What does it mean to feel “alive”?

At least… to him.

Would it mean to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste? Or would it be something different, like happiness or love? Whatever it was, he would never be able to experience it. Bound by rash decisions and conformity, Trent could never truly experience what it feels to be “alive”. But he eventually did, artificially.

Coming back from his community college, Trent sat in the corner of his one room apartment. He had unkempt, greasy brown hair, stood at 5’7” with a slight overweight frame, and was accompanied with dilated brown eyes. At this moment he was feeling bliss. ‘This is amazing; it truly feels as if I am on cloud nine.’

“Okay, o-only one m-more,” he stuttered.

Reaching towards his neck, his hand held a syringe. Although Trent used the drug on his arm last time, he decided to go ahead and inject it into his jugular vein.

He again spoke to himself, “They say this would allow me to feel better, let’s try it.”

=+=+=+= 15 Minutes Later =+=+=+=

Trent lay on his side, taking in his last few breaths. The bloody syringe could be seen in his rapidly shaking hand. Trent made two mistakes. He had missed his jugular vein and accidently pushed too far, reaching his carotid artery and his hand twitched, involuntarily slicing open the artery.

These mistakes contributed in incapacitating Trent from blood loss. Trent laid in his lonely one room apartment, waiting for someone, anyone to come. But no one did. Trent had neither one he could call a friend nor a family member willing to talk to him of his or her own accord.

Shivering uncontrollably and tears flowing down the side of his dirty face, Trent thought, ‘It’s so cold. Why is it so cold?’

=+=+=+= Time: None =+=+=+=
=+=+=+= Place: Unknown =+=+=+=

Trent regained consciousness in a dimly lighted movie theater. Cushioned, red velvet seats ran across the seating area. Trent, himself, sat directly in the middle, facing a huge black screen. He looked around and noticed he wasn’t wearing anything. Quickly, Trent moved to hide himself with his hands. However, he couldn’t move, not a single inch. Surprised, he tried to stand up with no success. In fact, he couldn’t even feel or smell anything at all. Luckily, no one else was there to see his struggle.

Refocusing on the black screen, Trent wondered what was going to happen to him. Suddenly, the lights turned off and screen flicked on. The screen showed a movie. The video portrayed the life of Trent. Helpless, the only thing he could do was watch himself.

Every pitiful moment, every helpless hour, Trent saw the life of a disappointment. How he couldn’t fight back against his bullies, how his own parents abandoned him because of how much or a failure he was, and how he got addicted to drugs.

Tears he couldn’t even wipe streamed down his face and his heartbreaking sobs could be heard throughout the theater.

When the movie finally finished, Trent couldn’t even mourn anymore. His tear ducts dehydrated and his throat sore from attempting to hold back his cries.

The movie had finished a while ago and the lights were back on, but Trent was still at the theater for reasons he did not know. Unconsciously, he lifted his arm up to wipe his face. He could move again. Surprised, Trent stood up and walked around. He staggered towards the exit sign above the black door, his legs cramped from sitting too long. Trent pushed the heavy door with all of his strength to reveal a blinding light.

=+=+=+= Time: Unknown =+=+=+=
=+=+=+= Place: Unknown =+=+=+=

He opened his eyes again to reveal three huge figures looking down on him. Trent had been reborn, and once again, he began to cry.


I made this fiction purely out of my enjoyment and boredom. Don't expect posts within or week or even a month. I put these out when I feel like it. This fiction is also supposed to be a test to see how posting works. Please tell me if you see grammar and spelling errors, even plot holes if I even get that far. Btw, how do you post a chapter? I literally cannot find the option to add one and I am getting really frustrated.

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