Part 1

Amira ran through the streets of Vlakias, alarm bells ringing and shouting from the walls could be heard from the middle of town.

She pulled her dress up with one hand and continued running, she needed to find her mother. Screams sounded closer and closer. One alarm bell fell silent.

“They were inside the city.” she thought. “I have to hurry!”

Amira rounded a corner and halted in her tracks. Dozens of enormous creatures were flooding the streets headed straight for the castle. She stumbled back behind the corner out of view and peeked around the wooden house she hid behind.

A massive monster the size of a small house walked through the street and froze at the entrance of the castle. It raised a giant paw and smashed into the stone walls.

Amira ducked behind the house as rocks and debris flew everywhere. She heard its scaled body push its way into the castle, ignoring the weight of stone and damage it caused.

King Erik was inside, “The Vog must be after him,” she thought. Torn between finding her mother and wanting to aid the king, Amira dashed back the way she came and decided to loop around and see if she could enter the castle.

Stones had fallen outward from the castle roof and provided a stepping stone to a window that would lead to the throne room. Several stones slid out from under her but she managed to keep her balance.

Amira reached the window and pulled her head up, looking inside.

“Wait!” a man shouted.

The room was dark but Amira spotted the enormous monster from before, close to the king.

There was a long pause and Amira didn’t dare move or breath for several seconds. She noticed the king lying on the ground switching. He seemed to be in extreme pain and his body convulsed several times.

“Ugggh,” she heard him groan in pain.

The monster’s eyes were dark blue and glowing. Amira’s foot slipped on a rock and she nearly fell, making noise. She thought for sure they would come for her and kill her then and there but nothing happened. She let a few seconds pass before daring another look.

Instantly regretting the decision, Amira looked into the deep blue eyes of the creature and it stared back at her, obviously noticing her spying. Sheer panic and fear froze her body.

A moment later it looked away and left the castle. The smaller monsters followed after it and Amira saw Erik lying on the stone floor alone.

Overcoming her fear she lifted herself into the opening and slipped through the window. Not wanting to hurt herself from the fall, Amira slid down the wall with her hands outstretched then dropped to the floor.

And landed heavily, almost twisting her ankle but she managed to roll to her side to avoid breaking her ankle entirely.

She scrambled to her feet, her dress almost making her trip, and made her way over to the king.

Amira had never met king Erik but frequently saw him. As far as kings went, he was a good and fair king and the people loved him for his care and priority to the people.

He started mumbling and Amira listened.

“Who is Kaladin?” Erik whispered. His head shook a few times then he fell still.

She had ample training in medical schools and she instantly knew he had fainted, probably from the pain. Amira quickly removed a small vial for relieving pain and trickled several drops into his mouth.

There was a large hole in his shirt where his chest was. Working quickly she opened his shirt and noticed the large scar. It looked like an old scar but Amira could have sworn it had just happened.

Immediately after, she couldn’t help but admire his muscular tone. He was fit for a king who lived in luxury his whole life. Amira snapped out of her gawking and tried to figure out how to help him. He had no visible wounds or bruises. Only the scar. “What had the beast done to him?” she thought.

Shouting and footsteps made her aware of approaching soldiers. “Here!” she yelled.

Four soldiers rushed into the room from a side door. One looked injured but nothing serious.

“Lord King!” they shouted.

“Is he alive?” one asked.

“Yes. He is unconscious.” Amira assured them. “Are any of you wounded?”

“See to the king first.” they all said.

“I have. There is nothing more I can do for him.” Amira said. Though truthfully she hadn’t done anything for him. “His wounds are not physical.”

“Who are you?” one soldier asked.

“I am Amira,” she replied.

“Oh.” another soldier said. “You are the healer from town?”

“Yes,” Amira confirmed. “You have heard of me?”

“Who hasn’t? You’re famous, ma’am.” the guard who recognized her said.

“I’ll ask again, are any of you injured?” she asked for the second time.

“Yes. Captain Torstein is wounded. He was hit in the head by one of the rocks when that thing came crashing through the wall.”

“Where is he?” she asked.

“Down there.” he pointed.

“Take me to him,” Amira commanded.

Three men stayed with king Erik and the other soldier got to his feet and led her to where their captain lay. He too was unconscious.

“What is your name, soldier?” Amira asked.

“Durlan, ma’am,” he said.

Amira kneeled next to Torstein and examined his head.

