Day 36:

He was a wreck.

His equipment was tattered and dented. He looked more exhausted then usual and they had barely started their usual morning spar; Gobukichi and the new Ogarou.

Gobujii says this is what he’s called now that he’s no longer a Goblin or a Hobgoblin.

I thought it would be weird to make such a change now but it seemed completely natural and my brain has already switched over to thinking of him as such.

Ogarou looked a little sad and Gobukichi looked quite frustrated when they finished even worse were the few Goblins he’d almost splattered against the wall. Please be more considerate Boss. Gobukichi left in a huff.

It was a bad end to a morning that started off so well, as three Goblins achieved a [Rank Up] into normal Hobgoblins. They were each given a congratulatory gift which sparked competition amongst the rest.

Ogarou declared that we would now start having one on one matches were the loser had to listen to one request by the winner.

Most were just simple things, nothing too humiliating.

Still, I lost to one of the Goblins from Hatred and as loser I was ordered to be a living practice dummy for the remainder of the day. Luckily I was given a loan of some leather armour and two reinforced shell shields.

After the second time I buckled under the barrage of assaults we decided to call it even, that and the fact Hatred and Regret were going on a joint excursion.

Redhead has taken to coming in and sparring with some of those from Anger.

It may just be training but they're all fired up.

I headed into the mines to join Gobue and some of the squad, shes already feverishly smacking away at the rock wall. I don’t think I can match her enthusasim but I am starting to feel stronger and I can swing the pick easier and with less effort.

Day 37:

Another two Goblins had ranked up when we awoke this morning. Even Gobujii has stopped being shocked, I guess with Ogarou around his common sense was broken.

I asked them what it felt like as they tested out their gifts and they said it was a little strange.

They felt light headed but in a good way and very powerful at the same time. I asked how they had ranked up and they just shrugged and said a voice in their dreams had told them they had cleared the conditions.

Well the five that changed recently were some of the higher ranked members so it comes back to being level 100 and showing potential.

My own [Rank Up] seems a long way off then.

Because of that I was absentmindedly digging half-heartedly when I heard Gobue let out a cry. I looked over to see something small and red hanging from the end of her pick. Blood was dripping and light was pouring through the hole in the wall.

The little creatures breathing was shallow and laboured.

“Waah! You take over here! I’ll bring it to Ogarou.”

She hurried off down the tunnel clutching the small creature as another Goblin stepped forward.

“You heard her. Shore up that tunnel. I don’t want it collapsing. The rest of you lets clear and stabilise this hole. Move it!”

We worked hard moving dirt, wedging supports and excavating the small hole into something the size of a Goblins head. Through it I could just make out columns and a carpet of some sort. Eventually Gobue returned but she brought with her the fully armed leaders and Ogarou himself, carrying the small creature; Returner the Carbuncle she called it.

Seems like this was some sort of Dungeon Raid.

Under her guidance the hole was quickly expanded to allow even someone of his size to pass through. We were told to head to the main cave and several members of all three combat divisions replaced us in securing the hole.

The leaders exited through the tunnel into the beyond.

The rest seemed to be on high alert at the entrance of the mine. Even the human girls seemed concerned.

I ventured back down the mine just close enough to the hole to hear the sound of fighting; swords clashing and people crying out, but not too close to interfere with those guarding it. They had all tensed up at the noise. It grew louder and more intense.

I spun the pick in my hand, the head rotating like a propeller, would whatever come through that hole be friend or foe?

The violence died down and for several tense minutes there was silence.

The minutes stretched on, you could feel the sweat forming on the backs of the Goblins necks, my own included.

Suddenly someone entered but we were so high strung the reaction was a second to slow, the person would have got an arrow to the knee had we not recognised the face of the Boss closely followed by the rest of the top brass. With a flick of his awesome looking new silver arm he closed the entrance to the dungeon and the collapsed part of the tunnel behind us as we moved away.

“Alright you guys, prepare some food and gather everyone! We’re having a feast!”

And with that it was over.

That night we prepared a banquet but many of us didn’t quite understand the reason to celebrate. Still a parties a party right.

Unfortunately alcohol was only giving out to the top ranks.

I was never a big drinker but after so long even I’d like a beer, a nice cold frothy beer. Guess this is just another thing to strive for. The human girls seem a bit down maybe its just that a party of rowdy Goblins is not to their taste.

Day 38:

I lost todays spar as well, to a different Goblin, and was made to be lackey for a day.

Basically that just involved me carrying everything while that we hunted. I really had no problems with that because it’ll be nice to go hunting with a partner for a change.

