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Chapter 9 - Give me that book!


Chapter 9 - Give me that book!

Many thanks to Ataro for proofreading this chapter.

I followed Brody to his storage room in the back of his smithy. Right after entering the room, something caught my eyes, it was a grey armor with a snake-like shiny scales covering it whole, with a three layered shoulder guard and some kind of a ruby or something on it’s chest that is standing up on a mannequin making it more catchy.

With a rushed step, I got closers to the armor and used [Identify] to check on the armor.

The Serpent Lord
Type:Heavy ArmorDurability:500 / 500
An armor crafted by Brody The Blacksmith.

Increase 40% Defense
Increase 5% Fire Resistance
Increase 3% Water Resistance
+70 Defense
+50 Strength

Requirment: Level 20

Whoaaa,, this is awesome. Ugh,, but it requires level 20 to equip it.

“Nice eyes you got there boy. I pour all of my ability to craft it but I don’t think ya can afford it. Sorry boy, because it was mah best armor so far.” (Brody)

What? Really,, but it was only level 20, how can it be your best armor. Well,, this is still regarded as a starting village after all so maybe it can be considered the best armor.

“Is that so? Well,, You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, don’t worry I think I can handle the cost. so how much is it?” (Godrick)

“Hmm,, alright, for ya I make it 8 Gis, how ‘bout it?” (Brody)

“Well,, it was cheaper than I thought. Alright deal! but I still want to look some more of your work, please show me your other best crafts.” (Brody)

“Are ya fer real boy? yer fuckin’ rich ain’t ya! Well,, wait here, I’ll take it out.” (Brody)

That said, Brody ran around the storage while choosing  his best crafted work to show it to me. Occasionally I heard *Ouch* and *Dammit* and what not, maybe his balls really are hurting but too excited to care because his best work may be sold.

After a few minutes of waiting, he come back with a bunch of equipment in his hands. After putting those on the table in front of me, he said

“Here boy, This is some of mah best work!”

There were many types of equipment such as heavy and light armors, gloves, boots, pants, swords, spears and so on but there’s something missing. Yep,, my chosen weapon type nowhere to be found. doesn’t he craft that kind of weapon?

Someone POV - [The Green Lantern Shop]

After strolling around the village, I decided to go to the Magician Equipment shop “The Green Lantern Shop” to look for some equipment for myself. There’s actually so many good equipment here but I don’t think I can afford it yet. *sob* *sob*

I only have 80 Syrus in my pocket after killing those monsters just outside the village yesterday. Ugh,, it’s so frustrating to only look without being able to buy anything. That God really sucks, he didn’t even give me a single penny after throwing me to another world. Ugh,,

After being fed up while looking at those good equipment on the wall, I turn around and saw a girl, specifically the girl from the bathroom before. What is she doing here? is she a mage?

My eyes were focused on what is in front of her on the clerk desk. It was a full set of equipment, from staff to heels. Just by looking at it, I know it was an excellent equipment compared to mine. I am only using some basic equipment I can afford.

It really makes me kind of want to explode, how come a rich woman like her is staying in this village? why isn’t she in the capital? it’s really irritating, not only she selfishly used the woman bathroom to have sex but also showing that kind of money in front of me,, well not literally.

Ugh,, I can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna vent my anger on those monsters in the coast. Oh right, I heard from those people on the streets that there is a dungeon just under the cliff on the coastline. Let’s slaughter the monsters there, who knows if there’s some treasure in the end of the dungeon.

Godrick POV - [Brody Storage Room]

After I told Brody what kind of weapon I was looking for, he seemed very shocked. Oeee,, what was so shocking?

“Are mah ears deceiving me? did ya really say Greatsword boy?” (Brody)

“Umm,, yeah. Is there a problem with that?” (Godrick)

“...” (Brody)

Wait,, did Brody just fell silent? There’s definitely something fishy going on. Well, let’s try to dig for some more information out of him.

“What’s the matter Brody?” (Godrick)

“N-no,, it is nothin’!!” (Brody)

“If I don’t know any better, you were definitely hiding something from me. Well,, if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, I’ll just ask somebody who is willing to.” (Godrick)

“No,, don’t boy!! Ya can never tell anybody ‘bout it. Trust me boy, ya don’t want to know what will happen to ya.” (Brody)

“Is that so? Well,, I’ll just gamble then, let see what will happen to me shall we?” (Godrick)

“Don’t be stupid boy!! Considering you are here right now, that means I’m the first one who you’ve asked ‘bout it and you’re lucky ta ask me before anyone else. Just leave it at that would you?” (Brody)

Was it really that bad? *sigh* I don’t have a choice, have I? [Smooth Talker]

“Alright,, the thing is I’m new here, that’s why I need as much Information as possible. Considering what you said before, that “bad thing” will happen depending on who I’m asking, right? If that “bad thing” doesn’t happen to me after I ask you then that means it will only happen if you told “someone” else about it, am I right?” (Godrick)

“Hmm,, ya actually pretty smart ain’t ya. Wait,, what do you mean you’re new?” (Brody)

“Umm,, I don’t know if I can tell you about it but wait a minute!” (Godrick)

I closed my eyes and speak in my mind.

