RE: Souls War Apocalyse

RE: Souls War Apocalyse

by Camille d'irithyl

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

When I and every other humans on earth have been summoned to the cursed world of Yvelmore, to serve as a front-line soldier in an impossible war against an invasion of nightmarish creatures, I knew right away that something was going to go wrong.

I was right. The war? Hell, we lost it so much all the nations of the world have been destroyed and all the races have disappeared. Me? I was a veteran who survived until the end. Was I strong? Fuck yeah of course I was, except ... it was useless, I died like everybody else. 

The bad news? When I thought it was finally over, I woke up in the past, the moment I was summoned to the beginning of the war. Come on, seriously? Do I really have to go through all that again? What? And everything restarts every time I die? No... are you fucking kidding me? Right?

Genre: Action, Adventure, Medieval Apocalypse, Times Loops, Progression, War & Fantasy, Grimdark, Magic, Horror,  LitRPG (but RP).

Tone: Despair at the firsts chapters (which makes sense for a story that begins with the end of the world, doesn't it?), and lots of humor and stupid situations after to lighten the tone of the story. (Oh, and the MC is NOT a psychopath, a rapist, a hypocrite, or human garbage, so sorry for those who like that, because I don't like that).

Note: Expect this story to contain grammatical errors and occasional random conjugations. I am learning English, and I have made a lot of progress, but I still have some gaps. So if you're allergic to it, don't read this story, you would inevitably be disappointed.

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A Good Story Built on a Solid Premise

Reviewed at: Welcome to hell

What I’ve read of this story so far is good, no doubt about it.

The story throws the reader right into the action, wasting no time on pointless details or trivial distractions. It is definitely not weighed down by excessive worldbuilding or needless exposition, unlike many stories that I (and probably almost any reader, for that matter) have read in the past. The author does not make the rookie mistakes of detailing every single sensation Mars experiences or painstakingly stating the reason behind every character’s actions and words. Rather, the story moves along at a brisk pace, and there is no point whatsoever at which the reader ought to be even remotely bored by or disinterested in the events described. Props to the author for knowing how to keep the reader engaged.

Mars' goal is clearly defined and not overly complicated — he just wants to survive. He doesn’t have convoluted motives or contrived reasons behind his actions. Everything he has done so far is driven by this one raw and primal desire, which is a refreshing change of pace from the many protagonists with hopelessly complex backstories and frustratingly inconsistent motivations. This makes it easy for the reader to empathize with Mars, which encourages that much more of a bond between the reader and the main character.

I suppose there are some grammatical errors to be found in this story, but I don’t feel that they detracted much at all from my reading experience. The prose is clearly written and succinct, which I personally feel is a lot more important to the reader’s overall experience than having absolutely perfect grammar from start to finish.

All in all, this is a highly unique story that paints an uncompromising picture of an uncaring world full of death and decay. The vivid descriptions of bloodshed and violence reinforce the notion that the reader has truly stepped into Hell itself, making you honestly feel like you are walking alongside Mars on his dreadful and nightmarish journey. The instances of dark humor interspersed throughout the story do not take away from this feeling, but rather accentuate and supplement it quite nicely.

If you’re in the mood for something fresh and unique with a distinctive mood and atmosphere — a story that you don’t feel like you’ve read a million times before — definitely consider giving this a read.


Read It For Some Bloody Entertainment.

Reviewed at: Welcome to hell

I really liked the first two chapters. They were highly engaging and enjoyable.

To sum it up in as few words as possible, it is a blood-soaked Time Loop story. Those definitely seem to have been catching on lately, and I think the author has the potential to claim a piece of that Time Loop pie with this story.

The atmosphere of the novel is very reminiscent of Diablo. At least, that was certainly the first thing that came to mind when I was reading it. The world seems like one that is made entirely out of viscera, destruction, and the crushed dreams of children. 

Only a few small grammar mistakes here and there, but that's typical for web serials since most authors don't have proofreaders and certainly not editors. Perhaps, a bit too many comma heavy sentences. Still, I don't know if it's necessarily wrong for them to be that way as they do seem to flow well.

Read it for some bloody entertainment.


It's alright, so far...

Reviewed at: Doomed World

I'm kinda fond of grimdark and diablo-esque settings. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys similar settings, or for that matter, Dark Souls stuff. It seems this is the vibe that the author is going with!

