Of Sand and Shadows (Pokémon)

by HelloYellow17

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Desperate to escape the lawless region of Orre, an ex-criminal named Wes tried to leave the desert and his past behind. Not everything goes to plan, however, and soon he is caught in the middle of a war raging from the shadows, fighting to save the very region he was trying to forsake.

A Pokémon Colosseum novelization like you've never seen. Updates weekly on Saturdays.

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Noob review his favorite Pokemon game

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Interference

Warning I'm no spelling wiz not do I have a college degree in anything remotely  literature base so take everything I say with a hint of salt and this review is coming from a guy who has played way to much Pokemon and this still being my favorite and this is my first review and I'm using a phone so grammer didn't leave it was never here now on to the review

the characters:  the character are confidently fleshed out and we get time to know them I was worried we would get next to nothing in the characters department or we would get what we already know from the character with out developing any further but that not the case some small step here and there have shown there will be step and have been steps being made to advance the story and the story deviate almost right away with how escape making it it's own story and for Grammer...... I'll just wait till somebody that actually know how to write a college paper without getting about 50 correction every paper but I will say I saw no huge flaw and the flow was never interrupted by something obvious