Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me

Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me

by Daniel Newwyn

Welcome to Loktharma, where everybody is a superhero from birth. That makes Eugene De Lavet the most special of them all. At eighteen years old, he still has no clue what his superpower is.

Loktharma has never been a fair world. There are Worldbreakers who were born to brandish the power of the universe, warp time-space, destroy lands and continents. There are Craftmasters who control the elements and terrorize countries with their might and wits. There are Commoners who are only gifted with power for the finer arts, architecture, military arts, or small-scale elemental manipulation. Even in an unjust world like Loktharma, there is always one constant: everyone is assigned a Flair since birth; the power to do something extraordinary.

And then there's Eugene. He's been running around in a secluded forest since birth, training and sparring his ass off. While he can wield a blade better than most at his age, he certainly can't throw a giant boulder using the power of his mind, or turn his skin into diamonds. He has no Flair, no purpose for leveling up his stats, and no idea why General Rizeni Baggardo keeps him confined inside a forest for eighteen years. 

At least until Lord Pyro—the Craftmaster of Tailiah—unleashes his fury on the forest, searching for a treasure Eugene doesn't even know exists. On a frantic escape for his life, Eugene starts to realize he was a part of something he's been completely oblivious to until now. Along with his companions, Melodi and Azra, he travels the land and unveils the secrets of the world.

[The story will be told primarily through the lenses of three main characters, with occasional side character POV chapters. It also draws inspiration from Japanese shounen. So only proceed if you're cool with these aspects.]

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Daniel Newwyn

Daniel Newwyn

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Everyone is a Superhero: Artworks, Abilities, Maps, Characters, and Easter Eggs ago
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8. Sugar, Spices, and Chemical $ ago
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14. What reward did you expect from smashing a piece of rock a hundred times? ago
Can you spare a moment? ago
15. Don't you hate it when you're fighting a boss then you trip and die ago
16. Five chapters without a change in POV? What the hell? ago
Changes to the story ago
17. Pause that online game right now! It's dinnertime ago
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19. A story isn't complete without a creepy man with a thirst for revenge ago
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21. Interlude: The General's Diary (1) ago
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33. I popped out of my mother's womb before you do, therefore I'm right ago

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It is a good enough start, though it may be a bit on the slow side because by 15th chapter the things mentioned in the story description have yet to happen. Nothing wrong with that though, I guess.

Style and grammar are also good and easy to read.

Why this story is not for me is because it seriously reminds me some basic japanese lighthearted shounen story, with the gags that have been done to death too many times. For someone who likes (or at least tolerates) that sort of thing this is a good story so far, but it is not for me.



I think this story is worth the shot. You can read this just for the comedy. If you prefer more serious novels, this still qualifies. 


Pretty much balanced dialogue and descriptions. I like writing style, very easy to read. There is a good amount of funny and interesting lines which never makes a chapter boring.


I don't think I've read enough to judge this. But based on the introduced elements and synopsis, I'm looking forward to it.


Pretty good. It's readable. There are a few redundancies in phrasing but it can be attributed to the voice of the character.


They are definitely distinct and alive. Eugene is a bit of an ass. I'm guessing it's for character development. Mel and Eugene acts like their age, which is good. I can't expect perfectly rational teenagers because teenagers are the furthest from rational.


Sub-title: ...with a very fun main duo.

- Style:

This is not performance-writing, the style is very flexible, organic and full of energy. The lack of rigidity may annoy some, but through the read you can feel this is the style of the author, the one they write naturally and with this breath that more artificial works lack.

4.5 out of 5

- Grammar:

Nothing to say.

5 out of 5

- Story:

The plot foundations are simple and the actual story takes it’s time to kick in, but all the build-up done before is useful because there’s a lot of information to absorb from the system and world-building.

Moreover, the time “before-plot” isn’t annoying downtime but exciting action, so it’s even less of a “problem”. It’s a bit battle-heavy but it’s a style on its own.

4.5 out of 5

- Characters:
The limited character cast let the author switch PoV with surprising ease and, doing so, give us a glimpse of each character’s inner working, which do marvel to involve us. Moreover, the opportunities created by the PoV switches are well-exploited to show the other characters in action, which is welcomed.

5 out of 5

- Overall:

A good, efficiently built litrpg that will entertain you like a good light novel. Not the best out there but good enough to give it a shot.

4.5 out of 5

- Stray thoughts :

BLUUUUUUUUE BOXEEEEEEES BLBVLBLBLBLBBL (read: Warning! Blue Boxes detected! Caution advised!)

Nice colour-coding.

I like the relationship of the two MCs, it’s fun to read ^^

Sara Mullins

So, I'm glad this story popped up on my radar. I enjoyed reading it. It's pleasant while still being engaging, and there's hints of some great future developments.  

Style: It's very successful at blending RPG elements into prose and having the considerations the characters make in everyday situations reflect this. The humor feels natural. Minor thing, just don't expect the chapter titles to necessarily correspond to the content of the chapters themselves. It's fun to just appreciate the jokes, and there's tons, and they work.

Grammar: Yeah, there are typos, but that's bound to happen. Nothing impedes comprehension of the story, though, and it's improving as it goes along. There are also some nice sense of place moments where a few simple sentences build a scene with precise wording, and that's appreciated. 

