Trial by Conquest: A Battle-Royale, Civilisation Build-Off LitRPG

Trial by Conquest: A Battle-Royale, Civilisation Build-Off LitRPG

by LeadVonE

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

This is the Trial by Conquest — a battle-royale, civilisation, build-off. Lose and you die. Win and you rule over your new fantasy world as king! Maximus Rum would rather not die. In fact, right now what he’d most rather is find his pants and figure out what the hell is going on. The beach he woke up on is empty and quiet. But he’d better get a move on. The Trial has already begun.

Note: I am not intending to write this as a harem story. However, if you believe that a man knowing and having sex with women constitutes a harem, and if that is not your bag, please consider this your warning.

Genre: A village-building, dungeoncrawling, LitRPG — taking inspiration from games such as HoMM, Civilization, ANNO, TotalWar, Warcraft, and others.

Tone: Mostly 'hell, yeah!' fun with occasional dips into darkness.

May contain: Violence, combat, fights, etc. Sexual humour, references, descriptions, and debatably non-explicit acts. Moral ambiguity and occasional sophistication. Nuts.

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Ehhh, I don’t know...

I can’t help but dislike the MC and aside from the MC there is nothing really going for this story.

The world building is sorta dull and the idea while in theory quite enticing just doesn’t work for me here.

And the spider queen thing... just no

Dark Jester

The writing here is decent enough, but I was expecting a much more serious book based on the summary, particuarly in the genre description. 

It got off to a promising start with a mix of humour and exposition to get moving, but then the MC started building his harem. So far there has been no base building in the slightest, just dungeon crawling and jokes.

I might check out this story in the future to see if it starts getting a little more serious but as it is going at the moment it isnt really for me.


A good start.  I've enjoyed LVE's fanfics before on other sites, and am happy to get the chance to see his original work released now.


The basic amnesia/ gamer prompt isn't anything new, but I liked the sense of humor about the whole thing... and the dumb jokes about the poor MC's pants did add a bit of an original element to things.


I wasn't expecting much since the genre isn't something that usually attracts me. That being said, reading this has been a very plesant surprice. 

The story flows nicely and it's clear that the autor knows what he's doing. Every chapter leaving me wanting for more.

No doubt this will be a great adventure.



Solid everything. Its all just really well written and polished with a clear direction, interesting world building and great characters. Can't ask for much better to be honest.

Love the mini mysteries of the blue skin, how he knows a little about a magic and his family. Hopefully the quality keeps on coming, im exicted to read more.

Lord Reader

A highly promising start. Would be a recommended read (at least from what I have read) so far. It has that flair of a good novel however I will only be able to judge further on if it continues the flair. The novel its self is interesting, to say the least, I like the plot I see so far at the very least.


I wasnt sure what to expect when I started reading but I'm very pleasently surprised!

Different from the normal litrpgs in that it focuses on kingdom building and the writing is very engaging in my opinion. It's still very early in the story but it feels like the actual kingdom building is going to get started after this dungeon. Hope to see more of this!


This novel is starting really well and i'm itching to read more of it ! The plot progression is realist, the MC is consistent, description are nice, I like it ;)

There's been a clear lack of kingdom-building novels out there in RR, this novel is filling the niche really well ;) Thanks to the author and keep up the good work ! :D


I'm enjoying this so far for sure. Fun world, interesting premise, and take on dungeons. Curious how it will go and will definitely be keeping up with it. I was a bit concerned about harem/smut, but it definitely isn't that, and it's had the chance to be.

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