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Chapter 1 - Kidnapped by The God


Chapter 1 - Kidnapped by the God

Many thanks to Ataro for proofreading this chapter.

In the corner of my tent, I sat down touching my hurt-like-hell cheeks with some water I got from a nearby river.

“Ugh,, those bitches don’t know how to hold back. Just you wait, I’m gonna make those delicate bodies to a good use on my night activity. Huhuhu ” (Godrick)

What I’m talking about you ask? Huhuhu, it’s true that the photo in my phone has been deleted, but they don’t know I originally took their nude photo with my camera, not with my phone. It had a Bluetooth option so I sent it to my phone and the original is still on my camera’s memory card. I have left my camera under a tree not far from here. What? Better safe than sorry right? Hehe.

One of my friend approached me, his name? nah forget it, let’s just call him caring friend.

“Hey dude, you alright?”(Caring friend) He asked with face full of hidden intentions.

“ugh,, don’t you see my swollen cheeks here?”(Godrick)

“hehe,, you are one brave S.O.B, aren’t you? Hmm,, so do you still have it?”(Caring friend) see that’s it, he just spilt the bean.

“What the hell? After leaving me to those bitches to be their sandbag, and now you are still trying to get the “thing” from me? oh come on, you are one hell of a friend, aren’t you? Ugh,, Alright, but make it $20/person? How ‘bout it, deal?” (Godrick)

I try negotiating for more pocket money. Well,, after what happened to me which is half good half pain, it’s only natural to demand more, right?

“Hahahaha, that’s the Godrick that I know! Alright deal. Guys come in, he has calmed down.” (Caring friend)

“What the… how long have you guys been there?” (Godrick)

“Not long after you got in… hehe! Now where is it?” (Caring friend)

I take out my camera and show it to them. I’ve taken it from a hiding place when I got water for my cheeks earlier.

“Damn… alright you win, here $200 from the ten of us, send the photo to our phones will ya.” - caring friend

“Okay… I’ll send it now.” - Godrick

After that, three days had passed without anything interesting happening, we prepared to get back to “civilization”. After everything was packed up we moved out to our bus. Not that big, just a medium-sized bus enough to bring us back to our destination.

With two hours of travel, we arrived at our university. A few of my friends decided to go grab a lunch at nearby restaurant. Me.. I just want to go home, because I’m too tired even just to chew. Yeah,, that’s how tired I am.

On the way to my apartment, I look around and realize the street was empty. The store nearby is open but it’s empty as well.

eh... What’s going on? This is strange, as far as I know, this street never gets this quiet not even in the midnight. Not good, I have to get away from here. (Godrick) I thought anxiously.

Before I started running, my vision went black and I fainted.

I woke up in a white square room with nothing inside, not even one particle of dust can be seen, except me.

Ugh.. Where the hell am I? Am I dead? No, from the novels I’ve read before(whether it can be trusted or not) if I die, I become a soul. So I think at least I’m not dead,, yet. Am I being kidnapped? But who the hell wants to kidnap me? My family is poor let alone me, oh I have that 200 bucks from the bet before. Don’t tell they want to take it away from me? Step over my friend’s dead body first. What,, I don’t want to die, how am I supposed to spend it if I’m dead? (Godrick) I thought trying to figure out my situation.

And that’s when a man wearing a white suit popped up. Yes popped up, because there’s no door here not even a hole. Eh isn’t that...

“Hello young man. My name is...” (The popped up man)

Before he could finish talking, I immediately cut his sentence.

“Wait... Let me guess. White suit, white pants, white beard, gray hair, dark brown skin. I’ve seen you before. I know, Morgan Freeman.” (Godrick)

“...” - the popped up man

“...” - Godrick



After a few moments of silence...

