Roll With It

Chapter 2 - DEAN

Dean Gibson paced in circles as she slipped on the Japanese schoolgirl cosplay Lodi had dug out of their bags and insisted she wear. Well, that wasn't her at the moment. She was Miranda Baker, wife of Nick Baker. She should've felt comfortable in the padded bra she wore, the high cut of her silken underwear, and the way the school uniform fell across her bust. But Dean was still poking out, like a hand to keep her from tiptoeing off the cliff.

She wondered if Lodi had that mental net. Not that Lodi ever really restrained her feelings. Nick was all over her as soon as the door joining the rooms had been closed and locked.

Lodi had been begging for this for ages, ever since she knew the die could do it. When Lodi said she twisted his arm, the others probably thought it was a metaphor but he knew it wasn't. She cornered him in the kitchen and, while she just fixed his sore elbow, had him in a very tight lock. He couldn't say no.

"Babeee? You're not getting yourself off in there, aaaaare you?" Hearing a deep, masculine voice speak Lodi's playful words startled Miranda for a second. She cleared her throat, tried to find a tone that made her comfortable, and answered, "Not anymore!" Miranda flashed a few teeth at her reflection.

Nick begged, "Let me help." But Miranda reassured him she was almost done.

Turning and checking her outfit, she felt her smile grow. She was still herself but, at the same time, she was totally changed. Her mind knew this was all normal. She was certain of where she'd gone to school. The girl's gym was mundane and not exotic. And thinking about Nick got her going as much as thinking about Lodi.

At the same time, the twisty, warm feeling between her legs was like a feedback loop that threatened to burst. The weight of her breasts made her want to bounce on her legs a little. And her behind felt like it could swallow someone up. She thrilled over the idea of being someone different but an invisible force kept her rooted in Dean. She knew why but she did her best not to think about it.

The die had worked perfectly, she reassured herself. There was nothing to worry about.

So, she strutted out the door and didn't keep her husband waiting any longer. He watched as she made her best effort to prance with an ethereal, graceful feminine allure. But rerolling could only do so much with the source material. So, she swung her arms a bit and batted her eyelashes with an open smile. Nick led her onto the bed.

Even though Lodi could be more rough-and-tumble than a wrestler, Miranda appreciated how gently Nick kissed her and stroked her long hair before things got hot and sweaty. More than anything, Miranda fretted about ripping a seam on the cosplay since the rerolled version of her had spent a long time sewing it.

Sex was sex and Dean was just happy to be with Lodi, no matter her form. It felt good in some ways, amazing in others, and even subtly-terrifying beyond that. She pondered the thickness of the walls while wearing little more than the bed covers.

Nick hadn't gone to sleep yet but he looked worn out. Miranda ran her slim, soft arm up and down his broad arm, tempted to go lower again.


"Hm?" Nick seemed to respond more to her question than the name she used.

Miranda took a deep breath. "Nick...I was just wondering if you're alright. With all of this."

Nick gave a hearty chuckle. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Stifling her concerns with a quick smile, she muttered, "Of course. I just...wanna make sure. you." Even though they were just three small, quick words, Miranda spoke them with a breathless certainty, less pillow-talk than a prayer. Nick noticed.

His eyes narrowed slightly, Nick asked, " alright? I didn't fuck you too hard, did I?"

While her little laugh seemed unconvincing, Miranda ended his questions with a long kiss. After they'd cleaned up together, they actually got out and walked the vendors who were set up. Miranda received plenty of questions about her blue hair from jealous girls, curious guys, and random photographers. She muttered her way through a bunch of chemical terms that only the guys at her normal work would call bullshit on.

After tracing the open areas of the convention floor, checking the schedule, and battling in a 2D fighter on a MAME arcade system, Miranda and Nick texted the others to meet up at a pizza place next to Caesar's Palace on the Strip. Despite the fact they held hands the whole way, Miranda had to shoo people away trying to give Nick flyers for gentlemen's clubs. One girl even casually tried to recruit her after a glance at her bust. Nick just wiggled his eyebrows.

Pearl arrived with Clair in tow and Clair had taken to calling her "big sister", which made Pearl blush frantically as she adjusted her glasses. She had some of the same flyers Miranda chucked in the trash. May, however, had a full collection when she arrived and declared, "Vegas is the best!"

Suzy wandered in last with just one flyer in her hands and a distant, wistful gaze. Miranda checked in with everyone. They hadn't wandered far from the venue but May said she had a date later. Pearl didn't want to say much but claimed she was alright while nervously cutting her pizza with a fork. Clair was only interested in whether this place had gelato and that it, "better be chocolate!". Suzy sat up and cited all the "amazing girl stuff" she did. Mostly going to a public restroom and nervously standing around some other girls.

Miranda swallowed a question that formed in her mind. Did Suzy or any of the others want to stay this way? It wasn't worth entertaining. This was just a weekend. No matter what the die could or couldn't do, it was too risky to even seed the idea. Still, Miranda could see herself living like this but that might've been the magic talking, even with her feet still grounded.

That night, in bed, with Nick finally sleeping after they'd had a different kinda fun with Animal Crossing on their Nintendo Switches, she touched his face gently. Lodi was so beautiful, even like this. She didn't deserve him. He didn't deserve her. No matter how their souls connected, she knew she would always be the lesser, the blessed one, simply lucky.

She'd broken the rules of the die once. She didn't dare to do it again.


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