Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

by Sera Cross

Five stones, two estranged siblings, one ex-fiance, and not one spark to protect herself.

Syra is the firstborn heir to the Montari Dragon Clan. She is also a flameless runt--a fact her younger siblings, Cassius and Petra, often repeat. But, she is also a Lightblood. Blessed with high affinity to the land's mana flow, her magical prowess is her one redeeming quality. But when the Ignis dragon, Marrak, attacks the neighboring human kingdom and kills her father, it is her trademark skill that provides hope: shapeshifting.

Nine years after she infiltrated the human city, Marrak resurfaces. With her cover blown, she's sent into foreign lands to hunt down five powerful crystals and stop him from rebuilding the weapon that would leave him invincible, and both human and dragon lands destroyed.

But war is brewing in the human kingdom. Social unrest is shaking every city and the web of rebellion is on the hunt for Lightbloods, making her a glowing target. Enemy ears are everywhere and secrets run deep, even in the people closest to her. And as a wyrmling who can't breathe fire, she is left with bickering twins and a bitter prince in a world where monsters don't always wear scales. 

**Contains depictions of: PTSD, substance abuse, child abuse**

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Sera Cross

Sera Cross

Word Count (11)
1st Anniversary
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
47 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
|Prologue| Casting Stones ago
|Chapter 1| Flameless ago
|Chapter 2| Vayguard ago
|Chapter 3| Broken ago
|Chapter 4| Room for One More ago
|Chapter 5| Queen's Gambit ago
|Chapter 6| Unveiled ago
|Chapter 7| Reunion ago
|Chapter 8| Four's a Crowd ago
|Chapter 9| The Black Thorn & Moon Lily ago
|Chapter 10| A Ribbon for My Lady ago
|Chapter 11| The Witch's Mirror ago
|Chapter 12| The Queen's Riddle ago
|Chapter 13| Omei the Afflicted ago
|Chapter 14| Bookwyrm ago
|Chapter 15| Bookworm ago
|Chapter 16| Cure ago
|Chapter 17| Misty River ago
|Chapter 18| Cabin in the Woods ago
|Chapter 19| Mountains of Morai ago
|Chapter 20| Kiirem ago
|Chapter 21| Ati-Kii ago
|Chapter 22| Rising Mountain & Setting Sun ago
|Chapter 23| Weaver ago
|Chapter 24| Firestone ago
|Chapter 25| Manarail ago
|Chapter 26| Songstress ago
|Chapter 27| Stray ago
|Chapter 28| Ninety-percent Pure ago
|Chapter 29| Monster ago
|Chapter 30| Monkey Wrench ago
|Chapter 31| Knife's Edge ago
|Chapter 32| Hidden Truths ago
|Chapter 33| The Fallacy of Falorn (Pt. 1) ago
|Chapter 33| The Fallacy of Falorn (Pt. 2) ago
|Chapter 34| Mother Tree ago
|Chapter 35| Five of Stones ago
|Chapter 36| Return to Dorrak (Pt. 1) ago
|Chapter 36| Return to Dorrak (Pt. 2) ago
|Chapter 37| Kesh Raza ago
|Chapter 38| Crown of Stones (Pt. 1) ago
|Chapter 38| Crown of Stones (Pt. 2) ago
|Chapter 38| Crown of Stones (Pt. 3) ago
|Chapter 39| Oathkeeper ago
|Chapter 40| A Sleeping Fire Still Burns (Pt. 1) ago
|Chapter 40| A Sleeping Fire Still Burns (Pt. 2) ago
|Chapter 41| Heart of Fire (Pt. 1) ago

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I am thoroughly enjoying this story so far. No noticible grammar or spelling errors, and character dialogue feels very organic. The prose flows very nicely and is a joy to read. 

So far the story is happening at a brisk pace, especially in the first 5 or so chapters where some light world building and character establishment happens before our inciting incident. I would have appreciated some more descriptions in the prologue as a few new races get introduced without a great deal of description. However, they have been expanded upon as our MC, Syra, is introduced to them. This story falls into the show don't tell camp though, which greatly reflects the author's skill at story crafting. 

I'm a bit blown away by how Syra gets treated by the citizens of Altaria when she blows her cover as a dragon. Especially since she was raised by the King, is engaged to the prince, and only revealed her true form to save a group of people from a building collapse (Including her fiance, the prince...).

The kingdoms hatred for dragons feels a bit forced considering prior to the attack by Marrak, Altarians seemed to be allied with the Montani dragons (Syra's tribe).


The characters are mostly very well written. There is a time skip early on that has raised a few questions though as some characters seemed to have had some significant growth off-screen. So far only some small anecdotes ave been shared from this skipped time and I hope we get some more because they are quite insightful. 

Overall I highly recommend this story.