Today was like any other day. I woke up get ready for work go to work. At work said hi to everyone. His boss a super hot lady who could pass as a super model. She asked to see him in her office so they could talk.

This was a first so everyone thought he did something bad.he was told to sit on the bed in her office. he asked why their was a bed in her room.she said so she could sleep when she was tired. when she started stripping he ask what she was doing while looking away the best he could. She said so she can get him aroused. She started giving him a blowjob. When he grabbed her she jumped but he did not care he just started doing her.

When he left the office she was out on the bed. He was off work now so he went to the car but when he got in it blew up.

He heard a voice it said he will be resurrected in a different world as a demon. When came out all he thought a was getting stronger.

Strength plus 4

Strength plus 100

Thing like this just keep popping up. In a few years he was a strength base monster


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