Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me

by Daniel Newwyn

Welcome to Loktharma, where everybody is a superhero from birth. That makes Eugene De Lavet the most special of them all. At eighteen years old, he still has no clue what his superpower is.

Loktharma has never been a fair world. There are Worldbreakers who were born to brandish the power of the universe, warp time-space, destroy lands and continents. There are Craftmasters who control the elements and terrorize countries with their might and wits. There are Commoners who are only gifted with power for the finer arts, architecture, military arts, or small-scale elemental manipulation. Even in an unjust world like Loktharma, there is always one constant: everyone is assigned a Flair since birth; the power to do something extraordinary.

And then there's Eugene. He's been running around in a secluded forest since birth, training and sparring his ass off. While he can wield a blade better than most at his age, he certainly can't throw a giant boulder using the power of his mind, or turn his skin into diamonds. He has no Flair, no purpose for leveling up his stats, and no idea why General Rizeni Baggardo keeps him confined inside a forest for eighteen years. 

At least until Lord Pyro—the Craftmaster of Tailiah—unleashes his fury on the forest, searching for a treasure Eugene doesn't even know exists. On a frantic escape for his life, Eugene starts to realize he was a part of something he's been completely oblivious to until now. Along with his companions, Melodi and Azra, he travels the land and unveils the secrets of the world.

[The story will be told primarily through the lenses of three main characters, with occasional side character POV chapters. It also draws inspiration from Japanese shounen. So only proceed if you're cool with these aspects.]

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Daniel Newwyn

Daniel Newwyn

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Everyone is a Superhero: Artworks, Abilities, Maps, Characters, and Easter Eggs ago
1. Every good story starts with a random dream sequence ago
2. Number of Sewer Rats left to kill until Level 2: 1,093,336,412 ago
3. Talk-no-jutsu Chapter 1 ago
Chapter delay ago
4. Talk-no-jutsu Chapter 2 ago
5. Whip it into shape ago
6. World's Most Amazing Flickr ago
7. This LV 70 scarf looks ugly, let's equip this LV 2 one instead ago
8. Sugar, Spices, and Chemical $ ago
New story out ago
9. Where's the ''female MC randomly taking a bath" scene? ago
10. An apple a day keeps the axes away ago
11. Idiocy is a very subjective term ago
12. Cheating is fine as long as no one sees you ago
13. Forgot to think of a name for this one so let's go with this for now ago
14. What reward did you expect from smashing a piece of rock a hundred times? ago
Can you spare a moment? ago
15. Don't you hate it when you're fighting a boss then you trip and die ago
16. Five chapters without a change in POV? What the hell? ago
Changes to the story ago
17. Pause that online game right now! It's dinnertime ago
18. I tried so hard, and got so far ago
19. A story isn't complete without a creepy man with a thirst for revenge ago
Slight delay ago
20. Alexa, play Despacito ago
21. Interlude: The General's Diary (1) ago
22. The best way to fight is to flee ago
23. Everybody's kungfu fighting ago
24. The village looks very nice and villagy ago
25. The Legend of Guinness (1) ago
26. At least we didn't lose a war to emus ago
27. Hold your stock! Eat the rich! ago
28. My kitty is big, very big, the biggest ago
29. Talk-while-fighting-no-jutsu Chapter 1 ago
Expanding to a new home ago
30. My butt doesn't hurt, but my pride sure does ago
31. The Legend of Guinness (2) ago
32. Just what I signed up for, twenty lines of text explaining an ability ago
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33. I popped out of my mother's womb before you do, therefore I'm right ago

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This story might be an action-adventure first and a comedy second, but dang does it sure nail the second part! The amount of witty banter and comedic descriptions of things are hilarious.

The MC pulls off the "airhead protagonist" trope perfectly, and all the other characters play off of him so well that I'm reminded of watching a shounen anime. We have the old, grizzled veteran, the village girl who's done with the MC's shit, and his soulbound companion, a big blob that doesn't hesitate to knock him down a notch every time his head gets too big. The characters are easily the highlight of this story, and they're always getting me hungry for more.

We also see hints of a greater story with the captain's POV, and I've gotta give credit where credit is due for this author being able to change styles on a dime. It must be experience from their other fic, I assume ;)

There's some grammatical errors here and there, but they're few in number and sort of fit in with the "vibe" that Eugene gives off. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, imagine you saw three grammatical errors in an academic paper versus in a comedian's writing. The story isn't trying to be too serious, which lets it get away with more than if it took a grittier route.

All in all, if you're looking for a shounen-style story that can give you a laugh and an interesting world to explore, this is your story. Keep up the good work, author!

