Dust: A Romantic Apocalyptic LitRPG Novel

by DrBoson

When a strange dust storm hits the Berkeley campus, a thousand years of technological progress are wiped out in a matter of hours. Two students, socially anxious Alf and triple-amputee Blix, must fight for survival while clouds of swirling dust turn their safe, familiar world into a monster-filled apocalypse. Then, because things aren't crazy enough, a female voice inside Alf’s head claims he's her avatar. If he doesn't keep her entertained, she'll take back the controls.


If you like stories that start out with perfect, over-powered, emotionally withdrawn alpha male protagonists, this story isn't for you.

If you like stories that start out with physically perfect, demure, wilting-violet female protagonists, this story also isn't for you.

If you're looking for harems or murderhoboes or objectification or porn, then you should probably look elsewhere.

But if you are a romantic and have the patience to watch two imperfect characters blossom over time, then welcome to my world.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Alf: A Short Character Introduction ago
Blix: A Short Character Introduction ago
Alf: Group Therapy ago
Blix: Cloudburst ago
Alf: Swarmed ago
Blix: Invasion ago
Alf: Unravelled ago
Blix: Bodies ago
Alf: Freaks ago
Blix: Ridiculous ago
Alf: Blades ago
Blix: Pleased as Punch ago
Alf: Uphill Battle ago
Blix: Shelter in Place ago
Alf: Paradise ago
Jane: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ago
Alf: Start ago
Blix: Dissociative Identity Disorder ago
Alf: Win or Lose ago
Blix: Test Drive ago
Alf: Rat Race ago
Blix: Sitting in a Tree ago
Alf: Level Two ago
Chapter 24. Blix: Equilibrium ago
Chapter 25. Alf: Crying Wolf ago
Chapter 26. Blix: Sweet Dreams ago
Chapter 27. Alf: Med School ago
Chapter 28. Jane: Disastrous Disaster ago
Chapter 29. Alf: Orcestration ago
Chapter 30. Blix: Eye of the Beholder ago
Chapter 31. Alf: It Takes a Village ago
Chapter 32. Alexander: War ago
Chapter 33. Alf: Player Characters ago
Chapter 34. Blix: Autopilot ago
Chapter 35. Alf: Elsewere ago
Chapter 36: Jane: Unexpected Expectations ago
Chapter 37. Blix: Shopping Time ago
Chapter 38. Alf: A Moment of Weakness ago
Chapter 39. Blix: This Isn't Me ago
Chapter 40. Alf: Yes It Is ago
Chapter 41. Jane: Go To Your Room ago
Chapter 42. Blix: Alienated ago
Chapter 43. Alf: Tomato Tomato ago
Chapter 44. Blix: E-I-E-I-O ago
Chapter 45. Alf: Narmal ago
Chapter 46. Blix: Gee-Up ago
Chapter 47. Jane: War ago
Chapter 48. Alf: Party ago
Chapter 49. Blix: Party ago
Chapter 50. Alf: Loot ago
Chapter 51. Blix: Impeded ago
Chapter 52. Alf: Out Leveled ago
Chapter 53. Blix: Possessed ago
Chapter 54. Alf: Tweet Buzz ago

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If you're looking for a unique, well-crafted story with characters who grow, change, and don't always behave as they're supposed to, look no further. This is an exciting read - I got hooked before I knew it and can't wait to see where it goes next!

I think one of its biggest strengths is in the unusual pairing of main characters. They're messed up people and a little over the top, but they're consistently portrayed, and once you get to know them they're real. And the dynamic between them is the heart of the story. I love a story where characters grow from obscurity into herohood, and I love me some good dark creepy worldbuilding, and this story has both of those in spades, but it's that core dynamic between Alf and Blix that keeps me coming back for more.

The worldbuilding is nothing to sneeze at either, though - I've loved the dribble of hints around the nature of the world that's been flowing since chapter one. From where I am now, there's still a lot of mystery to be uncovered, but I like where it's going and have high hopes that this could be something unlike anything I've ever seen. 

King V

I Truly Love this Story ! Just the flow of the story makes you want to keep reading! the chaotic feel of the characters fits so well with the world literally falling apart around them! Well done writer! 

Only thing I would ask is that we do see change and growth in the characters as the story progresses, nothing immediate but as they continue to survive and beet the odds, they grow in confidence! So many times the MC starts already self assured but with this story not so much. Seriously cant wait for more !


Like the story and the plot so far.

My only big complaint is the litrpg and stat progression need some rethinking, restructuring, or maybe just some overall love and attention spent on it…………

and a few last unimportant random words to fill out the min required word count here....and done


Really need to grow MC some backbone

Reviewed at: Alf: Win or Lose


Le début était bon même si le monde entier n'était pas si bon, il y avait une certaine logique, mais à chaque hapitre, ils ne s'améliorent pas avec le MC et avec l'histoire qui commence à être plus étrange, il ne laisse pas le temps à MC d'ajuster son personnage ou du moins être moins lâche. haaaaaaaaaa à la fin, ceux qui ne craignent pas de lire un lâche MC qui ne grandit pas même avec tout ce qui change autour de lui avec extraterrestre, vous pouvez aller lire mais ce n'est pas pour lui. c'est une limite à la stupidité, même quelqu'un avec un faible QI je sais quand changer d'avis et de caractère

so here i will said author don't take it the wrong way , it's your story do as you please you need make more detail and i hope if i come back later MC will change because i have been too many time disappointed whith this kind of MC. and even if i didn't read all the chapters i can already saw what will happen next : him keeping thinking that being controled can help him but here we have too girl who keep using him and at the end he will fall in love for the FL and she will also later blablabla hope i don't have reason otherwise i don't now what to say