Scoundrel's Folly

by LifeArt

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Mythos Progression
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content



Evil is evil.

Lesser, greater, middling.

The definition of evil has blurred through the centuries and milenia, its meaning arbitrary.

If a gun was pointed at my head and I were told to make a choice between a lesser greater or middling evil.

I'd rather not choose at all and die.

For one simple reason, my death shall bring solace to those who hate me and little to no sorrow for my loved ones.

For my nature is human and humans are inherently evil.

Some say that humanity is inherently evil, but is it ?

It is.

No animal has tried to hurt me of ill will, it was a self defensive mechanism which had been ingrained in to it's mind through ageless time.

Yet a human has, many times, too many to count.

Lovers have betrayed me, men who I've called friends stabbed me in the back to spend their time.

Humanity is twisted and wicked, we have the sense of right and wrong and yet we still do harm unto others even when we know it is wrong.

And for what?

Because we are bored and when harm is done out of boredom it is the true form of evil.

Most of us fear the night for it is dark and full of terrors which we do not understand.

 And yet we do not realise we are those monsters that roam the night.

We terrorize our fellow humans to quench our greed and thirst for thrill, and an adrenaline rush to speed up our lives.

We made legends to prove humans are not evil or frenzied beasts, yet all of those mythoses are based upon humans.

Humanity is evil and to disprove our nature we made legends to give ourselves salvation from our inherently evil nature.

Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling…

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