I took my knife, short sword and one of the storages biggest bags. While the other Goblin equipped his actual metal spear and iron shield. A short sword strapped to his waist.

He was dressed in a decent amount of hide armour.

On my way out I saw Blacksmith and Ogarou sorting a pile of treasure.

I didn’t have time to dawdle as my partner for today was impatiently waiting for me to get a move on. Those guys from the combat sections really know how to handle themselves. His movements reminded me of a Roman centurion or Spartan warrior.

It was a great display of how to use a shield and spear properly.

We hunted a crazy amount of creatures today, I think I’ve never been forced to use my tracking skills so much. He got a bit peeved when I tried to help so I apologised.

I’m really just here to carry the bags it seems.

On the way back I saw tracks that looked like a big dog mixed in with small hoof prints.

We didn’t find their owners but did almost run into a beast called a Triple Horned Horse. I can see exactly why it’s named that. We hid until it passed. It’s not something we can handle ourselves. He killed a couple of Night Vipers and as we headed back in the early twilight he even managed to swat down a stray Seven Coloured Bat with the spears reach.

When we returned he took what he wanted from the bag and consented to giving me an Armoured Tanuki in return for dismantling everything and delivering it all to the Workshop.

Day 39:

After todays practice I ended up with some new leather armour of my very own. Leather armour and a new shell reinforced wooden board shield.

Why you ask.

Simple the guys at the top got a super upgrade from that pile of treasure I glimpsed yesterday, I think it’s from that Dungeon that was raided. All their old equipment was passed down the ranks and so on until it trickled down to me.

The short sword I’ve got now is also new.

My old one was apparently of [Inferior] quality this one is [Normal] ranked but no matter how you look at it those items they got are defenitly giving off the magical item vibe.

Even Ogarou is sporting an epic looking blood red long spear.

I wouldn’t normally look a gift horse in the mouth but I have a bad history with this type of shields, I just can’t put my faith in it.

The results of the spar was a draw so we decided to have a rematch tomorrow.

I have plenty of time now.

I headed to the armoury to see if I could exchange my shield for something else. I don’t want to appear too arrogant or above may rank so I’ll settle from anything else.

After some bartering I managed to swap the shield for a sword. I had to throw in both my short swords as well but this regular sized [Normal] sword should hopefully be worth it. In my goblin hands its almost big enough to be a long sword. It’s about 90cm long and has to be carried on my back but if I can master it I should do ok given my size and the reach it has.

It takes two hands to lift and I can’t hold it up for long.

I wrap it in my bed roll and tie it to my back before grabbing my pick and going off to do some strength training and swing practice. On the way down I pass Redhead, she’s tagging along as the Hobgoblins go out hunting.

She’s smiling carefree but I think she should be a bit more anxious. Those guys are monsters after all. Can she keep up?

Gobue left us some instructions; avoid that tunnel and collect any finds in the pouch provided.

With that I was handed a hide field pack, which fit snuggly round my waist. It was several pouches attached to a belt.
I take up my pick and join those already hard at it. My swords a little cumbersome but not in the way.

I had a decent haul today, one of each type of spirit stone and a couple ores. My pack is still pretty empty but I decided to call it a day. Its bear stew for tea and there’s enough that even I get a decent portion.

The Hobgoblins are sitting around polishing their new weapons but Redhead looks a little sad sitting there poking at her stew.

Day 40:

The third Rainy-day Ranking Round Robin: Begin.

This was done to officially fill the spot left by the ex-leader and there were three weight classes; Ogre, Hobgoblin and Goblin.

Obviously Ogarou won by default.

The Hobgoblin matches were as entertaining as they had been the last time if not more so due to the increase in participants.

Gobukichi still stubbornly holds that top spot with Gobumi regaining the third seat. Shes just slightly faster than Hobusato and Gobue, who took fourth and fifth respectively. Their match was so close only a hairs breathed separates those ranks.

Then came the other new Hobgoblins, in no particular order and Hobusei ranked last.

She’s a pure caster type and the others just came from more physical backgrounds so their specs are a little higher. Simply put they’ve been training longer.

In our matches there was a lot of fluctuation up and down between the new and old Goblins. The difference isn’t so clear cut anymore. If you put in the effort you get rewarded and can clearly see the results.

I gave it my all and although I’ve improved a little, so has everyone else. The last place is mine again.

Redhead watched all the matches excitedly.

I spent the rest of the day hard at work mining, I’ll need to train hard for the next tournament. I managed to fill the bag three quarters of the way full but as most of it was just shiny rocks Gobue punished me by having me carry heavy stones from the mine to the outside, by myself.

Today Ogarou looked a little bored.

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