Narrative-wise, I suggest integrating world-building of the setting as you write out the chapter. You can maybe try this through Mars's inner monologue, explaining who and what the demons are, the army he's in, etc. Unfortunately, not much is offered in terms of explanation, and this is something I feel can be improved because the first chapter is what establishes the setting and stuff.

Grammar-wise, I did spot a few typos and grammar errors. I understand that English isn't the author's first language, and I suppose to keep things simple and minimise complications, it would be best to stick to past-tense since this story is written in a third-person PoV.

Lore-wise, the way monsters and factions are introduced can be done more organically. Short explanations are best here, and since Mars is a veteran of many battles, he should be able to identify the types of demons he's fighting, so that should help in naming the demons in a smooth and non-intrusive manner.

Hmm... yeah. That should be it!


We follow an Mc that got back to time after the annihilation of his planet. classic plot.

What I like is the execution of this well-known formula. The world is dark, humanity is just a meat shield, there is almost no chance of winning. Even if the Mc will be quickly OP the task is absolutely colossal.

The best is the pessimism of the MC. He does not think that he will save the place and The Hero. Nop, he is thinking of sharing his memory of the past with the best one and let them do the job.

The author is clearly motivated, and listen to feedback. 

Well, I hope for less explanation and more action or drama, but this is only the start. 5/5 to boost the story.

Thank you Camille for this story. We just need moooore chapters.


Good concept, strong execution

Reviewed at: 5: New chance

We have a isekai, reincernator who just wants to survive in this messed up world, because the stack are too much against him in this coming apocalypse.

Author made this a much richer and better executed novel than the first time. And so far, as of chapter 5 I can only give him 5 stars.

What I dont like is the name of the MC, Mars. I get that it is a roman God of War but it reminds me more of the candy.


Although small, this is a very good story. It hooked me off right from the start through beautiful descriptions and good narration.

I like the way the author is presenting his story. I don't see any info dumps, the whole story is presented to us through the action and the thoughts of the main character. The only thing I would like to point out is to be careful with some descriptions as a few seem a bit forced.

In regards to the story, I am a bit biased as I really love this genre. Magic, apocalypse, getting summoned to another world, I like each of these a lot, and the author has presented these themes in a professional way which sparked my curiosity in the beginning and made me more interested in the story along the way.

A few grammar mistakes here and there, nothing major that impairs reading in any way. Regarding the main character, even though there only three chapters right now, for me it seems from the inner dialogue he has that he will come to be a very relatable and likeable character.

All in all, it was a very pleasant read for me, keep it up author!


Author rewrote the story and it's a significant +

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Awards

Overall the descriptions of the demons, souls and the apocalyptic atmosphere are the strongest point, pacing and character are a little on the duller side at the moment but it's beginning to pick up speed from what I can tell.

I'd strongly advise powering through the first 3/4 chapters. I'm not sure if it's just me or more people experienced this but I felt that it's quite a long haul of what is effectively setting the stage. That said, after the re-write, the explanation and description of the setting is much more coherent. I will shamelessly admit that I dropped the story after reading the original editions first 4 or 5 chapters, but I think i'll stick with this version a bit longer and see how it goes.

Other than that this feels like a pretty standard Isekai'd/LitRPG story. It's feels like the MC is generally acting like an older and jaded man rather than an annoying teen so that's another big ++. The time stuff and the overall "I know what's gonna happen and i'm experienced AF makes me super OP (relatively)" is nothing new but again, we're only 9 chapters in. This story is still very much able to go in any direction quality wise. I'll happily alter the No. of stars if that occurs.

Author - gotta keep an eye out for spelling and grammar mistakes. They're pretty rare but considering this is post-re-write it just makes it feel that much worse to stumble across them. 

Henry Morgan

4 out of 5 stars. Fun, unusual story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Trial

I can't get enough of this story, it is a different take on what would happen if our isekai dreams came true. The actual realities of that would probably fall far short of your average japanese light novel and probably be extremely short, painfull and bloody for your averge person.

The MC in this fiction was able to beat the odds and outlive most of his peers, cast back into the past, he tries to alter the course of future events.

I like the main charactor, he's irreverent and a bit head-strong, but he is able to use the meat between his ears for more than just insulation. He is able to think his actions through (most of the time).

Hope this fiction continues, can't wait to see where it goes.