‘Oee,, dumbass God! are you there?’ (Godrick)

‘What is it brat? and dont call me dumbass God, would you!!’ (Yggver)

‘Nah,, no promise!! So can I tell people in this world that I’m not from here?’ (Godrick)

‘Damn you, I’m still a God you know!’ (Yggver)

‘Doesn’t matter!! so how is it?’ (Godrick)

‘Oh come on, you kidding me? *sigh* as for your question, no problem, they already know after all.’ (Yggver)

‘What do you mean? is it some kind of prophecy?’ (Godrick)

‘Yeah, it will be easier for otherworldly people to interact with the people in Oshneas.’ (Yggver)

‘You know Yggver, it’s so annoying to say “otherworldly people” or “People from Oshneas” don’t you think? So why don’t we call People from Oshneas “The Oshers” and Otherworldly People “The Victims” and plant it to everyone, what do you think?’ (Godrick)

‘The Oshers! sounds good, but why The Victims?’ (Yggver)

‘Because you kidnapped us.’ (Godrick)

‘Rejected’ (Yggver)

‘Oh,, come on!! Why no..’ (Godrick)

‘Rejected’ (Yggver)

‘Really?’ (Godrick)

‘Rejected’ (Yggver)

‘Okay,, okay,, how about The Chosen? I kinda like it.’ (Godrick)

‘LAME,,,’ (Yggver)

‘What the,,, alright what about The Fatars.’ (Godrick)

‘Hmm,, sounds better. Approved, and done. You know, I shouldn’t have granted your wish before you became The Champion but well it’s kinda annoying even for me. so be it.. Oh right, I believe I haven’t congratulate you for becoming Eletha’s lover, *sigh* what a lucky Son of a bitch.’ (Yggver)

‘Oeee,, language!! you still a God you know.’ (Godrick)

‘Nah,, whatever. Is there anything else?’ (Yggver)

‘Nope, bye dumbass God.’ (Godrick)

‘Dammit’ (Yggver)

And *poof* call ended. Mwahahaha 2-0 for me.

I opened my eyes and saw Brody’s face just three inch in front of mine. Startled, I jumped backward and said

“What the hell are you doing Brody?” (Godrick)

“Nothing,, just checking. are ya alright? you’ve been like that for 15 minutes” (Brody)

“Yeah I’m alright, but promise me, never do that again,, like never, okay!!? (Godrick)

“Haha,, alright! so what happened there?” (Brody)

“Nah,, don’t ask about it! As for your question before, what I mean I’m new is because I’m one of The Fatars.” (Godrick)

“The Fa,, ya can’t be!! by Yggver’s beard, are ya fer real boy? are The Fatars already here?” (Brody)

Wow,, it’s working. Thanks Yggver.

“Yep,,, that’s why can you tell me about the Greatsword problem? maybe I can do something about it.” (Brody)

“No,, you can do nothin’!! but well,, maybe I should tell you about it before you make up your mind, so listen carefully.

King Wreshot The First, a warrior that was actually brave enough to explore deeper into the land of Oshneas. With the help of his five companions, he manage to clear out the land from this village all the way to Derfine Mountain range. While on his journey, he thought of making a kingdom for the people so they can live more comfortable and safe. After discussing it with his companions, they all agreed and made Wreshot the first king of this kingdom. After years of planning and building, finally the Wreshothen Kingdom has been born. At first it was so prosperous and The Oshers were really happy with the kingdom governance, but then it happened.

One day, King Wreshot with his companions decided to go to a dungeon near the kingdom to get some treasures to keep the prosperity of the kingdom. Hours passed, and they manage to kill the dungeon’s Boss. Unfortunately, they didn’t find any treasure, only a big blood-red greatsword in the shape of a saw left by the dungeon’s boss.

Usually if it is an equipment, they give it to whoever is able to equip it. But this sword was different, It seems to be alive, it’s even leaking bloodlust that can be felt by everyone nearby. Wreshot took the sword but shortly something strange happen to him, his eyes became red, his bloodlust emitting from his body, he became a madman who only wanted to see blood.

When he came back to his sense, he dropped the sword after seeing the horrible scene in front of him. All of his companions were dead, their blood splashed everywhere, their bodies were mutilated. He looked at his wife’s head, who was the healer of his group, there was a dried tears that can be seen on her cheek. He still didn’t understand what happened, but after seeing the blood-red greatsword covered with blood everything became clear, he was the one who kill his companions, he was the one who killed his own wife. His legs lost its strength, he knelt down while crying, cursing, and screaming.

He wanted to commit suicide but stopped after remembering his only 15 years old son. With strength he mustered from his body, he went back to the kingdom. Still with so much blood splashed in his armor, he arrived at his castle. Shocked by their king appearance, the guard rushed to him and asked what’ve happened but didn’t get an answer from him. He could only kneel down while apologizing after seeing his son who ran to greet his father but he only cried after hearing what his father said.

After doing some investigation, it was confirmed that what the king told was real and the sword was kept hidden by the kingdom but the king himself propose to be punished and beheaded by his son. Of course Wreshot the second did not want to do it at first, but after seeing his father depressed, maybe it was the only mercy he can give his father, so he accepted.

A few weeks, The kingdom of Wreshothen mourning for the lose of their king before Wreshot the second replaced his father as the second king. After that tragedy, it become an unspoken law to prohibit the use of a greatsword even if it was not the Blood-red Greatsword. Rumor started spreading, whoever used greatsword mysteriously vanished or killed. that was why nowadays no one dares to use greatsword as a weapon.” (Brody)

“Alright,, why don’t you just give me that book you read so that I can read it myself?” (Godrick)

“Well,, where is the fun if it was like that? hahahah-auch” (Brody)

“Whatever” (Godrick)

Hee,, so it was like that. Well,, at least I’m not gonna use that sword right? as for the vanished and killed Greatsword user, I think it’s interesting to look at it. Alright,, it’s decided, note to self investigate the Greatsword problem. Hahahaha



(A.N: Sorry for the late guys T_T)

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