Max The Sunset Enjoyer



The story about an underdog wanting to makes a place for himself in the world, very simple but very enjoyable. Unfortunately isn't for me as i really don't like story with game mechanics in general . But if you want a good  action comedy with RPG mechanics then this is the story for you.



This is the weakest part for. Reading up to chapter 5, i still find the world very empty and hollow. Mostly because the informations feel like they got dumped down onto the reader instead of introducing them in a natural way. But this is still very early into the story so the author have alots of time flesh out the world.



Im not a native speaker so i won't comment on the grammar. But for the style i can only say it's very good, has a good balance between dialogues and sentences. The description is also very vivid and easy to understand. However i have small problem with it, mostly because the author seem to like switch pov between characters in first person, which to me is very disorienting and somehow make the characters harder to recognised and understand. But this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.



Not much to say other than they are very likeable and funny.



It's a good story with alots of potentials. Though it isn't my cup of tea, those who want a good RPG mechanic driven story will definitely enjoy this.


If you are looking for a funny, action-packed litRPG, look no further!

The author is a professional writer and you can see that even in non-edited chapters. The style is perfect for the genre and the reading flow is excellent as with his other fictions.

Characters: The Characters feel alive and the abilities of the MC look like he will develop a skill set that is unique in his world (max up all the agility!!!). Judging from previous fictions, I am sure there will also be a lot of inner character development and the overconfident MC is a great starting point for drastic changes later on. 

Story: not much to say yet - the summary is covering what happens in the first chapters.

Overall I can recommend this fiction to most RR-readers: This is what most of you come here for  



For transparency, this review is a part of a review swap between myself and the author. I really enjoyed the (short) time I spent in the world of Flair users. I found it imaginative and fun with just the right amount of comedy sprinkled in to keep things light-hearted. The MC is, I can't mince words here, a bit of a smarmy dickhead. And I enjoy it. The main strength, for me, is the characters. The ones we've been introduced to so far drip with their own personalities, doubly so for Eugene De Lavet, MC and Flairless wannabe hero. I look forward to seeing how he, along with the rest of the cast, grow. I also look forward to exploring the world of Loktharma as Flairs, as a concept, sound really cool and fun. 

Character & Story:

Easily the two strongest parts for me thus far. Amongst the comments I've read so far, it seems that readers are in agreement that Eugene is a mirthless dick. And that's perfectly fine. I feel it leaves plenty of room for him to grow. But first we need to see him as a wise-cracking dickhead who is selfish and only 'seems' to care about number 1, himself. It's also refreshing that the MC is the built-in comedic relief, we don't get enough MC's who just don't take themselves or anything else too seriously. I think that'll definitely leave room for plenty of personal growth and we, as readers, get to be along for the ride. The hints of story we've gotten so far are sparse but there is enough of a whiff of something bigger that makes me look forward to what the author has in store. The concept of Flairs is a fun one. LitRPG stylized superpowers, that just sounds really cool. And each of the characters have a Soulbound, or SC, who acts as their personal stat screen and PokeDex. I feel there is plenty of room for a large world to be built and we get to be along for the ride. 

Grammar & Style:

The weaker aspects of the story as a whole but, fortunately, the easiest part to fix. I noticed a few instances of tense switching, misused words, missing words, and missing dialog tags. But those are things that can be easily fixed with an editing pass or two. There were also a few instances of clunky sentence structure that had to be reread to be fully understood. Again, completely fixable with editing. The story being written in 1st person present tense gives it a real feeling of immediacy and I think it benefits from this. The author has done a really good job of clearly conveying each and every characters voice since there are multiple pov's, making it easy for the reader to differentiate.


An enjoyable read and take on LitRPG's. I look forward to seeing more Flairs, learning about them and how others in the world apply them. I also look forward to the possible character growth, as a predominantly character driven reader. The author has the beginnings of a world that sounds fun and exciting and there's enough of a mix of comedy to keep things light-hearted. I appreciate that Eugene, the MC, uses comedy and isn't taking himself too seriously. If you're looking for a wise-cracking, fun read then give this one a go. 


Sounds very much like MHA but from what I’ve seen, it has a bit of a twist. So far it has good grammar and long chapters so I hope you do well. Although you probably should stray away from being a MHA clone (ex. Don’t have him meet someone like allmight). Good Luck!


There are, of course, things to improve on. But when aren't there?


By the time that this book is finished, it will be a comedic masterpiece.


To fill the word requirement... 

