Celestial Forge

by Chaosreordered

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Progression Xianxia

To those I leave behind,

 I write this so that you may know the reason for the end of our age, the breaking of the Order of the Arcane and their gods, and the truth of the Celestial Forge. Let me tell you of how I first came to eat of the Celestial manna and harness the Wandering Flame. May this guide you to understanding. 

-Schin Ka’Tharos


This is a progression and high fantasy adventure with some martial arts underpinnings told through the eyes of Schin Ka’Tharos, arguably the most significant person to have existed in the world of Ga’el. His story is his last gift to mankind. This is Cradle and Coiling Dragon meets Wheel of Time and Name of the WInd while balancing fast pacing and rich worldbuilding. Serious and dark tones intertwine within this ultimately heroic tale. It is an action focused story but the magic system lends itself to some “making” aspects.

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