Savage Hunters

Savage Hunters

by AdamLaneSmith

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Giant monsters roam the land

Civilization is frozen in a savage age. For the beast slayer Alden, power and survival are one and the same. The ancient evil that once ravaged his village and murdered his ancestors has returned. At the same time, politics hurls Alden and his crew into gladiator pit battles for control of the throne.

When Alden takes possession of a cursed sword promising untold power, the hunter is determined to save his people by slaying every giant monster standing between him and the throne. But the angry ghost trapped inside the blade has other ideas.

Buckle up for the brutal LitRPG ride of a lifetime

Savage Hunters is an alternate-world neolothic fantasy. Characters grow their powers with explicit stat blocks presented right in the text, including levels, attribute scores, and unlockable skill trees. Experience is accumulated by battling enormous monsters the size of buildings. Political intrigue and romance elements ramp up as the series progresses.

I originally wrote this story after playing Monster Hunter with my niece. She was 12 at the time, already an avid reader, and wanted to read my other published books. I'm a licensed psychotherapist specializing in severe trauma so I tend toward darker fiction. I told her my usual books are too brutal for her but I'd write her something special. The result was this series, which has been praised by both teens and adults for its depth and universal appeal. It begins with an emphasis on cultural elements because I consulted with a trained anthropologist to craft this neolithic setting down to exacting social detail. After these opening chapters, it rapidly shifts to an action-packed adventure.

The first 3 books are fully written as of November 2020, totalling approximately 69 chapters. The first book has been professionally edited already. The following two books require some editing which I'll do on a chapter-by-chapter basis as releases progress.

I welcome reviews and comments. Writing is a passion, and reader engagement makes my labor all the sweeter.

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Jon Wander

Professional quality in a free read

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

Style: The style is both easy to read and very vivid. AdamLaneSmith is a published author for a reason. Full disclosure, I'm a fan of a number of the author's works not just this one.

Story: Paleolithic Monster Hunter. If that doens't perk your interest I don't know what to tell you. The world-building is much deeper than you might expect from a LitRPG (the author actually consulted an friend trained in anthropology when crafting the tribal cultures). While it doesn't get it the way at any point the intro is slower than most action stories, which would be a negative if the opening wasn't so nicely written and intersting. The action itself is high-octane and punchy, real top-notch stuff.

Characters: The characters are vivid and lively, like StarvingSloth said there are familiar tropes in many of them but they all feel like believable people with their own motvationa and personalities.

Grammar: The first book was professionally edited. Grammar is flawless as far as I can tell. Book 2 is apparantly being edited now and I expect it will be polished well above RR standards by the time it is published here.

Overall: Read this story. It's a top-notch LitRPG told by a top-notch author with plenty of material to come.

Max Deacon

It's so refreshing to read a story actually about an adventure, rather than satiring one in one of the endless permutations of the isekai genre, or losing the spirit of the genre by indulging their readers with a power fantasy.

The world is immersive and detailed, and is presented smoothly. The characters are in- world, with their own mannerisms and customs. Though I noticed that the perspective is a lot less "in the character's head" than the other stories on royal road. 

The premise is just really cool - fighting big monsters - , and unlike most cool premises is quickly followed up by a concrete plot and direction. 

Oh and there's three books worth of material waiting to be released.



So this was something new for me. I've never even heard of a Japanese light novel before I stumbled on this via the author's Twitter.

I really liked it. It's light (sorry), it's fun, it's entertaining. A good little read, with a fun world and a promising premise.

Looking forward to the rest!


Love the Monster Hunter Vibes!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

Don’t be fooled with the single entry! That one chapter is actually thirteen! Thirteen chapters put into one! It’s actually more than thirty-one thousand words! And each chapter is polished and high quality. I’m pretty sure this story will have a huge following in the near future.

Edit: The author has split the chapters up. I have read up to chapter 13, and my review stands.

Review contains a minor spoiler for the first few chapters.

Plot - Summary - Alden is an adolescent warrior from his once-nearly-extinct tribe, eager to prove his worth and brave the unknown. Only after the evil Scourge is back, that Alden gets the chance to venture out to the world, mainly to seek help and participate in a tournament with other tribes. The premise is nothing new, but the execution is brilliant.

Plot - Good Pacing - The pacing of the story is good, although a bit slow to my liking. It’s understandable as the author is taking his time to set up the world, and it’s really well done.

World Building - Tribes, Tattoos, and Huge Monsters - This is where the story shines (currently). The Author has done a good amount of research to create a believable, living, breathing culture. There are original races in the world, huge monsters (even the sheep are huge), tattoos linked with ancient magic, silent spirits, and even a snippet of the history of the magic system. It reminds me of Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris, maybe better, and that’s good to me. 

Character - Realistic and Unique - From the sister’s marriage, the first fight with the Scourge, and the venturing out to the world, the author has done a good job of showing how the character struggles, literally and figuratively. Not only for the main characters but the supporting characters as well. Each character feels realistic and has their own personalities. The author utilized character tropes well, like a young brave leader, a trickster best friend, a smart loyal cousin, a childhood friend - love interest for the cousin, and a wise aged mentor. It’s still early in the story and I can already tell each character apart because each of them has unique introductions.

Grammar and Style - Well written and Descriptive - From the descriptive scenes, character introductions, and cool fight, I can tell that this is a polished work. It’s well written and probably already edited. The author has published other books and seems to be highly experienced. That experience shows in this work. I’m really glad that I can read this.

Conclusion - Read the story! Especially if you like Huge monsters, Tattoos, Greatswords, or anything related to Monster Hunter. It’s a bit slow in the beginning, but it’s worth it!

Final Score - 10/10. Really excited to read high quality work