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Chapter 4 - What a beautiful day.. haha


Chapter 4 - What a beautiful day.. haha

‘Fufufu,, is that so?’ (???)

“Who is there? show yourself.” (Godrick)

“Eh,, What happened Godrick? Why are you shouting all of a sudden?” (Erola)

“Eh,, you didn’t hear that? I just heard a woman’s voice, but I don’t know who or where she is. If that’s the case..” (Godrick)

She can’t hear it? that’s mean whoever she is, she speak only to me. Ugh,, so far the only one who can speak directly to my head are that dumbass God, hope not someone like him.

‘Did whoever you are speaking directly to my head? can you hear me?’ (Godrick)

‘Fufufu,, quick aren’t you! Let me introduce myself, I’m Eletha nice to make you acquaintance.’ (Eletha)

‘Eletha,, wait The Goddess Eletha? Eh did I do something wrong?’ (Godrick)

‘Fufufu,, calm down boy, it’s just that I wanted to get acquainted with the one who manage to become Yggver favorite. Well,, even though his personality sometime can make people angry, he is still the Chief God after all. so it’s pretty amazing to become his favorite.’ Eletha

‘Sometime? why did I REALLY can’t believe that?’ (Godrick)

‘Don’t be like that, he can be a good person sometimes,, a few times,, once in awhile.’ (Eletha)

‘Pfft.. do you hear that Yggver? even your fellow God know that you are a BAD God. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA’ (Godrick)

‘H-hey, don’t say that a-and don’t laugh please.’ (Eletha)


Meanwhile in The God’s Domain, a certain God feel depressed and squatting in the corner of his room while drawing a circle.

‘Am I really that bad?’ - Yggver

Yggver voice interrupted my conversation with Eletha, and What with that depressed voice? hoho I think I just get a God weakness, can you imagine that? a mortal know a God weakness, the world will be upside down. nah I’m not that wicked,,, I think. fufufu

‘N-no, o-of course not Yggver. I was just kidding. You are a Good God, you are the best.’ (Eletha)

‘Hahahaha,, you hear that young man? She said I’m the best. Hahahaha’ (Yggver)

‘Ha,, ha,, ha,, Don’t you hear that she say it with a forced voice? Am I right Eletha?’ (Godrick)

‘Stupid,, don’t say it.’ (Eletha)

‘Pfft,, mwahahahaha,, what a BEAUTIFUL day. hahaha’ (Godrick)

‘Eletha,,’ (Yggver)

Woh,, now he sound kind of serious.

‘Y-yes Yggver, What is it?’ (Eletha)

Eh,, now Eletha sound like afraid. What’s going on? is he really that frightening? well he is God, and a Chief God at that. He might be scary when he was angry. note to self Better not make fun of him to often. hm,, hm,,

‘Come to my office after you finished with this imbecile brat. We have a long chat to do, Am I clear?’ (Yggver)

‘Y-yes Yggver, I understand. Ugh,,’ (Eletha)

‘And you brat!! don’t think this is over, wait for my revenge!! Hmph…’ (Yggver)

Delete note to self, he IS Yggver after all. Make a sticky note, Piss him off as much as I can. Eh,, did he just say office? does Gods have an office? Whatever, I really can’t fathom these Gods.

‘Alright, now that dumbass God had leave, what is it that you want from me? I know you don’t just want to be acquainted with me.’ (Godrick)

‘Ugh,, he will absolutely be angry. haah,, whatever. Anyway yes it’s not just that, this is related to Yggver. You see, we other Gods and Goddesses are really annoyed by Yggver personality.
One moment he just starring at his computer, and a moment later he suddenly decided to create a new world. I think you already know this but he really is too selfish, we other Gods and Goddesses can’t do anything about that, he is our chief after all.

But, today we find something odd, something about you Godrick. No matter what you do to him, or what you say to him it seem he doesn’t mind it. even just now you were laughing at him, usually he can just flick you out of existence instead he just want to revenge you with the same thing. It was never happened before, he really quick to get angry.

So we decided to get help from you if possible would help us change his personality? or at least make him less annoying.’ (Eletha)

*tik,,tok,,tik,,tok* *ting*
It need more than a moment to digest what she were saying.

‘Whaaaaaaaaat? d-did you just say he is a gay? sorry I’m normal, I prefer you than him. however your face are at least you are women.’ (Godrick)

*tik,,tok,,tik,,tok* *ting*
Oh.. she too need more than a moment to know what I mean.

