Hah! Fooled you! There is no Timeline, only a listing of connected books.

1. The Court of Souls? 2. Agent of the Realm?
Prequel - 0. A Demon's Tail 1. Body and Soul 2. Conscripted 3. Until Death (Refleshed)

All the other books are standalone and may matter to the events in other books, or maybe not. It's up to you.

They are intended to be enjoyed on their own, or not.

- The Tale of G.O.D.

- Law of Shadows

- Transcendence?

- Beyond?

- Coeus?

- A Sinner's Eden


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reliczexide ago

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    reliczexide ago

    'Hah! Fooled you! There is no Timeline,'

    Are you sure you didn't get confused by your own timeline then decided to scrap it all? cool

      Andur ago

      Nope. The readers try to place the books in a linear timelime, when they aren't even playing in the same iteration of the multiverse, except for those which I pointed out here.

      So, trying to put them all into a timeline is kind of pointless.

      Monitor ago

      Are you certain? Which Integration was first :-)?

      mogamepro ago

      Yeah, but did the iteration a book is from happen before or after the iteration of another book? Then you'd know the order of the books.

      j/k, I'm fine with the way you've got it. In fact when I saw "A Timeline?" in my follow list I was like "noo, don't do it" and then saw the "Hah! Fooled you!" and was like "yay!"

      edit- In seriousness the only thing I can think of that actually matters is the things that last through iterations, which is the soulbonds. Like, in Trancendence?, was that the actual origin of their soulbond or were they bonded before that and we're just led to believe its the origin of the bond because the MC thinks the accident caused them to be bonded and we don't have anything to show otherwise (afaik)? And how much that matters is subjective.

      Andur ago

      The only real point of this is for people to have some reading order so that they don't necessarily start reading with "Conscripted" for example.

      Zexth ago

      if it's about some reading order shouldn't they start with Trancendance

      Spoiler: Spoiler


      DDclash ago

      I will still forever think that all books are linked to one another.

      Specially thank you for Law of Shadow. Enjoyed it so much.

      DDclash ago

      Well. All the books could be enjoyed on their own, why constrict yourself with timeline.

      Yaksher ago

      Trancendance is the first book chronologically, but reading it first will spoil all the wonder of the world. Trancendance unveils a ridiculous amount about the nature of the multiverse. I read Body and Soul first, and I think I would have enjoyed it way, way less if I knew


      The ending would also have been completely ruined.

      I haven't read the Prologue yet, but I agree with that Body and Soul is definitely the first book to read. Not only is it the first book chronologically in the main sequence, but it's also the only book other than Beyond? (and maybe some of the other "on their own" stories, haven't read any other than Beyond? and Trancendence) that isn't about

      Spoiler: Spoiler

      Water_ ago

      So maybe use a spoiler tag when talking about the big thing that spoiled you?

      Yaksher ago

      That is, indeed, a good idea. My apologies for being retarded.

      Zexth ago

      Since I started reading andur's books around the middle of when Beyond? was being written i didn't really consider that.

    ZapDaddy ago

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Immolation970 ago

I feel like there has to be at least some ordering, if not a strict one, as Court of Souls directly references characters from Beyond and Coeus as past lives. Other than that, it doesn't make much of a difference, but that's definitely a thing. But really, you're the author Andur, so what you say goes.

ZapDaddy ago

✅ READ ✅
Thank you for your


🎄🎄🎄Do you see what I see (do you see what I see,) above, in my comments, a Christmas tree. LOL🎄🎄🎄
this looked really cool on Royal roads, unfortunately it's not as impressive anywhere else.
If anyone is getting the nonvisible characterthe ( the X box ) in my image please let me know.

sancturillore ago

So, Andur, do you have a set idea on what you intend to work on next?

As in, do you intend to go into Book 2 of Tale of G.O.D., or do you intend to make up another great setting for another new story?

(Honestly, I love how the settings of your stories are so diverse and original, and how even in Fantasy you never make it straight up stereotypical Fantasy.)

_Amy_ ago

I would note that Transcendence? is very much related to Ascathon, the Bright One.

I think Law of Shadows is an actual stand-alone. Forgot if they shouted their names from this one in Court of Souls.

Beyond? and Coeus? are for certain connected to Court of Souls.

I didn't end up reading G.O.D., so I can't be sure on that one.

Either way, the persistent MC and Female MC duo with recurring same themes points quite well towards them being connected. Which I'd say is a big bonus in favour of the whole series and the "stand-alone" books show quite well the soulbond in action before they begin to ascend.

armsdealer12 ago

This clears up a few things and also muddles others. Well anyway, thanks for all the great books and storylines

Kynn Kysil ago

Aww... Guess all those days which order the first 5 books you've written is first.second.etc. has gone to waste. Well it was fun anyways and rest assured ill keep on reading your books till time stops ticking and we have gone towards the stars. Exploring or as cosmic dust.

Salty Panda ago

In Transcendence? Ascathon made 

is there a book that describes why he


    Andur ago

    The memory loss just happens with reincarnation. It's explained in Until Death.

    The book with Seria getting lost has yet to be written.

      Schmi ago

      so you're tellin me to just ignore the first iteration of Until Death? when the refleshed version, i feel, has references to it being a new iteration of the last time?

      Andur ago

      I wrote the Refleshed version because I felt that UD - as my first work - had vastly inferior grammar to my later ones and that it deserved more.

      Feel free to read the original and treat it as a first iteration of sorts, though the Refleshed version was written as (hopefully) improvement with better grammar and some *fleshing out* of the story and the characters.

      Schmi ago

      quite honestly, having read the OG UD? several times (5 now?), i've not noticed any egregious grammar errors. though i do agree that the new one adds something more yanow?

    kentghana1 ago

    1/9/2020 11:45:40 AMSalty Panda Wrote:

    In Transcendence? Ascathon made

    Crystal City of Council

    is there a book that describes why he

    lost his memories and got separated from girls, why Seria got lost in void for long time, etc.?


stevenlol12 ago

So what you're telling me is that I have to go from 1->2 then down to 1->2->3? Then read all the other ones after? I'm confused, I started with court of souls but there's mentions of characters I don't even know that are apparently from different books,!does it matter or should I carry on reading it anyways?

Andur ago

Every book can be read on it's own.

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