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Chapter 5.5 - Side story “Erola”


Chapter 5.5 - Side story “Erola”

Many thanks to Ataro for proofreading this chapter.

Erola POV

I was in the middle of healing my patient when suddenly I blacked out. When I woke up, I was in a white room, I’m trying to look for a way out but no matter where I search I can’t find it.

Suddenly out of nowhere a man with an all-white and dark brown skin appeared in front of me. He said he is a God, his name is Yggver. I didn’t believe him but what can I do? At least he didn’t kill me.

He said he wanted to send me to another world then he used some magic to summon an altar, he told me to put my hand on it and he suddenly just disappear. Is he really a God? I don’t know but it’s seem like whatever he speak, I don’t have a choice but to believe it.

Is this magic? I don’t think so, because every magic related job can perceive mana from magic spell but I do not feel a slightest mana coming from him. It’s just like if he want it to happen it will happen.

And with that, without realizing it, I’ve already placed my hand on the altar and a blue box with some number and letter appear in front of me but suddenly I fainted again.


I woke up in the middle of a forest, It’s not the forest where I came from, this means I’m not back yet. Is this another world like he said? well for now let’s look for someone nearby so that I can ask for the closest village or town nearby.

When I was walking inside the forest, suddenly four burly man blocked my path. They have  lustful eyes like a tiger that has found its prey. I started to run but they quickly caught me and punch my stomach. I can only scream and fall down to the ground hoping for someone can hear me and help me. My hope were crushed when I realize no one is coming.

Suddenly, one man just fell with stabbed wound on his neck followed by the man beside whose throat was slit and blood gushing from it. It was so fast for me to follow with my eyes but now that they have stopped, I can see a man with a blood soaking dagger in his right hand staring at the other two burly man.

The man with a dagger stomped his legs on the ground, I only feel a slight tremor but for the two burly man they were stunned. I think he used some kind of magic. Just like that, with the two burly man can’t move, the man with a dagger started stabbing and slitting them without mercy.

I’ve become more scared after seeing that scene in front of me. Freed from the four burly man but now I met a cold-blooded killer instead. Why? because he was smiling when he was killing them all, I can even feel a bloodlust emitting from his body. Ughh, I don’t want to die. *sob* *sob*

He then look at me with his,, eh,, why did his aura become so gentle? Isn’t he a cold-blooded killer? did he really come here just to save me after hearing my scream?

He then came to me while I’m still sobbing. What can I do? I’m just a healer, I don’t have any magic for attacking. Uuu,, God if you hear this please help me.

“Are you alright missy? What are you doing alone in these woods?” (???)

“I-I don’t know, *sob* *sob* when I woke up I was *sob* alone in here *sniffle*. I-I try to look around *sob* for anyone nearby but then these bandit approached me, and,, and,, *cry*” (Erola)

“Alright,, alright,, don’t cry, it’s okay now. By the way my name is Godrick, what’s your name?” (Godrick)

Eh,, is he actually a good man? did he really come here only to save me?

“Thank you for helping me, my name is Erola Ryllae.” (Erola)

“hoho,, such a beautiful name just like the one who have it. So if you woke up inside this forest, then are you an otherworldly person too?” (Godrick)

Eh,, ‘too’?? What does he mean?

“Y-yes, h-how do you know?” (Erola)

“Like I said, I’m also from another world. I just woke up like 30 minutes ago inside this forest.” (Godrick)

“Eeeee,, you too? There are other people? H-how many are there?” (Erola)

“Eh,, you really don’t know? Didn’t Yggver tell you anything?” (Godrick)

“He said a few words like “hello young elf, my name is Yggver, The God of Creation. I will send you to another world, place your right hand on this altar.” and then he disappeared. Because he is a God, I had to obey him and placed my hand on the altar then a blue box appeared, after that I fainted. When I woke up, I’m already inside this forest.” (Erola)

“As expected from a DUMB-ASS god, he really KNOW how to make people MAD.” (Godrick)

After that, he looked like he was thinking about something or rather talking with someone.

“Is there something wrong with my face? Why are you staring at me?” (Godrick)

Oops,, I didn’t realize that I was staring at him so intently. Uuu,, it’s so embarrassing.

“Eh.. Ah.. N-nothing, i-it’s just that y-your expression is like you are talking with someone, b-but there is no one here except us.” (Erola)

“Oh,, don’t worry about it, just an annoying voice in my ears.” (Godrick)

“Whose voice?” (Erola)

Out of habit, when I’m confused I always tilt my head while asking. I don’t know why but when I do it whoever while  asking, they always tell me what I want to know. Teehee..

“T-that’s not important. So what are you gonna do now?” (Godrick)

Weird, why did he not tell me? well he said it’s not important.

“I-I don’t know, I don’t know what to do. Uuuh,, d-do you mind if I come with you?” (Erola)

He allowed me to go with him and made something called a party, he said it’s better to travel together as a party. He said something about class and stats window but I don’t know what is it. He just told me to say it and then a blue box just like in that white room appeared again. I was surprised to see it, I had even thought he is a God but I immediately dismissed that thought because I can feel that he is certainly a human.

He want me to share my stats so that he can see it for himself, but suddenly he looked so happy after knowing that I was a healer.

“You are a healer? That’s good, then I’ll entrust myself to you when I got hurt” (Godrick)

“*giggle* hihi,, yes leave it to me. I was a healer too before coming to this world, so I know a few spells for healing. I hope it can still be used here.” (Elora)

“Oh yea? Whoaa.. That’s good, as a matter of fact you can use your abilities from your previous world here, so it should work. Well then,, I leave my heart..*cough* health to you my beautiful healer. Hehe” (Godrick)

“*giggle* hihihi,, I’m so lucky to meet a good person like you here Godrick. Lets work hard together.” (Erola)

Oh God,, this man is really kind. I’m so lucky to be able to meet him.

Suddenly he shouted, he said he was hearing a woman voice but I didn’t hear anything. Once again, he closed his eyes and he seems like he was talking with someone. What is happening to him? Is he insane? but from our conversation before I don’t think so.

Weird, I don’t know when it is but when I realized he was already in front of me and now he seem kinda happy.

“Eh,, Godrick when did you move here? just a second ago, you were sitting there and close your eyes.” (Erola)

“Eh,, ah,, maybe it’s only your imagination. I was here the whole time.” (Godrick)

“Uhmm,, is that so? but..” (Erola)

“Nah forget it, let’s just go and search for nearby village.” (Godrick)

Hmm,, I think he is keeping a secret from me but who am I to blame him? we met like 10 minutes ago. Well whatever, at least I’m not alone anymore.


On the way searching for a village as promised he told me everything he knows about this world, he even answered anything I asked, if he knew the answer. He really is a kind man but when it come to battle he was ruthless.

He killed every monster that dare to block our path no matter what it is. He said if the red bar above his head diminished he want me to immediately heal him but yes it’s rarely happened because not many monster can fight back after he is done with his attack.

After a few hours of searching and few blue box appear in front of me, we finally reached the edge of the forest and there was a village just ahead of us. Without wasting more time, we immediately ran to the village.

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