‘Eh,, what? no I mean maybe but I don’t think so, he still pursuing Ishana after all. Eh,, what am I saying? Eh.. Eh..’ (Eletha)

‘Pfft,, Bhaahahahahaha,, You Gods really are the best. Hahahaha’ (Godrick)

‘Eh,, You were just kidding? Mou.. I’m serious Godrick.’ (Eletha)

‘Nope,, when I said I prefer you, I mean it. from your voice I think you are like Onee-san type from those japanese anime and as far as I know, those Onee-san type are a beauty. for short I think you are beautiful.’ (Godrick)

‘Eh,, Be.. umm,, uhh,, beautiful?’ (Eletha)

‘Yup, would you mind come here so that I can see you for myself? it will be my fortune to see The Goddess of Fortune in the flesh, no? and we may get to know each other more if we speak face to face, no?’ (Godrick)

‘E-enough Godrick,, Mou,, stupid’ (Eletha)

Did I just make a Goddess embarrassed? fufufu this place getting more and more fun. but wait since when did I become such a smooth talker? it’s not in my personality list when I’m on earth.

You get a new skill

Smooth Talk (Passive) - Novice lv 1 - 14%

You has a very rare ability to say all the right things at the right time, hell you can even make a Goddess blushing. You definitely are a smooth talker.

Effect : Make yourself more composed when talking to anyone.
Make your opposite sex become slightly more easy to being seduced by you.

This skill effect depend on your charm stats

Congratulation! You’ve manage to make a Goddess captivated by you, for your achievement, you have unlocked a hidden stats “Charm”

Your Smooth Talk skill level has risen x9

Hahahahaha,, my path become more easy to make a harem and what with that level jump? did flirting with Goddess make those level up? it wasn’t even that hard. Well thanks anyway hahahaha. Hmm, let’s try a bit more smooth talk with this Goddess, who know she might even can fall in love with me. huhuhu

‘Eh,, you just call me stupid? But-but I’m serious, I really do want to meet with you or maybe I’m not good enough. chee,, here I thought I can become closer with a beautiful Goddess.’ (Godrick)

‘Eh no,, I mean you are good enough. I-it’s just you are the first person who do this to me. I-I just don’t know how to react. Uuu,, I-I’m sorry’ (Eletha)

Suddenly a hands clutching my head and place it toward something soft,, and big. a sobbing sound can be heard near my ear. this position really is relaxing and fun. I stay like that for awhile, before those hands let go of me. Ugh,, can I have more, pleaseeee.

I look at her teary eyes, a clear brown eyes with short thin lashes, long wavy brown hair and a light red lips. Beauty can no longer describe that, it’s just too perfect. hell even perfect still can’t describe her beauty so on and so forth. meaning she is who she is.

I move my right hand closer to her face and wipe a tear in the corner of her eyes. she tensed up but didn’t move an inch but blush can be seen in her cheek. After I wipe her tear I smile at her and she replied with a sparkling smile that make her face brighten up.

“Thank you Godrick, this is the first time I’ve become this happy. Thank you.” (Eletha)

“Me too, well who know you are way more beautiful than I expected. it’s an honor to meet a beautiful girl such as yourself.” (Godrick)

I take her right hand and kiss her forearm. Wait,, is this really me? Godrick did you have a split personality? you were never do something like this before. nah who care, let’s just enjoy it.

“fufufu,, now you have done it. You dare to make a Goddess fall in love with you, you have to take responsibility.” (Eletha)

“Responsibility? You are not pregnant because of a kiss on your hand right?” (Godrick)

“Fufufu,, Of course not. Because a Goddess are hard to fall in love but when they do, they will treasure her loved one. moreover if he’s a mortal.” (Eletha)

Hard to fall in love? you sure aren’t that hard. Haah,, there goes my harem.

“Oh and because a Goddess can’t always be by a mortal side all the time, the mortal can have other lover if he want.” (Eletha)

“Yeeeesssss,, Oops” (Godrick)

“Do you want to have another lover? is it that girl over there? I don’t mind but you have to remember that you are mine and I am yours.” (Eletha)

Oh,, I forgot about Elora. When I look at her she was motionless, not just her but everything doesn’t move. it’s like time has stopped.

“Why did everything freeze?” (Godrick)

“Well it’s because I’ve stopped the time. I can’t show myself if someone other than the one I spoke to around. Well let’s get back to my question  before, I know you get what I mean right?” (Eletha)

“Well I want her, but I want to make a harem so it will not only two or three if possible that’s it.” (Godrick)

“Godrick will you get serious.” (Eletha)

“Y-yes ma’am” (Godrick)

Whoa that’s scary, let’s stop playing around. Who know what she might do when she got angry, she is still a Goddess after all.

“Good, so what’s your answer?” (Eletha)


Alright let’s make Eletha voice like Miko from no game no life, deal fufufu

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