Story: Like the title of the review says, it's promising. Most of the chapters to this point have been a slow burn to establish characters and the functions of the RPG element within this specific world. The excerpts before the chapters do very well to give a sense of looming and lingering danger, so that gives me faith that the premise outlined in the story description will have a pay off. The whole thing has a simmering sense of intrigue that, again, makes me think we should all stay tuned in to see what happens. 

Character: The characters are probably the best part so far. Based on the popularity poll included in one of the chapters, I'd say that Melodi is very underrated. She's relatable, and she balances Eugene out very well; they compliment one another's strengths and weaknesses, and the stage has been set for us to see how their basic teamwork will get them through more difficult situations in the future. It's a character dynamic that's been done a lot (the insecure but powerful female lead who beats up the loveable asshole male lead), but it's effective here too. They're characters that can be rooted for. Lastly, there's Azra. Hints at his backstory definitely draw me in to keep reading, personally. All that said, I think the characters are one of the strongest elements of the story so far, and I'm interested to see how they will develop. 

Nice work. Definitely going to check out the author's other stories. 


I've read a couple chapters so far, and I never felt bored doing it. The setting is great, not only does it take the time to explain new concepts in a way that's not too info dump heavy, but it also implements things like stats and levels. For a guy who plays a lot of RPGs like me, it makes it easier to know how strong or weak the characters are. I also love the narration, especially the MC sneaking in how great every aspect of himself is when describing such, it's pretty funny.


Overall, great read, looking forward to seeing more!


So far, this story is awesome. The author is juggling multiple stories on RRL and still makes sure not to mess up any grammar, and to make them interesting. This story is one of the better written LitRPGs I have seen, check it out! I don't know what else to write, so I'll just put some filler here. This story is really good, you should read it.


Honestly I gave this a shot, but it just doesn't bring me into the story. While I like the idea that the MC is the only person without powers, that is about all I like from the story. The writing and grammar both seem to be good. But the story itself is not that great. Yes there are a good bit of blue boxes but that doesn't make a story good. I would say keep writing and you will get better.

Brenner Miles

"That adrenaline-packed knobhead"

Reviewed at: Can you spare a moment?

Never whilst watching a Marvel movie did I think to myself "Man, I wish this was a book set in a deep fantasy world which reads like a published light novel". But yeah, I should've because Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me is just like that, and it's also awesome.

The novel follows a small cast of characters of which the main one is Eugene. He's likeable, goofy and stubborn. Melodi's similar to him, though she has superpowers. Overall, I liked the whole cast and they all felt distinct.

The story is instantly captivating and surely not one you've seen done many times before. I didn't expect the world to be so deep and detailed. A lot of the worldbuilding is done through short paragraphs before the chapters. They tend to give the story an epic fantasy feel.  

It's written in such a way that feels exactly like a light novel. This book will you make eat up in one sitting then beg for more. Yet, I was off-put by the tense and a few grammar issues.

The final verdict? Great! If you like Marvel movies, anime or light novels, check it out - it has the same vibe to it.


This story might be an action-adventure first and a comedy second, but dang does it sure nail the second part! The amount of witty banter and comedic descriptions of things are hilarious.

The MC pulls off the "airhead protagonist" trope perfectly, and all the other characters play off of him so well that I'm reminded of watching a shounen anime. We have the old, grizzled veteran, the village girl who's done with the MC's shit, and his soulbound companion, a big blob that doesn't hesitate to knock him down a notch every time his head gets too big. The characters are easily the highlight of this story, and they're always getting me hungry for more.

We also see hints of a greater story with the captain's POV, and I've gotta give credit where credit is due for this author being able to change styles on a dime. It must be experience from their other fic, I assume ;)

There's some grammatical errors here and there, but they're few in number and sort of fit in with the "vibe" that Eugene gives off. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, imagine you saw three grammatical errors in an academic paper versus in a comedian's writing. The story isn't trying to be too serious, which lets it get away with more than if it took a grittier route.

All in all, if you're looking for a shounen-style story that can give you a laugh and an interesting world to explore, this is your story. Keep up the good work, author!

Max The Sunset Enjoyer



The story about an underdog wanting to makes a place for himself in the world, very simple but very enjoyable. Unfortunately isn't for me as i really don't like story with game mechanics in general . But if you want a good  action comedy with RPG mechanics then this is the story for you.



This is the weakest part for. Reading up to chapter 5, i still find the world very empty and hollow. Mostly because the informations feel like they got dumped down onto the reader instead of introducing them in a natural way. But this is still very early into the story so the author have alots of time flesh out the world.



Im not a native speaker so i won't comment on the grammar. But for the style i can only say it's very good, has a good balance between dialogues and sentences. The description is also very vivid and easy to understand. However i have small problem with it, mostly because the author seem to like switch pov between characters in first person, which to me is very disorienting and somehow make the characters harder to recognised and understand. But this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.



Not much to say other than they are very likeable and funny.



It's a good story with alots of potentials. Though it isn't my cup of tea, those who want a good RPG mechanic driven story will definitely enjoy this.