I enjoyed the introductory quote. It set intrigue without being overbearing. The immediate change in perspective from the introductory quote to the first paragraph is jarring, however, as it takes a while to discover who is speaking and why. The immediate departure from seriousness to silliness is disconcerting and caused me to reread the introductory quote, thinking I had missed a joke. Rereading the quote called attention to words with no apparent meaning in the quote. From our perspective, ancient times saw incredible costs when assessing the value of the written word. Not only were materials expensive, but processing of those materials into lasting documents as well as the exclusivity of written language made those costs prohibitive. So prohibitive, in fact, that a large part of why fiction was so uncommon then was the cost of writing it. After all, who would pay a fortune for a mere story? Theater and spoken word were far less expensive. That this quote is written and is attributed to a historic figure lends immense gravity and should draw the reader’s attention long after the book was initially read—a favorite quote, so to speak.


For people who love LitRPG and comedy, this story is a treasure. Although I'm not a huge fan of comedy myself, I still found myself grinning at times. 

The main characters all have distinct and interesting personalities. Eugene's braggadocious personality is pretty annoying, but he's balanced out by the reckless and hot-headed Melodi and the calm and mature Captain Azra. I'm still a bit unsteady with the character swaps, and do feel like I'm not really attached to anyone yet. I do feel a bit apprehensive  about the few romantically natured comments about Eugene and Melodi, but their characters bounce well off each other.

The LitRPG elements are fairly easy to comprehend, as they don't seem to extend beyond much more than status screens so far. If anything is unclear and awkward to explain in the narrative, it's tastefully included in the book excerpts before each chapter.

I do find the occasional awkward sentences and slips of grammar to be a bit irritating, but the overall tone and pace of the writing is more than enough to make up for it. Each sentence is alive with the current character and gives a nice vibrancy that's lacking in many similar stories.

The plot hasn't really taken off into the second act yet, but I can feel the pieces falling into place as the secluded scene of the forest is slowly visualized. From the description, I'm excited to see where the plot leads us.


There are only seven chapters of this story out, and so this review is based on that, but so far it's been an intriguing read. 

The story has an interesting premise. Each person is born with a superpower (flair) but the main character doesn't have one (yet). Eugene has a snarky, funny voice which makes up for his other lacking character traits, and I assume we'll get deeper into the characters as the story progresses. The other characters seem to do a good job of keeping him in check. 

I enjoyed the present tense of the writing, although there were some grammar issues. The biggest thing I found confusing was that the author makes references to our world, which makes me wonder where the story is set, but perhaps that will be explained in greater detail in future chapters. 

This appears to be the author's first attempt at LitRPG, and it's definitely a unique take on the genre. What he's set up so far shows a lot of potential of where the story could go. (I'm also surprised that no one has formatted character changes the way he does in web novels.) I'm looking forward to more releases and seeing where the story goes. 


Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me, is a story full of interesting world building, superb writing and a good dash of humor. 

The world building is exceptional and it is enjoyable to learn more and explore the world of Loktharma. The characters are fun and there is a lot of variability. Dialogue is engaging and the action scenes flow nice. Overall a very solid start to a story.

If you like Lit RPG stories, well developed fantasy worlds, and a story that will make you laugh you need to pick this up!

Dalang Tala



This novel is definitely worth the try. It has the humor and the story. Ok, considering that there's only three chapters out since writing this review, I can't really judge the story. But, there are clues and excerpts in every chapter which makes you feel that this novel is well-thought of. 


I like the writing style. The readers are not overwhelmed with useless dialogue or game stats. So far, the game stats only appear when needed. I also lowkey want to steal the formatting in this fiction. I haven't read a lot of fiction in Royal Road but this is the first time I saw text formatting like this. There are color coding in the stats which would help the readers have an idea about categories, probably. Wish there will be an explanation about it.


At this point, nothing happens yet. Mostly world-building in the first three chapters. It's good because readers are not overwhelmed with world building because certain details are introduced only when it is important for the scene written. So, rest assured that there's no massive info dump.

From what I've read so far and the synopsis, I'm looking forward on how the story will progress.


There are no glaring grammar mistakes. It's readable enough for me, who has English as my second language. If I am going to point at something, maybe the tenses? It's probably not an issue of grammar, but preference. I'm used to "I replied" Instead of "I reply".


The first three chapters are separated with different character point of views. The tones of each chapter differs, showing varying "voices" of each character. They have very different personalities and voices which really sets them apart. Currently, I don't see any "drive" from any character. Maybe because nothing really happens yet, but their goals are still not yet defined. But considering that the first chapters are just a peak to the characters minds, I think it's acceptable. Eugene, as pointed by other readers in the comments, is a bit of an arse. But I can see that there's a character development in store for him.