'cause we all have that sixth sense of knowing exactly where the story would be going based on the Synopsis alone.

Though not gonna lie, the plot is quite interesting. Having Earth regarded as a precious planet of sex craved savages that have the rare circumstance of having a near 1:1 ratio of gender which is apparently quite rare.

The dynamic of having the gender roles reversed for our feminine overlords and how it affects the MC is quite fun.

Over all, it is a really fun ride (get it?) and hope to see more chapters to come.


I'll refrain from making an advanced review now since characters have barely started being fleshed out and we still don't have enough to really judge the plot. What I've seen up to this point, though, looks more than promising. 

That said, the fiction is surprisingly good. I won't lie, I was expecting smut-filled idiocy from the title, but instead we get a pretty good insight on how an alien race with flipped gender roles would treat humans, especially human men.

Grammar is really good, way above the Royal Road average. In 9 chapters I've found only a single mistake which was probably just an oversight when editing.

The style too is pretty fluid, scenes are easy to understand and flow well. The only negative note to make style-wise is the use of repetitions that could be avoided on a couple of occasions during descriptions. 


Came for boredom relief, stayed for the... plot?... or the porn? It's hard to say, I can't decide. Waiting equally for both. Great fun.

I really like the reversed gender roles. You've opened my eyes, I think that I will never be able to read fictions with fully human male MCs again. Also, nice twist on the fiction name... You can say that all the characters are sexy space babes.

Sex scenes are great, but the world building is even better. Love it. 

You've got me hooked! Now you gotta pay me moral compensation. With new chapters, of course... 


Fun and true to the title.

Reviewed at: Chapter Nine

I wouldn't say this is some glowing paragon of literature but it's interesting, fun and as of chapter 9 stays true to what the Title claims. It's got sexy blue alien babes and military stuff. I haven't noticed too many grammatical mistakes plus it does a good job of pulling the reader in and painting the world Jason finds himself in. The sex scenes aren't cringy (but that's a matter of personal opinion) overall an excellent read. 


Okay, not really, but it's still hot. Basically sexy alien babes (ergo the name of the story) with GIANT ego's who have sex on the brain. Surprisingly little sex, and the sex that is prescent is tastefully presented. I've never been a fan of role reversal stories where we have a male protagonist being treated like a woman, but it's a nice thought experiment. This story manages to present that in a way that doesn't feel forced, with a protagonist that doesn't simpyl give in and do things they way they're expected to.

As a result the protagonist is much easier to relate to, and I found myself relating to the protagonist almost accidentally; since I came into this thinking I would hate it to one degree or another. Admitedly the title doesn't alude to high quality writing to any degree. Luckily or I suppose unexpectedly the writing in pretty much top quality, beyond top quality for this site in fact. Althought ater trawling the internet for sites like Royal Road there are a lot of them filled with absolute trash, puting this site pretty high up there in terms of average quality in the first place. Because to be fair it at elast seems like most of the authors on this site at least try to be either original or at the very least put in a real attempt to use proper grammar and spelling at least half the time (because holy shit I've read a few things that used english and made no sense at all depite it).

As an author myself this story reminds me off something I thought about writing ages ago, and decided not to because I was eighteen and had only just started writing. Zero confidence, zero prospects, zero motivation; there was no way in hell I'd have ever actually made something like this.

Lol; instead I failed at being an adult for half a decade and then started writing Tale of the Elder Witch, before promptly dropping it and forcusing on other things. Anyway, sorry for the 'life sotry' type rant. This story just made me feel nostaligc as fuck.

Can't wait for more, because this is kind of amazingly great.


Not an original concept, but not badly done either

Reviewed at: Chapter Eighteen (NSFW)

   So a couple of people have noticed the simularities between this work and a webnovel, book... free e-book?- that came out in 2007 called the Subjugation series by James Galloway (Fel). Since none of the other reviews have mentioned it, I will talk about it. The simularities are remarkable from the first chapter:

Humanity is conquered by a remarkably humanoid race that has vastly superior technology.

The conquerers' females are the dominate sex in their race, acting more like males of our race then women. 

They, at face value, appear to run earth better than the humans do.

The names of the main characters are both Jason, and are both engineering students learning about their conquerers technology.

The plot is set in motion when the main character gets into a fight with an imperial marine and subsequently defeats her, causing problems for their lives.

   Okay from this you may be thinking: "Ah, this author is just plagiarising Fel!" And you would be wrong, as after the first chapter the plot of sexy space babes takes a radically different route. The two jasons in these stories are also appear very different: Subjugation's Jason a really talented engineer, has done martial arts for years, and even knows how to fly planes. His story archs in subjugation are him getting a grasp on being the conquered and the freedom fighter in his soul. By contrast, SSB's Jason doesn't seem to be inately talented in way. Hes intelligent sure, but he wins his fight more... normally... than because of any exceptionaly skill. 

   Despite the concept being lifted from Fel, even just nine chapteres in Bluefish seems to be shaping up to actually explore questions that are begged by the world's gender flipped invaders, concepts such as race, rape, and how our women have to view the world. Subjugation, frustratingly, doesn't have too much to say about this, or really anything brought up in the course of the book. I can hope that more than just being an lust erotic verision of Subjugation, that Sexy Space Babes will use its content to actually explore deeper issues. (Through to be honest, I quite like a bit of erotic content too)

   So to actually review what is written here, I don't actually have much to add that other reviewer's haven't already. At the time of this review, the fiction only has nine chapters, and really can go anywhere. What has been written so far, while not particularly his own concept, is still well written to justify reading. Grammer is on point, and isn't an issue. The sex scenes are well written, and not overtly long. The aliens culture is being developed nicely. This will be a review that I probably have to come back to as a story arch gets wrapped up, but I will be reading till then. If you have enjoyed this work, you may enjoy subjugation by Fel, linked above. I look forward to seeing where Sexy Space Babes goes.


EDIT: Whoops! I have come back to this review a month later to see how its doing and just noticed that the name of the webnovel I mentioned was not present. In hindsight, it should be obvious that RR doesn't like hyperlinks in the review, I've fix that, and still have nothing to add. Review is still only good up to chapter 9.