“Durlan. I’m going to need you to brace his head for me,” she instructed. “His wound needs to be cleaned then stitched.”

“Alright.” he obeyed.

Amira slid her satchel off her shoulder and rummaged through it. She pulled out alcohol and gauze. She dripped alcohol on the wound and with one strip of gauze wiped away the blood and soot from his head. She pulled out a needle and wire.

“What’s that for?” Durlan asked.

“He needs stitches.” Amira explained. “Don’t worry. He’ll be fine.”

Piercing his skin with the needle she slowly and carefully sowed his wound and cut the end after finishing. Then placed another strip on the wound and wrapped several long strips of gauze around his head.

“There. All done.” she smiled.

“Thank you ma’am.” Durlan smiled back. “When will he wake up?”

“I can’t tell for sure but maybe in a few hours.” Amira guessed. “Half an hour, it depends on how serious it is.”

She gathered her things and stood. “I’m sorry but I must go.”

“Wait. Where are you going?” Durlan asked.

“I have to find my mother,” she said.


Part 2

Amira left swiftly and without answering any more questions. The entrance to the castle was in ruin but she started running for her home once she crawled through the rubble.

She hiked up her dress again while running and probably looked ridiculous but she didn’t care. Her mother was supposed to be in the underground bunker that Torstein had ordered every woman and child to be escorted to before nightfall.

Amira had refused to go until she retrieved her medical supplies from her clinic. She was in the process of gathering essential items when the city alarm bells rang. She abandoned most of the supplies but kept her satchel in the rush. Unfortunately, it had the bare minimum medicine for small flesh wounds only. She would make do with what she had.

After minutes of running her breath became heavy and she slowed to a trot. She wasn’t used to running after years of studying and managing her clinic. Exercise was never in her schedule yet she managed to stay thin. She blessed her mother for her good genes and figure.

Slowing to a brisk walk, Amira turned the last corner and saw a huge crowd of women and children. “They must have opened the doors.” she thought. “Have the monsters all gone?”

“Mother!” she shouted into the crowd. She was encouraged by the state of people, no one seemed hurt and dozens of guards surrounded the area. “Irine! Where are you?”

“Amira?” a voice reached her over the buzz of the crowd.

“Mother! I’m here!” she raised her hands waving toward the sound of her name.

“Amira!” Irine shouted.

Her mother parted the crowd and rushed toward her, her arms outstretched. Amira hurried forward to meet her mother.

“Oh, dear! You’re safe.” Irine started sobbing. “When the bells rang… I feared the worst.”

“It’s alright mother. I’m okay.” Amira assured her.

“What took you so long?” her mother asked.

“I-I stopped to help someone,” Amira said. “I tried to get back in time but... I saw them. They blocked my path.”

“The creatures from Vori?” Irine asked.

“Yes… Mother…. It was horrible. I was so scared.” Amira cried into her mother’s shoulder.

“It’s okay. All that matters is that you are safe dear.” Irine comforted her daughter.

“Quiet!” a man shouted. “Please! Quiet down!”

Murmurs from the crowd of frightened women and children died down.

“The beasts have left the city!” the soldier shouted. “We don’t know if they will be coming back… so I need you all to go back inside for your own safety!”

“Where is the king?” someone shouted.

“What are you going to do?” someone else shouted, which caused an eruption of questions to follow.

“Please! Quiet down! Quiet!” the soldier yelled over the crowd. “When we have secured the city again… we will go from there.”

He hesitated but the crowd stayed silent, listening to his every word.

“We haven’t had contact from king Erik but in the meantime, my men and I will be securing the walls and searching for the king.” he paused again. “Please do not panic. We are doing everything we can to protect the city.”

Loud murmuring and buzzes of conversation sparked up again but stayed at a minimum.

“Single file! Go back inside!” several guards shouted. “Any information we obtain will be relayed to you as soon as we know about it!”

“Come mother. Let’s go inside where it’s safe.” Amira said softly.


About the author


Bio: Hello, all. I am a new aspiring author and I'm extremely excited to share my stories. I've always loved writing and bringing the ideas in my head to life, though it was only recently that I began to write on a more serious level. I have many many books I wish to write and I hope I can share them with you all in the future. I have a lot to learn but I hope to grow into a more experienced and learned writer.

I don't shy away from gore, which will be present in all my books to come. I hate plot armor, and I do everything I can to make things as real as possible. Real decisions, consequences, logical outcomes, and making a darn good story are my main focus.

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