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Chapter 7 - It’s bathing time.


Chapter 7 - It’s bathing time.

Many thanks to Ataro for proofreading this chapter.

Warning, this chapter contain adult/mature content.

“...” (Erola)

“...” (Godrick)

Alright,, this is so awkward. You guys might be wondering what happened, or maybe some of you already guessed what happened. well, let’s rewind time.

Behind the bushes along the riverbank, I tried to find a sacred… No no no,, that’s too far, just rewind it to this morning.

*Uhumm,,* The warm morning sun, a loud chirping birds and a soft sensation on my arm woke me up from my wonderful night sleep. And yep soft sensation because right now Erola and I are still hugging each other,, while nude.

Alright,, alright don’t worry, like I said we haven’t crossed the line,, yet, but where is the fun on petting while still dressed? but man,, you won’t believe what Erola can become at night. Fufufu,,

I have to admit, her body is just awesome. white smooth skin, very supple breasts, plus timid personality that became wild after being taken over by lust make her more and more perfect. don’t be envious alright guys, Mwahahaha

Looking at her cute sleeping face, a relaxing feeling flowed through my body. Hoping for this state to last longer.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and stared at me for a few minutes. Maybe she was recalling what happened last night then looked at her own body. Oh crap,, this is it,, this is it,, and…

*bussh* Again, she blushed and immediately covered her face with her hands. Quickly, she took her dress and put it on then sat on the edge of the bed while facing the opposite direction from me. From here we go back to the beginning of the story.

I put my clothes on and sit beside her.

“Good morning oh so beautiful lady.” (Godrick)

“Uuu...” (Erola)

I then knelt down in front of her, and look straight at her eyes while smiling and gently stroking her cheek.

“Don’t be embarrassed Erola, it’s only natural for a man and woman to do that kind of thing while they are on the same bed. I can’t resist your alluring-delicate body after all.” (Godrick)

“But,, but,, it’s still so embarrassing when I remember it. I-I don’t know what came over me to be so not-me like that. Uuu..” (Erola)

“It’s okay,, let it become a memory of the night. For now, let’s take a bath and get some breakfast, maybe it can calm you down.” (Godrick)

“O-okay,, *smile*” (Erola)

Yup,, that’s one hell of a beautiful smile and yes I give her a long-deep kiss for her beautiful smile. I’m still wondering, since when did I become such a romantic guy, it was never in my personality list before. Nah, it’s more fun like this.

That being said, we leave our room and get to the first floor. I look around and find many people have already sat on their tables while enjoying their meals, some are even still drinking their mead on a broad daylight like this.

On our way to the bathroom, I glanced at Ameria who were eyeing me. I just give her my best smile but shortly she returned mine with her charming smile while slightly bowed her head. Is it because of my charm stats that make women more interested in me?

“Good morning Ameria.” (Godrick)

“Good morning Godrick. did you sleep well last night?” (Ameria)

“Yup,, last night was awesome. Hahah- ouch,,” (Godrick)

Looking to my arm, I saw Erola’s fingers were pinching me. No matter how many time I look at her red face while fidgeting, only one thought was crossing my mind. She is so cute.

“Oh come on Erola, last night was awesome right?” (Godrick)

“Uuu,, please don’t talk about it. Mou,,” (Erola)

“Okay,, okay,, so Ameria, we want take a bath now, would you show us where the bathroom is?” (Godrick)

“Fufufu,, it’s in the back, come let me show you.” (Ameria)

We passed through the door next to the reception desk and walked down the corridor. At the end of the corridor there are two sliding doors with a “Bathroom for man or woman” sign above it. Too bad,, I was hoping for a mixed bath. Well, that’s to be expected, even if this is another world, gender is still gender after all. *sigh*

Suddenly my thought were interrupted by Ameria voice.

“Here is the bathroom, left door is for men and right door for women. Fufufu,, did you think it’s a mixed bath? Fufufu” (Ameria)

“*sigh* Yeah,, I was hoping for it.*sigh*” (Godrick)

“Fufufu,, I tell you what, the guest on this Inn are mostly  men, only three women including Erola are staying here.” (Ameria)

Understanding what Ameria mean, I can’t help but make a wide grin on my face.

