Chapter 6 - Why not?

Many thanks to Ataro for proofreading this chapter.

Godrick POV

You have entered Coastwoods Village

Village Effects :
+ 150% Health Regeneration.
+ 120% Mana Regeneration.
+ 120% Stamina Regeneration.

These effect are only applied while resting. Effect applied while in the village.

Whoaaa,, this is awesome. Haha this world even have this kind of thing, basically resting inside the village is faster than outside. Coastwoods village is not really big, perhaps enough to house a thousand villagers.

The sun had already set when we arrived at this village but from the village gate, I can still see many people doing their activity. Then I remember the forest is a starting area for otherworldly people but on the way here I only meet with Erola, so where are the rest of them? maybe they are already here, that means some of these people are our fellow otherworldly people.

Nah, for now let’s just find an Inn to rest. I look at Erola then asks her

“Hey Erola, I’m gonna look for an Inn to rest a bit, what do you want to do? do you want to go with me?” (Godrick)

“Umm,, I want to but I don’t have any money.” (Erola)

“Oh right, I forgot. Here, take this.” (Godrick)

I gave her 50 Gis for her to spend. Well, considering how much Eletha gave me, it’s only a little and fortunately the system can change the currency type at will. Meaning if I have 1 Frits then I can make it 100 Gis or 10000 Syrus and so on.

“Eh,, b-but from what you’ve told me before, isn’t this too much? and where did you get this much money?” (Erola)

“Nah don’t think about it, just spend the money for your necessity. Let’s go!!” (Godrick)

“O-okay” (Erola)

That being said, while we walked around the village searching for an Inn, we saw some shops selling a variety of goods. For now,I’m not interested in buying anything, I just want to quickly find an Inn and sleep for the day.

After asking some villagers for direction, we finally found it. A building right next to the village square. We can hear some noises coming from inside the Inn, maybe the inn became one with a tavern because in some novel they usually are like that. Sure enough, when we get in a lot of people were enjoying their food and drinks while chatting with others. It looks kinda fun, I’ll try it later. For now let’s just rent a room for the night.

“Excuse me sir,, can I help you?” (The receptionist lady)

The receptionist lady is an elf with green hair, black eyes, and yep pointy ears coupled with big breasts hanging on her chest. Quite a beauty I think. Fufu

“Hmm, two room for me and my friend here?” (Godrick)

“Oh,, I’m sorry sir but there is only one vacant room left. I don’t know why but yesterday so many people come here to rent a room so there is only one left.” (The receptionist lady)

“Is that so? Well you can use it Erola. I’m gonna find another Inn for me.” (Godrick)

“I’m sorry but this Inn is the only one in this village.” (The receptionist lady)

“What? then where am I gonna sleep?” (godrick)

*sigh* my luck has already depleted. *sigh*

“Umm,, I don’t mind sharing the room with you Godrick.” (Erola)

Or not, my luck is,, my luck is,, good job Eletha. Fuhahaha.

“Eh,, are you serious? I mean won’t it be embarrassing to be in one room with a man?” (Godrick)

“I-I don’t mind if it’s you. You’ve been helping me all this time so I don’t want you to sleep outside.” (Erola)

“Is that so,, alright I accept your offer. Oh right, I don’t know your name yet dear receptionist lady. I’m Godrick, what’s yours?” (Gordick)

“Fufu,, my name’s Ameria, nice to meet you Godrick” (Ameria)

“The pleasure is all mine. Alright Ameria, we take the room how much is it?” (Godrick)

“The room is 5 Syrus a day, 10 Syrus including three meals and bath a day.” (Ameria)

“Okay,, I take it for five days, here 50 Syrus.” (Godrick)

Hmm,, when I think about it, doesn’t this mean I’m cheating? I mean how many otherworldly even have 1 Gis at the moment. Nah,, whatever.

“Alright, here’s the key for room number 10. the room is on the second floor of the fifth door on the left. Meals will be in the morning before the bath, at lunch time, and in the evening after the bath. Have a nice rest” (Ameria)

“Oh,, and what about you?” (Godrick)

“What about me?” (Ameria)

“I mean your room, where is your room? hehe” (Godrick)

“Fufufu,, naughty aren’t you. fufu, your “friend” there might be jealous you know.” (Ameria)

I then look at Erola and she was,, glaring at me. Eh,, why? is she really jealous? nah can’t be, we just met after all. then why is she glaring at me?

