Virlyce Infinity

Virlyce Infinity

by Virlyce

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

One day, Yeoman, our oddly named main character, is thrown into the world of Virlyce's novel A Rational Zombie. If he can clear his mission and make it out alive, perhaps he'll be tossed into The Godking's Legacy or The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons. Who knows? Yeoman might evolve after each mission, but he certainly can't tell you the answer. Follow him as he struggles to survive through Virlyce's infinite worlds!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Rational Zombie Mission Start ago
Chapter 2 - The Smart Infected ago
Chapter 3 - A Friendly Encounter ago
Chapter 4 - First Night ago
Chapter 5 - The Plan ago
Chapter 6 - Fighting the Smart Infected ago
Chapter 7 - Rational Zombie Rewards ago
Chapter 8 - Return to Earth ago
Chapter 9 - Forum Posts ago
Chapter 10 - Training ago
Chapter 11 - GKL Mission Start ago
Chapter 12 - A Fateful Encounter ago
Chapter 13 - Tongue ago
Chapter 14 - Trickster Monkeys ago
Chapter 15 - Mercenaries ago
Chapter 16 - Fat Bears and Vultures ago
Chapter 17 - Mini-Boss ago
Chapter 18 - End of GKL ago
Chapter 19 - GKL Rewards ago
Chapter 20 - Return to Earth Again ago
Chapter 21 - Red ago
Chapter 22 - Vigilantes and Humanity ago
Chapter 23 - Party Mission Start ago
Chapter 24 - Blue Mage Raised by Dragons Missions ago
Chapter 25 - Ella vs Guild Master ago
Chapter 26 - Goblin Camp ago
Chapter 27 - Reasons for Conflict ago
Chapter 28 - English Teacher ago
Chapter 29 - Hobgoblins ago
Chapter 30 - Goblin Shaman ago
Chapter 31 - Goblin King ago
Chapter 32 - Regroup ago
Chapter 33 - Fairy ago
Chapter 34 - Kobold Camp Raid ago
Chapter 35 - Undead ago
Chapter 36 - Raising Intelligence ago
Chapter 37 - Broken Arms ago
Chapter 38 - Masters of Everything ago
Chapter 39 - The Birds and the Bees ago
Chapter 40 - Dryads and Enjoyment ago
Chapter 41 - Dying Wish ago
Chapter 42 - Fountain of Youth ago
Chapter 43 - The Restless Dead ago
Chapter 44 - Celia ago
Chapter 45 - Fruits of Knowledge ago
Chapter 46 - Egg-Stealing Plan ago
Chapter 47 - Fight (1) ago
Chapter 48 - Fight (2) ago
Chapter 49 - Fight (3) ago
Chapter 50 - End of BM ago
Chapter 51 - BM Rewards ago
Chapter 52 - Return to Earth ago
Chapter 53 - Large Animals ago
Chapter 54 - Disasters and a Call ago

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Gamph Madol

I find it hilarious that this both presents itself as if it was a fan fiction, following the trope of traveling through a multiverse of the fan’s favorite content, and reads like one that is simply quite well written. It is the first time I have seen a published author parody their own work in such a way, and it comes across as a quite amusing ironic view of the novels it parodies.

I have only read The Godking's Legacy and The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons before this, so the tone comes across as less humorous and absurdist than I normally associate with Virlyce. However, it is still often amusing, in a more grounded way, and the characters are built and presented in a way that works with the style.

I would not recommend if you are expecting the same feel as The Godking's Legacy or The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons, but it is simply something written differently with just as much quality. It just has a different appeal.

The biggest difference, and the thing I least liked about the story in the early chapters, is the protagonist. Yeoman, oddly enough, is initially kind of painful to read because he feels too dumb.

He is easily the most intelligent Virlyce protagonist I have read so far, but the more reasonable and grounded feeling to the world makes his initial way of acting and reacting to everything feel out of place. He just seems to slow, likely because it does not seem to be a joke and is simply the character being not that bright.

Fortunately, this gets resolved as he develops in later chapters, although it takes almost twenty chapters before it feels like he had completely worked past it. It was something I personally found distracting in the early chapters, which is now absent.

Overall, an excellent read as of chapter 37, with no signs of going down hill.


No seriously, if you've not read ALL of Virlyce's other stories do NOT read this.


If you have, then read away!


It's rather funny, even if the author over hypes himself to cause commedic effect far to much.




Its still pretty early, but Virlyce hasn't dissapointed me yet. I can't wait to see how this story plays out. The quality is, as usual, far better than average, and I personally enjoy the references to previous stories. I hope we get to see the worlds from the rest of Virlyce's works, as well as some original settings. I'm extremely excited about this book, and was honestly starting to worry after having to go so long without a Virlyce chapter to read every morning.

I have always enjoyed Virlyce's writing style. I'm not sure how someone could have any issues with it, but some people just don't like fun. I've already had a few good laughs by chapter 4, without the book seeming too wacky or nonsensical. Since so little has happened yet, all I really know of the story is from the synopsis and what little has happened. Assuming Virlyce didn't lie about what's going to happen for some reason, I am fairly confident we are going to see a creative and original take on the "infinite worlds" trope. I didn't notice any grammar issues, and there certainly wasn't anything that could distract from the story. The characters have not had much time to develop, but it's already apparent that they have depth to them and honestly they are fun to read.


So basically, Virlyce is the ultra best author who wrote books that are super duper totally popular in the real world, some how(ITS THE ALIENS) people are being transported to Virlyce's book with some goal that give them points and they can use this points to modify their body.

Anyway the for a Virlyce protagonist, our main character is surprisingly dull and pushover who mainly defer to opinion of other's as long as they are not his own. And as a Virlyce protagonist, he got some interesting self-reflection on why he is a good person lol. 

What's hillarious about this fic is that the protagonist is forced in funny situation

Such as having accidentally killing people with food that they asked him off, killing someone pretended pretended to be a zombie with the intention of slowly killing of the zombie horde like him. Having his tongue cut off and forced by Lucia to kill of his fellow earthlings, and then break their skull to search some magical core in their brain because Lucia refuse to acknowledge they are actually humans. 

Somehow he is always lucky(or unfortunate) to be the first in person with the highest human murder ranking, its fucking hillarious.