“What?” (The popped up man)

“Nope nothing,, just forget it. Anyway who are you? Are you the kidnapper? And why are you so similar to Morgan? Eh scratch that, just why the hell am I here?” (Godrick)

“HAHAHAHAHA,, what an amusing young man you are. HAHAHAHA !! My name is Yggver, The God of Creation, I am the one who brought you and 999 other here.” (Yggver)

Eh,, did he just say a God? But he suddenly just popped up, and right now I’m in the he know where.

“uuhu.. Wait,, there are others? Where? Why?” (Godrick)

“Yes, they are in another room, and I brought all of you here because I want you and the others to live in the world I’ve created recently.” (Yggver)

“So basically you kidnapped 1000 human and intended to send them to another world?” (Godrick)

“The answer is yes and no. Yes, because I want them to live in my new world, and No it was not only human, I took three other humanoid races from all over the worlds as well, there are your kind humans, elves, dwarves, as well as beastkin. I took 250 people from each of their races” (Yggver)

“Heee,, so there are another world other than earth. Well okay... I mean why not, earth is boring after all. But why aren’t you asking first?” (Godrick)

“Who care, not like anyone can reject me right.” (Yggver)

“Holy shit, are you kidding me? What a selfish God.” (Godrick)


Crap,, I shouldn’t have said that. Is he going to kill me now? Ugh..

“Pfft… Hahaha I really wanted to say it even if just once. Hahahaha.” (Yggver)

“Eh,, you’re not angry?” (Godrick)

“Why should I? They are just words, they can’t hurt me. Hahaha” (Yggver)

*Pheew* that was close, the last thing I want is to taste a God’s wrath.

“Okay let’s get to the point, you already know why I brought you here right? I want to send you to The World of Oshneas. There you will do whatever you want to do, be it conquering Oshneas, become a King, explore the unknown or even live peacefully as a villager, it is up to you.” (Yggver)

“Why did you create this new world? I mean if you have created many worlds before, why did you bother to create a new one?” (Godrick)

“Hahaha.. To be honest, I just want to make a world that has a different concept than the world I’ve created before.” (Yggver)

“New concept? And that is?” (Godrick)

“You see, recently I’ve been reading those interesting story on internet about a game that can be considered a new world, that Virtual Reality thingy. What.. Don’t look at me like that, I have my own internet you know, with wider, faster, and know-it-all search engine of course. Oh follow me on Twicher @TheGodAlmighty Mwahahaha.” (Yggver)

Alright that’s it, this God is not right in the head.

“Anyway, after looking into the future of mankind, I found that humanity will be able to create something like that in the future but with only that little brain I gave them, it will not be anytime soon.

So I’ve been thinking, human may have been familiar with VR concept, but what if I planted those system to the other races? What if I create a new world with those VR system?

Therefore I created Oshneas. I am not gonna use that “look through time” thingy on this world, I just want to observe and enjoy all of you work hard to achieve what you desire. Ah speaking of time, I have to say the flow of time in Oshneas are faster than other world. Well,, you won’t feel it once you get there, but when I say ‘recently’ I mean it’s already 100 years there. Hmm that’s still recent enough for me. *cough**cough* sorry for the long speech. Anyway, aren’t you excited?” (Yggver)

“*phew* that’s one interesting thing you have there. Huhuhu... Of course I am excited, but what about my family? I am sure they’ll get worried if I suddenly disappear.” (Godrick)

“No need to worry,, I already replaced those that I took with their well,, “clone”, so their family won’t get worried.” (Yggver)

“... Right, of course you will. So what now? If this will be like those VR games, now is the time for me to choose my basic class, right?” (Godrick)

“No, you don’t get to choose, you will be chosen.” (Yggver)

With a slight wave of his hand, a small altar appeared from the ground.

“This altar will plant the system on your body and choose what stats fit you. Place your right hand on the altar, and let’s see what you get.” (Yggver)

I placed my right hand on the altar, and a bright light shine from the altar enveloping the entire room. When the light subsided a big blue window appeared in front of me


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