“Fufufu,, just don’t take too long okay.” (Ameria)

“Fufufu,, Okay. Don’t you want to join too?” (Godrick)

“If I’m joining you guys, who will be in the reception desk. Maybe next time,, fufufu” (Ameria)

“Deal,, can’t wait for it. Hehe” (Godrick)

“Alright, while you guys are bathing, I’ll prepare your breakfast so get to the tavern after you’re done.” (Ameria)

“Okay,, Thanks Ameria!!” (Godrick)

Without answering, she just walks away and leave us alone. Looking at Erola who is still oblivious, I then asked

“You can go in now.” (Godrick)

“O-okay,,” (Erola)

That being said, she immediately entered the woman bath. Shortly afterward I followed her in, there’s actually a changing room in the entrance of the bathroom. After taking off my clothes and grabbing a towel that has been prepared for guest on top of a bench, I quickly entered the bathing area.

The bathroom was an indoor hot spring style just like those in animes I’ve ever watch before, a big pond made of stone and a thick fog that come from the hot water filled the whole room.

Walking closer to the pond, I can vaguely see Erola leaning on the edge of the pond while enjoying the hot water. I get in the water while silently approaching her then sits beside her.

Realizing there are another person besides her, she opened her eyes and looked at me. For a few moments our gaze were met with each other and finally she snapped out of her daze.

“Eh,, umm,, uhh,, G-godrick, w-why are you here?” (Erola)

Without answering her question, I just give her a loong-deep kiss,, again. But now I inserted my tongue in her mouth and played with her tongue.

Behold “The Wild Erola” has awaken. Hahaha,, yep it was her switch, easy right, even I was shocked last night. Considering her timid personality, I thought it will be hard to arouse her but with a bit of tongue-play her switch has been flipped.

While still kissing, she move on top of me pressing her big breast on my chest. Not wanting to lose, I squeezed and spanked her butt strongly till her butt become red.

“hmm,, mmmhh,, fuhmm,, ackhh,,” (Erola)

She can only moan when I’m playing with her clit till she cum. Feeling tired, while panting she just drop her body on top of me and accidentally her pussy grazed my ready-for-battle junior causing my lust to rise up to the top. Well,, after holding back since last night, I think I can’t hold on anymore now.

“*panting* Haah,, haah,, hahh,,” (Erola)

“Umm,, Erola, do you mind if I put it in?” (Godrick)

“U-umm,, d-do as you wish but p-please be g-gentle with me” (Erola)

Not wasting more time, immediately I kissed her while positioning her pussy on top of my very-happy junior that soon will taste its very first hole. What? even if I’m a bit of a pervert I’m still a virgin after all. DON’T LAUGH AT ME,, Ugh..

I slowly lowered her hips while giving a push with a bit of strength. I immediately kissed her before she screamed from the pain caused by tearing her hymen. Ouch,, don’t bite my lips would you!!

After she has calmed, I start to move my hips and blah,, blah,, blah,, do you guys really want to read about how to have sex? let’s just skip it,, for now.

Someone POV - [Woman bath changing room]

Ugh,, what the hell are they doing in the woman bath? Can’t they do it in their own room? I can’t go in while those shameless people are still inside. *moaning* mmmhhhh,, ssshh,, mmmhhh,, Ugh,, and what am I doing touching myself like this but,, mmmhhh,,, I can’t,, ssshh,, stop mmhhh,,, myself,, I’m cumming mmmmmmhhhh…

*panting* Haah,, haah,, haah,, I better get the hell out of here before they find me *blush*.

Godrick POV - [Inside woman bathroom]

“Aaaahh Godrick, I’m cumming mmmhhhhh” (Erola)

“Me too,, Aaaaagghhhhh” (Godrick)

“*panting* Haah,, haah,, I didn’t think,, haah,, haah,, it can be this intense. You were really wild you know Erola haah,, haah,,” (Godrick)

“*panting* Haah,, haah,, i-it was because of you, I became like this,, haah,, haah,,” (Erola)

“*phew* Well,, so be it. I think we’ve been here long enough, let’s clean up and grab a breakfast.” (Godrick)

“Y-yes, you can come out first after you’re done. I’m still gonna wash my body real quick” (Erola)

“Okay, I’ll wait you in the tavern. Don’t take too long alright, My Beautiful Lady.” (Godrick)

After saying that, I steal a kiss on her lips and quickly run to the changing room, but when I get there I slipped by something slimy. What the hell is this? I take a bit with my finger and have a closer look.

Holy shit, is this a woman squirt? Was there someone peeping on us? Crap, let’s just talk to Ameria before someone may cause trouble.

That said, I put my clothes on and immediately leave the bathroom.


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