“Erola, is there a problem?” (Godrick)

“Hmpf,, nothing. let’s just go to our room.” (Erola)

She then forcefully took my hand and dragged me into our room.


Erola POV

Ugh,, why was I mad at Godrick? he was just chatting with Ameria, but when he ask about her room suddenly I became irritated and pulled him to our room.

What happened to me? Am I really jealous? but we’ve only just met. Uhh,, I don’t know,, I don’t know anymore. But,, what does he think about me? I wonder~.

Godrick POV

Ugh,, crap, is she jealous? who knows but obviously she is,,, cute. Hmm,, why you ask? Well, she is pouting right now and it is super cute. fufufu let’s tease her.

I approached her and knelt before her.

“*ehem* Ohh so beautiful lady, may I ask what is making you pout like that?” (Godrick)

“...” (Erola)

Hoo,, she still don’t want to talk, but her cheek slightly become red.

“Oh so beautiful lady, this humble man just wants to ease your anger.” (Godrick)

“Ugh,,” (Erola)

Would you look at that, her cheek become more red. fufu,, this is working.

“Yes milady? Please do tell me, this humble man will try everything to make you feel better.” (Godrick)

“Uhh,, please stop it Godrick.” (Erola)

“Eh,, but milady, this humble man just wants to help. it’s saddening to look at your beauty being slightly reduced by anger.” (Godrick)

*bushh* this sound so familiar. Yep,, she is blushing. I wonder, can everyone in this world can do that too? hahaha

“*mumble**mumble* d,, he,, ly,, ink,, am,, tiful.” (Erola)

“Forgive my rudeness milady, but can milady say it louder?” (Godrick)

“Eh,, ah,, no-nothing, please stop it Godrick. It’s so embarrassing. Uuu..” (Erola)

“As you wish milady.” (Godrick)

“Mou,, stooop iiiit!!! please stand up and act like usual. if not I will really be angry.” (Erola)

“Alright, but you have to smile.” (Godrick)

“Mou,, like this *smile*, satisfied?” (Erola)

*ba bum,, ba bum,, ba bum* Crap, I think I stepped on a landmine, that’s one hell of a beautiful smile.

“Y-yeah, l-let’s rest for the day shall we?” (Godrick)

“Uhum,,” (Erola)

Because I’m in one room with a girl, I can’t sleep on the bed, so I lie down on a bench in the opposite side of the bed and closed my eyes but I was pulled by something and fell to the ground. When I look up, I saw Erola with an angry face,, again. Oh come on, what now?

“What’s wrong Erola?” (Godrick)

“Why are you sleeping there?” (Erola)

“Then where am I gonna sleep? do you want me to get out? are you still angry at me?” (Godrick)

“No,, it’s not that, but it should be me who sleep on the bench, you are the one who is paying the rent after all.” (Erola)

“Nah,, it’s okay, you can use the bed. I’m a man, how can I possibly make a woman sleep on the bench?” (Godrick)

“Then just sleep with me on the bed.” (Erola)

“... Come again?” (Godrick)

“Just sleep with me on the bed, but don’t do anything weird ok?” (Erola)

Wait,, did she just invite me to sleep on the same bed with her? Wow,, what a brave girl. fufu

“Is that really alright with you?” (Godrick)

“Well if it’s you, it’s alright. Remember, don’t do anything weird.” (Erola)

“Okay, no problem, but don’t blame me if I “accidentally” do something on my sleep.” (Godrick)

“...” (Erola)

She’s just shyly looking down and not saying a word. After that we moved to the bed. well,, as expected of medieval inn, the bed cover was only a mat and two padded cushion on it, not big but enough for two person to sleep comfortably on it.

That being said, we “just sleep” for the night. Okay,, maybe just some cuddling and fondling and such, but don’t worry guys we haven’t crossed the line,, yet. Hehehe I’ve never thought she can be that wild with some pushes. Mwahahaha


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