Prince of Demons

by vVip3rzzz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Noah Hugh lived a lonely life not wanting to share his pain with others, meeting his death at a untimely accident. Born again as the sole child of the Demon Queen Eshir Exodus, a demon of unparalleled might, Noah's a little bit more hopeful for the future. 

Once Noah Hugh, Now Faith Exodus in a world where his quests to fix the mistakes of his past lonely life, are often misunderstood as the schemes of a black hearted Demon.

He's the Prince of demons,

the morally improving kind 

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Its allllright. Its like one of those japanese light novel wish fullfilment stories written by a literal 17 yo so not much to expect really. The grammar is atrocious and it takes away from teh story. The actual story itself is nothing more than wishfullfilment. No real plot other than I am already the strongest, potential future face slapping, fking and bending people into submission. Classic young master serial. Plot is essentially about a demon prince half dragon of two royal blood lines and has the cliche shadow power that is hailed as oh so rare.

Checks all cliches really. Like the unnecessary meaningless reincarantion troupe, the powerful parents troupe, the basic but oh so rare magic troupe, young master troupe, the epic weapon of a different era troupe, cute bitches troupe etc etc.

Well don't go in expecting much. But if you shut your mind off completely its enjoyable, just like it is while reading most poorly written run of the mill factory churned japanese light novelz


I would avoid this one.

Reviewed at: (Ch 7)Growing

OK, I feel guilty now that I know the author is 17y/o,,,,sigh....I'm gonna tack on another star in consideration of that fact.

Grammar is bad. Voice of the author is not compelling. I found it impossible to get full immersion in the story. I couldn't empathize with any of the characters including the MC. The plot has potential but most oppurtunities are passed by for stupid power-up OP-ness. My BIGGEST gripe is that the author has createdcharacters with over-the-top contrived OP-ness...and I don't mean they are incredibly powerful, I mean that every description of the characters takes the most ludicrously powerful option! It's boring. I would liken the story to really obnoxious power-up Wuxia that is written by a very green author. I normally don't write such scathing reviews however I am under the impression that the authors target is what we get in this story...which is no good imo.


The grammar is not very good eg. thrown instead of throne. (This example is a recurring mistake.)

Sentences are often overly repetitive with Faith the protagonist thinking over and over how for example his mother is awesome. 

'Show don't tell' is just missing from the fiction, which is something one really notices. 

There is generally also weird sentence structure throughout the fiction.

It would be ok-ish to read if you used something like Grammarly to correct the grammar but right now it's like a badly translated light novel.


Well done for the genre

Reviewed at: (ch 18)Awake

This genre of overpowered since young is usually horribly written but this story is very well done even if parts of it still make me want to cringe. The fact that there is actually some world building certainly helps the story.

it might not have been updated for a few weeks but I look forward to more.


This book is so wholesome it's about a lonely boy in his quest for friends but he is an op mc who is socially awkward which makes for some fun misunderstandings. The Mc is so op but that is not the focus of the story so I can excuse it but reply he is only 4 and he is more powerful than most of the people in the book!

Patryk Rys

Its... meh? I mean basicly 90% of chapters after first few are info dumps, but maybe it will change in the future. Mc is... okay? Nothing special, typical OP, loved by everyone, loner from past life. Only cool characters in this novel are his parents and i would love to read more about them. Everyone else (including mc) is 2D and lack... something. World is interesting too but there is way too much breaking of the rule "show don't tell" and afer a while you will caught yourself skipping parts of chapters because of that - and because these info dumps bring absolutly nothing to the story. But its okaish sometimes and i had fun in that 10% of the novel so there is that... 2,5 from me. Not good, not as horrible.